The THYROID Thread


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Apr 21, 2003
And everyone
Hope you are all doing well. Thought I would pop into this way too quiet thread
Since my last post my blood tests were good.
I have had major dental issues and had to get another tooth pulled. Now I have a temporary crown and having a root canal in 2 weeks. I have a mammogram scheduled the end of the month. Still need to call about a bone scan and make appointments for the permanent crown work. Since I have the aortic implant I now have to be premedicated with a dose of antibiotics before all dental procedures, sigh.
Check in when you can.
Hello to all!
I check in at times to see if anyone has posted
Glad you updated us on how you are doing !

I know what you are going thru as had two molars removed this summer also
I always have to take 4 antibiotic pills an hour prior for any type of dental appointment


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Aug 31, 1999

Thanks for the earlier tag! Helps me get back to the thread. Sometimes I come over and no one has posted in so long! I'm doing well. It's been a long recovery from my foot surgery. My left foot is no longer flat, my posterior tendon no longer hurts, but the outside of my foot hurts and that's directly related to the surgery. The recovery for this surgery is 12-18 months so my doctor isn't getting too excited about anything yet but I think he also thinks this pain probably should not still be there from the surgery. We shall see. Anyhow, on the thyroid front, I had my 6 month check up in August. He wanted me to do an ultrasound because it had been 5 years. I put it off until March of next year because I'm just not comfortable going into a healthcare setting where someone is up in my face with the Delta variant surge (or at least it was in August). Things are settling down a bit and they are mandating vaccines for healthcare workers now so March should be good.

My office made us return to work last week. We are on a hybrid telework model so for October we only go in for 2 days per week but in November it's 3 days. Everyone is disgruntled that they've rushed this (particularly since the vaccine mandate cannot be enforced until November 22) but I'm working in defense and our leadership is concerned about work culture now, China threats, etc. Not that me, a financial person, makes a dent in defending against China, lol!!! So I went to work on Monday and it was pretty empty. Tuesday was a different story and I was around more people than I had been in 18 months so I'm getting nervous. I had my last Pfizer dose in April (in hindsight wish I had Moderna) so it sounds like my vaccine antibodies are probably pretty low now. I don't legitimately qualify for a booster although I'm sure I could get one without too much trouble so I'll probably do that in the next few weeks.

Otherwise, I'm pretty bored most days and longing for some sort of vacation. The Disney crowds look insane right now and I wouldn't get near that place COVID or no COVID because of the 50th anniversary. It might be next Fall before I get back. I want the parks to be back to 100% normal when I go and I hope that's true for next year.

Oh well, glad everyone is doing well!


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Aug 23, 2003
Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving all!
Everyone coming here tomm.

The root canal was 2 hour. The permanent crown does not fit well. I may have to go to a gum specialist.
Mammogram was good. Got a flu shot.
Getting covid booster Dec4th.
Still need blood tests, neck sonogram and dexa scan scheduled for December.
My cousins daughter and family are checking into Yacht Club today

Check in when you can.

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