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Oct 2, 1999
To accommodate the great need some of us have to post exhaustively (and mistakenly) ;) on the POTD Match of the Day thread, I am starting one on "Subject of the Day". Time limits will be similar to the POTD Match of the Day thread. And limit of one picture per day please!

If you run out of ideas for subjects to post feel free to look over the list below.


Nov. 11 - Windows at Disney - klmall (Kathy)
Nov. 14 - Water slides in action! - ejud
Nov. 16 - Carousel of Progress - klmall (Kathy)
Nov. 21 - Monorails stopped at stations - Ilivetogo (Kris)
Nov. 24 - Round "Ball" Objects..- cyndiella
Nov. 25 - Someone really enjoying their food or eating at Cosmic Rays - Kaewin
Nov. 29 - "The Castle" image in some other form but not the castle as we typically see it - klmall (Kathy)
Dec. 05 - Resort Christmas trees/holiday decorations - bellebookworm (Gretchen)
Dec. 06 - gator at DHS [Sorcerer's Hat end of the Keystone Clothiers building] - sephorachick (Kate)
Dec. 08 - Dinosaurs - klmall (Kathy)
Dec. 12 - World Showcase Pavilions - bellebookworm (Gretchen)
Dec. 17 - Expedition Everest! - klmall (Kathy)
Dec. 23 - photo of/with your favorite character - bellebookworm (Gretchen)
Dec. 30 - Show me your resort photos....... - senecabeach
Jan. 02 - This shop [The Puffin Roost] in Norway or someone with a sword (or both if you can) - Kaewin
Jan. 06 - Princess Pictures! - LittleMissDisney
Jan. 12 - Goofy - klmall (Kathy)
Jan. 20 - Disney Gift Shop pics...... - senecabeach
Jan. 25 - Hotel Carpets - sephorachick (Kate)
Jan. 29 - Clam shells - Kathy Jetson
Feb. 03 - Silly Hat Pictures - melnbil
Feb. 08 - Disney Art - sephorachick (Kate)
Feb. 13 - Let's see your TikI drums!! - Kaewin
Feb. 18 - Statues (and no Tiki statues ; no gator, eating a person at DHS ; and no dinosaurs ) - klmall (Kathy)
Feb. 22 - Okay now how about Space mt pics - sephorachick (Kate)
Feb. 26 - Please ......Show us your Baloon shots....... - senecabeach
March 3 - Someone asleep anywhere EXCEPT a bed.......melnbil
March 5 - WDW Stuffed animals - sephorachick (Kate)
March 9 - Spirit of Aloha Show - sephorachick (Kate)
March 12 - Sidewalk "drawings - sephorachick (Kate)
March 15 - Pixar Lamp..- cyndiella
March 18 - animatronics - Kathy Jetson
March 22 - A photo bombed picture...Could be people or objects..- cyndiella
March 26 - Muppet shots - Kathy Jetson
March 31 - representations, sculptures of The Mouse- other than realistic (ie, no MM "in person" as a character.) - eduj
April 4 - Wilderness Lodge - sephorachick (Kate)
April 11 - Mission Space "balls" - klmall (Kathy)
April 14 - Icons from any of the value resorts - bellebookworm9
April 19 - Painted flowers in the Tangled restroom area - cyndiella
April 25 - Sunrises/Sunsets - bellebookworm9
May 5 - Favorite Quick Service foods - sephorachick (Kate)
May 11 - The prayer flags at EE - klmall (Kathy)
May 24 - Rainbows - Jade1
June 5 - "Heart shapes" - klmall (Kathy)
June 20 - WATER - but not a Pool - Bigsis1970

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Apr 14, 2006
Love it!

This was in 02, almost 30 years to the day after I had first walked through Cinderella's castle and bemoaned that one couldn't go in it. On this day, I discovered that one could, and I steeled myself to an outrageous bill, but to eat in the castle???

So, after being escorted to Cinderella's Royal Receiving room, and meeting her highness, I was called (as a Lord!) to ascend the spiral stone staircase to the second floor, and was seated next to leaded glass windows overlooking Fantasyland as I ate my prime rib au jus.

Ya- I felt like Disney Royalty.



  • Nellas Elensar

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    Jan 19, 2003
    Inside the Wonders of Life/Festival Center pavilion. There's a little seating area next to the bottom of the right-side ramp. :)
    Never seen it...whenever I visited WOL, it was a quick, direct trip inside and then another quick, direct trip back outside...didn't linger. I am a fan of the Kingdom Keepers books, and in the third book (I think), the characters did a mission at EPCOT, and one of the places that was mentioned was this area, or one very similar to it, but it was definitely in the old WOL pavilion.