The THYROID Thread


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Aug 31, 1999
Christine - Wishing you all the best with your surgery. The covid test is a little uncomfortable. I felt stinging after. Did the dr. say anything about the low vitamin D? Wondering if an over the counter supplement is sufficient. Mine is so bad I need the prescription one. I saw your other post that it’s a tendon issue? And a 3 month recovery? I am sure you will be happy when you feel like you again! I take low dose aspirin for the day stuff but now a prescription too. Keep us updated. Sending healing prayers to you.
I have had bad pain the last 2 days. Dj thinks my l toes are looking more purple and my r leg more swollen. I have rested, used a heating pad and muscle relaxers as my l chest and side are so painful.
The snow and cold makes thing weary and dreary here.
We dog sat the King Cavalier. He is so cute.
Thanks to ds3 and dil1 Dh and I are getting our vaccines. Dj has to go in March to a racetrack over 1 hour away near JFK airport. I go In April to the university.
Ds2, fil, her sister and bil all got appts They opened comorbitities here. Hooray for asthma, diabetes, cancer,
Obesity, hypertension etc.
Thanks for the good wishes! I actually have a foot issue that causes the tendon to be chronically inflamed. It's called "acquired flat foot deformity" so basically my foot has collapsed over the years. Now that it's fully flat, it strains one of the tendons that supports your arch. So, they will reconstruct my foot which essentially "breaking" it in 3 places and resetting it to form an arch. This will relieve the strain on the tendon.

Good luck with the vaccine. I'm thinking I won't get one till summer!