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Discussion in 'DIS Dads' started by The Disney Fanatic, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. The Disney Fanatic

    The Disney Fanatic DIS Dad's Club Member #1

    Jul 27, 2007
    (DDC Plaque courtesy of Kitchensinkguy and his wife Deb Thanks!!! The two of you are AWESOME!!!!!!

    This thread is for all of the DIS Dad's out there! I just need to know that I am not the only Dad out there that is Fanatical about Disney World! What is the criteria for joining this club:confused3 ? I am glad you asked. If you are a Dad and ANY of the following criteria descibes you, you qualify to become a member of the DIS Dad's Club. Just sign in on this thread.

    The DIS Dad's Club Criteria
    1. Your passion for Disney equals that of a 7 year old kid.
    2. You have a wife that thinks you are a big kid.
    3. You watch the Free WDW DVDs every week:happytv: .
    4. You get more excited than your kids when a trip to WDW is planned (or the excitement at least equals that of your kids):yay: .
    5. When you say your prayers you ask for God to inspire the Imagineers to come up with fresh new ideas:idea: .
    6. When planning family reunions, class reunions, and job conventions you always plan them at Disney World.
    7. You nick-named your son and daughter Mickey and Minnie:smickey: ::MinnieMo .
    8. You planned your next Disney trip the day after returning from Disney World:surfweb: .
    9. You debate with your kids about who would win a light saber battle between Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader:darth: :smickey: .
    10. Your eyes start to water with tears of joy when you see your kids having a great time at WDW ( and you secretly try to dry your eyes).
    11. Your portfolio includes stock in Disney.
    12. You have friends and family that do not understand why you vacation in WDW every year (or at least talk about doing it).
    13. You have Disney songs on your Mp3 player.
    14. You have Disney Ringtones for your Cell.
    15. You have everything Disney for Wallpapers and screensavers.
    16. You have Disney Fonts and Icons as well.
    17. You bought the Disney Bedding for your room.
    18. You have Disney knicknacks all over your "man cave/dude room/office."
    19. You drink your coffee from one of your multiple Disney mugs.
    20. You have Disney Luggage.
    21. You have a Disney Computer Bag.
    22. You have an Animated Mickey Watch.
    23. You have a Goofy Hitch Receiver Cover on your Truck.
    24. You have Goofy pjs and slippers, Mickey pjs and bathrobe and a lot of other Disney clothing.
    25. You have Disney Character ties to wear (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc.).
    26. You have a Disney background on your laptop with a count down calender on it.
    27. All of your family photos seem to be taken at WDW.
    28. You have a dog named CinderBella-Arial (or belle for short) that your kids helped you name.
    29. You constantly watch disney movies.
    30. You have a disney cd in your car or truck right now.
    31. You have trivia contests in the car with your wife like "name all the attractions at epcot going
    32. When you and your wife are reading the DISboards she asks you "what is ToT, RnRR, EE and
    BTMRR, and you know the answers.
    33. You can name the exact day and year each park opened but when asked by your wife when her birthday is you draw a blank (Just a joke ladies:lmao: You wives know we DIS Dads love ya).
    35. You sold your Disney stock so you could buy into the DVC.
    36. You wear a matching Disney shirt with your kids to the parks.
    37. You have alot of Mr. Incredible collectables that will one day be valued right up there with
    your mouse certificates.
    38. You listen a WDW podcast or park music (ie, the old Illuminations pre show) while working out in
    the gym.:music:
    39. Your boss quits asking where you are going on vacation - he already knows.
    40. You DO call DVC your second home.
    41. You have a Disney vanity plate on your auto (ex. MGK KGDM)
    42. You name you pet with a Disney Name (ex. Your dogs name is KONA, your favorite restaurant).
    43. You put the sound from the Disney Cruise line "Magic" horns on your truck.
    44. You don't want to fix the musty smell in your damp basement because it reminds you of the Pirates of the Caribbean cave.pirate:
    45. You swore that when you had kids that they'd get to experience the world. Little did you know that once you experienced "THE WORLD" you would be hooked!
    46. Your kids get a kick out of a grown man (YOU) becoming a kid as soon as the Disney subject comes up.
    47. When you walk into the Disney Store the employees shout your name like Norm in Cheers!:lmao:
    48. You did your best to "brainwash" your kids early so they wouldn't have any problem ever wanting to go on a Disney Vacation. :chat:
    49. You only feel fulfilled when you know you have another trip on the horizon.::yes::
    50. You can't decide if you want to go on a Disney Cruise, to Walt Disney World, or to Disneyland for your next vacation (if you can afford it the Disney Resorts over seas are in the equation as well).:confused3
    51. Your office is like a shrine to Disney and it gets bigger and bigger every year. ::MickeyMo
    52. You use your kids as an excuse for all the people who ask why you're going back to WDW again. "It's for the kids!" Although the people who know you best know not to believe that.
    53. You have a special savings account that you started when your daughter was born so that she will have a Disney Wedding.:tink::bride:
    54. Simply put...there is no place you would rather go on vacation than at WDW, Disneyland, on a Disney Cruise, or at any of the Disney resorts over seas.
    55. Your motorhome has Disney stuff on and in it.
    56. You can recite the entire script from the Haunted Mansion.
    57. Your mom gave you your first Mickey on the day you were born, and then you gave your son his first Mickey the day he was born.::MickeyMo
    58. You're just waiting for Fantasia to get released so you can complete your collection of Disney Animated videos (The real classics, not the sequels). :happytv:
    59. Your personal slogan is..."Life is short, spend your time with DISNEY."
    60. You teach and not a class passes by where you don't use a Disney Story as an example.
    61. You've been to Walt Disney World too many times to count. It almost feels like you grew up there.
    62. You know you are a DIS Dad's Club member when your mother in law says you have a "Disney problem." :rotfl:
    63. You're "The REAL Chrsitopher Robin!" It is on your birth certificate. pooh:
    64. While watching a show that you recorded on the TiVO, you forwarded through the commercials but stopped and watched the WDW commercials. Even the ones that you have seen hundreds of times.
    65. Every weekend you have "Disney Movie Night" with your family.
    66. You own a Mickey waffle iron.
    67. You own the "Classic Disney" CD collection and listen to it every night at dinner with your family.
    68. Every Sunday night you and your family play the game "Disney Scene It".
    69. Your kids insist on going to Disney every vacation. When you ask if they're getting tired of it yet, they look at you like you've grown a second head.
    70. You have Mickey, Donald, and Goofy sleepwear.
    71. Your wife wakes you up in the middle of the night because you've been talking about Disney in your sleep again.
    72. Every month you rotate the metal licence plates on your cars (Disney Cruise line, Animal Kingdom, MGM , Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Donald official fan club).
    73. You promise to fund a big DIS Dad's Club Meet and Greet at WDW when you hit the Power Ball.
    74. You love Disney SO much you have tatoos of Disney Characters.
    75. When it comes to Disney World you just can't get enough!!! No matter how many times you go!
    76. You know all the words to Wishes, Magic, Music and Mayhem, Happy HalloWishes, and Holiday Wishes.
    77. You listen to the Happy HalloWishes and Holiday Wishes music no matter what time of the year it is.
    78. It is easier to list all of the criteria here that do not apply to you than it is to list the ones that do.
    79. You have Disney character golf club covers.
    80. You have helped plan many Disney vactions for fellow employees in your department. Now you are getting phone calls from other departments asking, "Hey are you the guy I need to talk to about planning my Disney Vacation?"
    81. You keep your Mickey Mouse umbrella in the car/truck and proudly use it while walking in to your office during a rainstorm.
    82. Your passion for Disney is strong but you would rather get soaked before using your wife's/daughter's Tinker Bell umbrella.
    83. Your Christmas tree has all Disney ornamnets on it.
    84. You have a DVC decal on your minivan.
    85. Most of your passwords consist of some sort of Disney theme.
    86. You own a Mickey Mouse toaster.
    87. You have your own personal tour guide to WDW because you married an ex-CM!!!
    88. YOU were a CM yourself!
    89. The cake topper on your wedding cake was Mickey & Minnie.
    90. The music playing as you were announced at the reception hall as husband and wife was BAROQUE HOEDOWN...better known as the theme from THE MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE.
    91. After changing out of your tuxedo at the end of your wedding's reception, you wore a Disney tie as you headed off to begin your honeymoon - which was ultimately at WDW (it was Goofy, BTW)
    92. You have a Mickey waffle iron and kitchen towels that you and your wife received as wedding gifts.
    93. You have a Mickey telephone (one of those old stand up kind from the 80's, like the large one reproduced at POP).
    94. You proposed to your wife in the front seat of the Rockin' Roller Coaster just before take off and she was crazy enough to say yes.
    95. You had a Mickey wedding cake knife at your wedding.
    96. Your ring bearer carried your rings on a little Mickey & Minnie wedding pillow.
    97. Amendment #82 does not apply to you. You WOULD use your wife's/daughter's Tinkerbell umbrella!
    98. You have a standing deal with your wife that you can visit Disney every year as long as you take the kids.
    99. You hooked up the laptop to your TV so that you could watch Youtube videos of WDW.
    100. You've gone to disney for so many vacations that your kids think the word "vacation" is just a short way to say, "Trip to Disneyworld."
    101. You have more disney podcasts than music on your iPod.
    102. You only know one phrase in spanish-"please stand clear of the doors..."
    103. you can identify Disney restaurants by their signature food (Tonga Toast, etc.)
    104. You have at least one "souvenir" (child) from your trip.
    105. You have antenna toppers on all your vehicles, even at work(looks really cool on construction, aircraft support vehicles and aircraft).
    106. You know the roads at and around WDW better then your own neighborhood.
    107. Your wife can't tell the Disney princesses apart, but you can.
    108. You have so many Disney shirts you have to decide which ones to take and which ones to leave home when you leave for vacation.
    109. You put Mickey and Minnie Jibbitz onto your daughter's Crocs.
    110. You named your dog Epcot
    111. You have a Mickey lamp on your desk.
    112. You have actually had Disney cookies shipped to you.
    113. You have created the following for Disney trips: Mousekeeping envelopes, Window decorations, Autograph book, Epcot Passport, T-shirts for the family, etc..
    114. You are a Disney Dad that has been to Disney almost every year of your adult life.
    115. Your wife tells your kids that they are the luckiest kids in the world to have a dad that loves disney.
    116. When you bought a new mini-van...instead of kicking the tires and looking under the checked out all the stow-n-go features and was planning on where to put our luggage for your next trip to WDW.
    117. You listen to the soundtrack for Wishes and Spectromagic on your mp3 player at work.
    118. Sometimes you feel like you are more excited about being able to take your Family to WDW ...than they are about going...and they get pretty excited.
    119. You have endured or are willing to endure the hazing process to become a DIS Dads Club Member which involves...... Walking until your legs and feet ache, crowded ques with hundreds of strangers, standing in the hot Florida sun until your skin burns, and finally emptying your wallet of any savings.


    >>>Click Here For List Of DIS Dad's Club Members<<<
    Thank you Emma's Dad for the list!


    Our new club's mascot is Goofy (It's explained by I'mNoPrince below). Please feel free to add on to the DIS Dad's Club qualifications. If you meet any of the above qualifications sign the thread and you are a member!:woohoo: Also, feel free to add the DIS Dad's Club tag or logo to your signature so you can be identified as a DIS Dad's Club member (The DIS Dad's Club logo is courtesy of I'mNoPrince!
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  2. dbenlee

    dbenlee DIS Veteran

    Jan 23, 2005
    Hey I wanna join!! I meet criteria #1,2,4,8,10 and 12. I have also turned my wife into a Disney freak! She even reads the DIS boards now - almost as much as I do. :)
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  4. The Disney Fanatic

    The Disney Fanatic DIS Dad's Club Member #1

    Jul 27, 2007
    Hey...You are the first one in Ben! Please tell me how you got your wife excited about Walt Disney World:confused3 ! I would love to see my wife get as excited as I do about the place.
  5. I'mNoPrince

    I'mNoPrince <font color=darkorchid>AlterEgo tmt martins<br><fo

    Oct 1, 2006
    All but 7 but I did marry a Minnie so that has to count for something.

    DW tolerates all of our Disney trips as it's a very relaxing trip for her as she can go with her own flow and come and go as she pleases.

    Me and DD always hit the parks running and until late into the night.

    Check out DDs TINK ROOM in my Sig. She has it bad as well. But we had to take down her Bed as it was just getting to be to much with her growing and needing the room. I have to rework some stuff for her.

    Add to your List
    1> Disney songs on your Mp3 player
    2>Disney Ringtones for your Cell.
    3> everything Disney for Wallpapers and screensavers.
    4> Disney Fonts and Icons as well.
    5> and you bought the Disney Bedding for your room

    Goofy should be our Mascot as lets face it we all are a bit and he was the ultimit Disney Dad
  6. emsip

    emsip Mouseketeer

    Feb 8, 2005
    Another Disney Dad here. Where do I send my application?

    I like to plan my next disney trip before I leave for the current trip. I am currently working on my 2008, 2009, and 2010 trips simultaneously. Unfortunately my wife is not as much of a Disney fan. She says that the more I talk about it, the less she wants to go. She just wants to know when we are going and at what hotel. All other planning matters are my resposibility but no commando trips are allowed.

    Fortunately my DS(3) is beginning to show signs of Disneyitis. When mommy is sleeping, we watch Disney episodes on the Travel Channel. I recorded all the episodes on my DVR.
  7. SiClone

    SiClone Mouseketeer

    Feb 8, 2007
    I'm good for about half of the above criteria...;)

    I love karaoking "A whole new world" at my brother's house. Everyone gets a kick out of it when I go into my Disney voice....:rolleyes1
  8. dbenlee

    dbenlee DIS Veteran

    Jan 23, 2005
    I wish could tell you how to get your wife excited about Disney. We really didn't do anything special. Our son and I started planning our second trip while we were packing to leave WDW during our first trip. After the second trip, a year later, she was hooked. There was no resistance when we wanted to book our third trip. 2 weeks after our third trip, SHE had our fourth trip booked (for the week before Thanksgiving last year - she wanted to see Disney Christmas decorations). Since then she has been reading this DIS boards and planning and dreaming almost as much as our son and I. Now if we don't have a trip planned, one of us just have to mention Disney and she starts with the look of Magic in her eyes just like us!
  9. The Disney Fanatic

    The Disney Fanatic DIS Dad's Club Member #1

    Jul 27, 2007
    That's awesome!:thumbsup2
  10. The Disney Fanatic

    The Disney Fanatic DIS Dad's Club Member #1

    Jul 27, 2007
    I agree totally...Goofy is the DIS Dad's Club Official Mascot!:goofy: Oh yeah, The DIS Dad's Club qualifications have been amended with your additions.
  11. Kies99

    Kies99 I Can has Cheezburger???

    Nov 9, 2006
    I meet 1,2,4,13 and 14 above.

    I have 6yo and 4yo daughters.

    Mascot should be either Goofy, Grumpy or Tigger.

    I'd also like to put forward some more criteria:

    You have Disney knicknacks all over your "man cave/dude room/office".
    You drink your coffee from one of your multiple Disney mugs.
  12. NewRocDad

    NewRocDad Mouseketeer

    Sep 13, 2007
    You had me at #1!

    I'm lucky in that DW gets just as excited as me, but she lets me plan the whole thing!

    Good to see you, guys :thumbsup2
  13. The Disney Fanatic

    The Disney Fanatic DIS Dad's Club Member #1

    Jul 27, 2007

    You guys sound just like my DS(7) and I. We like to make popcornpopcorn:: and watch the Free Disney DVDs. We have been collecting them now for five years and watch them every chance we get:happytv: .
  14. KERdad06

    KERdad06 Mouseketeer

    Nov 15, 2006
    I would like to join too! "We" also watch the Disney planning DVD every once in a while, and look forward to the Travel Channel Disney specials that come on, usually at Christmas time.

    DW planned our first trip last October, and we were hooked. We are now planning our second trip for next November...the whole family can't wait to get back there.

    I too am guilty of the Disney merchandise at my desk at work. I try to place them apart enough so that people don't think I'm weird. It's only a Mickey "#1 Dad" mug, magnetic clips, pictures, Expedition Everest screen saver ... ok, it IS starting to sound like a lot.

    Anyway, I'm in! :thumbsup2
  15. Kitchensinkguy

    Kitchensinkguy DIS Veteran

    Jan 1, 2006
    I'm in. My wife says that I am her 4th son :lmao: I can relate to more than a few of the criteria.

    You can add Disney Luggage, Computer Bag, Animated Mickey Watch, Goofy Hitch Receiver Cover on my Truck, Goofy pjs and slippers, Mickey pjs and bathrobe and a lot of other Disney clothing. I especially like my Grumpy's Gas and Grease Mechanics shirt :goodvibes We are DVC owners and spent 3 weeks there this summer. We just got back from a 4 day weekend (just the wife and I) and have 2 trips planned for 2008.

    I think the Best Disney Dad ever, aka Goofy should be the mascot. :thumbsup2
  16. The Disney Fanatic

    The Disney Fanatic DIS Dad's Club Member #1

    Jul 27, 2007
    Hey Kitchensinkguy,

    Please tell me that you got that Kitchen Sink Banana Split:banana: at WDW. And If you did...Where:confused3 ? I WANT ONE:sulley: !!! Also, if you ate that whole bowl (sink) by yourself you are the MAN:worship: !!!!!
  17. stemikger

    stemikger DIS Veteran

    Mar 9, 2004
    Thanks God there are more like me out there. Hey we should have a secret handshake.

    I'm already talking about my next trip which is a little less then a year away. As soon as I get back my wife and daughter take a bet on how long it will take before I start making plans for the next trip.
  18. Phibbles

    Phibbles DIS Veteran

    Oct 25, 2007
    I'm in too. WDW is a way of life. I like to spend time dreaming about moving to Celebration so that we could go to WDW almost every day. That would just rule. :banana: If I ever win the lottery, that is so my plan.
  19. goalierich

    goalierich DisDad Member #12

    Sep 7, 2006
    You can count me in. Another thing that might be added is "Do you have any Character ties to wear" I have a Donald Duck tie, Mickey and Goofy Golf Tie, and a Tigger golf tie.

    My wife liked Disney before, but she absolutely loves it now, as our DD 2 saw Mickey for the first time this year, at Disneyland and WDW, and the looks in both of their eyes is truly magical!! My wife keeps asking me which parks, if not all, are we doing at WDW in 2008!!!
  20. The Disney Fanatic

    The Disney Fanatic DIS Dad's Club Member #1

    Jul 27, 2007
    This has been very theraputic for me to see you guys on here:thumbsup2 . My son is the only one that I know that shares my Disney fanaticism.:banana:
  21. computiv

    computiv Earning My Ears

    Nov 17, 2007
    I need to find another baseball cap with the great embroidered Grumpy's Gas & Grease logo on the front of it. This baseball cap was on sale at Grumpy's Service Station in California Adventure. Unfortunately, I only purchased one white baseball cap with a blue bill while we were at Disneyland and California Adventure last August. After wearing the cap so much, I really need to purchase at least two more just like it. Can anyone help in my quest to locate two more caps?

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