Thanks for the drink mix tip!

Lynn K

British Invasion Fan
Dec 28, 1999
I took some Crystal Light drink mix and a measuring spoon to make individual glasses of this drink in our room at AKL instead of buying soda. This saved me a few dollars and was lower in calories than pop.

When staying at BWV, I used the coffee pot to mix up a batch.
I take my little pouches of Crystal Light (so small for your pocket) and then order ice water with our counter service lunch and just pour in a little from the pouch and stir. Keeps my diet on track and the kids love the taste too.
Would be nice if they changed them over to Sucralose instead of the Nutrasweet as they have done woth the bottles. I can't use the powdered stuff. :(
I have actually packed a 2quart container and lemonaid mix for our rooom. I will add ice, mix and pour. A great money saver for a cold drink in your room, especially at night.

Kool-Aid is good too! I take that with me because I have some people who are fussy about the nutra-sweet taste of Crystal Light. This way, I can add sweetner to mine and sugar for everyone else :)
Good idea. Then I can take the Sucralose packetes and sweeten my own. I'm not fussy about Nutrasweet just deathly allergic to it.


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