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    Nov 1, 1999
    What Would YoHo do?

    So, I always have a million ideas buzzing around my head for the parks. I really would like to run them some day. (but I don't want to be a suit, so I never will)

    Anyway, to pick one that would be reasonably fiscally responsible, yet perhaps not as responsible as some would like, I would
    1: Reduce single gate addmission prices by $5 for the off season.
    2: Reduce the Rack rate at every single hotel on property by $20

    That's the Rack rate. Discount rates would be the same.

    I Garuntee that it would take little to no Advertising money to spread the word on a price break around. Instantly you will have tons of people who were saving money or who thought they weren't getting their money's worth booking vacations and you probably haven't even really altered your Margins that sinificantly.

    I realize it won't catch everyone. There are some that would still find it too expensive, but many would come back I think.


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