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Sep 12, 1999
Okay new board, lets all introduce ourselves again:p

I'll start.

My name is Scott but my niece and nephew call me Fooh, it stuck and everyone in the family calls me this now, i am 32:rolleyes: , love camping and disney.

We recently purchased a new trailer, a prowler 31g, it has bunks in the rear and superslide and queen bed in the front

Our entire family loves to go camping at Fort Wilderness, if I had a Monday through Friday job we would probably be there at least once a month,

Our camping Group consists of Myself, My mother whom we all call Gerty (Not her real name - We are big on nicknames:D ), usually 2 or 3 of my sisters, and a brother, and the little niece(3) and nephew(5), I just love to see the expression on their faces when we go under the welcome to Disney World sign, those 2 have such a great time on these trips.

Okay enough about me, tell us about yourself and your family, what do you camp in?? any trips in the near future - Disney or other destinations??

Ok...I'll leave it alone. ;)

My name is (obviously) Rhonda and my husband's name is Scott and we have one 17-year old son, Andy. We've been camping at FW since Andy was 5 years old.

We've always tent camped, but this year we finally bought a small pop-up. It's nice to get up off the ground! LOL!

We've also stayed in the Wilderness Homes - they're wonderful! I hope to stay in one of the newer cabins soon! I've seen some great rates for this fall!

Ok....who's next?

My name is Robin, I'm 35, and my husband John is 36. We have 2 daughters, 13 & 11, and a 5 yo son.
I have been camping at FW since I was a kid, and we have taken our kids 3 times.
We recently upgraded from a 25ft. TT, to a 30ft 5th wheel.
We all love FW! It is the cleanest, best campground we have ever stayed at. There is something to do for all ages.
We are moving from Ga. to Ca. this summer,(military), and will not be going to FW for a while. We are going to try DL, but already have a trip to FW planned for Sept. 2004. These boards will keep me going for the next 3 years! LOL
Hi! I am Barbara (44) from Tennessee. I've been to FW 11 times, but that's not nearly enough! My sister Kathy (47) and I took her kids in '93 and stayed in a Home. (She says we belong in a home.) Went again in '94 and '95 with the kids--Rebekah who was 13 first time, Morgan was 11 and Andy was 7. In '96 her husband was finally convinced to try it--he had a great time (and a major heart attack the last day). He still complains that he missed a day of fun! We flew down in October of '96 (without Mr. Quadruple bypass) and then had to skip '97. We all went in '98 and stayed in a cabin, but we had been checking out the camping loops and noticed that that was where the real fun was!

In '99 we borrowed a travel trailer to see if we could pass muster, and we loved it!! So in September of '99 we bought a 31' Class C Winniebago motorhome--a (what else) MINNIE! We also bought AP's and went in March, June, August, and December of 2000. In August we added a new member to the nuthouse--the first grandchild, Lauren. We are going back in 29 days!!!!! This time we will be taking Grandma--my mom-who has never been to FL or seen the beach. She has spent the last 40 years taking care of my dad through a long illness, and since he passed away in January she needs a little stress relief! FW should do it, don't you think!!:jester:

Hi, my name is Sharon (38) and my dh is Cameron. We have been married almost 16 years (this July 2). I have 2 kids....Chris is almost 13 and Kayla is 9.
I've been camping all my life and so have the kids.
We camp in a 1995 Dutchmen popup camper.
I've been going to WDW since it opened and we try and camp every time that we go.
FW is our all time favorite place to camp. What can I's Disney! :)
I'm from Florida and it's about 330 miles to DW...though we don't get there as often as we would like too.
I also LOVE to camp at St. Andrews STate's waterfront camping and we go there every spring break.
I guess that's all about me!
My name is AirLarry!, my family and I live in Acadiana, the Cajun part of Louisiana, and we have camped all of our lives. We just moved up a bit from a Trail-lite Bantam 17 to a 23-S with the slide out...if anyone has any questions about hybrid/fold-out campers, I have done some research and would be glad to help.

We've never camped at FW, but I've been hanging around the DIS since the very beginning, but I'm trying to convince my wife to take our next trip to WDW in the camper instead of staying off-site. Wish me luck!
Hi!!!!My name is Jane and I am 35yo. I have a wonderful DH and 3 wild kids(DD-11, DS-5 and DD-3).
My DH and I will be married 14 years this July 11, we went to WDW on our honeymoon(my very 1st trip) and since then we have been 13 times.
We started staying in a FW cabin about 3 years ago and have absolutely fallen in love. I guess I need to add that my DH will never have anything to do with camping. I have camped all of my life, but he grew up staying in great hotels with room service and all the works. He says that our house is small enough to live in with 3 kids and that he sees no sense in going on vacation and staying in even smaller quarters with them. I guess (sometimes) I see his point, but would love to try camping and see if we like it. Oh well, we do love everything about FW though and I cant get my family even to talk about staying anywhere else when we visit WDW.
Enough of my rambling though. I just wanted to let everyone know that even though we do not camp, we LOVE Fort Wilderness!!!!!:p

>>He says that our house is small enough to live in with 3 kids and that he sees no sense in going on vacation and staying in even smaller quarters with them

I have had people tell me the exact same thing...and I tell them that the camper may be small, but we have the biggest "front porch" in the world!
My name is Allison. I just turned 30. DH and I have two DS's 4 & 2y.o. I have been staying at FW since I was a kid.
We haven't taken the children camping yet. I did take my DH on his first camping trip to FW in 1996. We stayed in the Homes (97') and the Cabins(99'). Prefer cabins. Nicer with the deck. We are returning to FW to tent camp in November 01' and it will be DH, myself and another couple. (I have a 2 bedroom tent, it's pretty big inside.) No kids allowed during Nov 01' trip. We'll be hitting the food and wine festival hard! Love food. Love wine. Love Epcot. What a coinincidence!
My parents bought into the DVC so we will be staying at the VWL from now on during our December trips.
We'll have to take the kids camping up there though. When they stop taking naps we will. Camping in a tent with little kids who nap doesn't sound fun.
We love FW. The quiet pools are perfect for soaking your feet after a long day. The woods, wildlife, ranch and greenery are an absolute joy. Wonderful to walk around and just look and listen. Quiet and serene. Close to MK, BIG bonus!
Trails End Buffet is one of our favorites. Breakfast and dinner are the best. Never went to Hoop-dinnershow. Will take kids when their older.
So as you can tell, I'm a big FW fan.
our anniversaries are very, very close! WE also went to DW for our honeymoon. Is there any other place?? LOL!! :)
Hello All! I'm Lisa 29 and I have a DD 8 and DS 6. This August will be our first time camping at FW, although we have camped alot. And this will be our third trip to WDW in as many years. Can't wait for August.

We tent camp, but I went "looking" for a pop-up today. Wasn't planning on buying until next year, but found a trade-in that was exactly what I was looking for. UhOh!!:p

I am Mike 29, my wife Stacie 26, and my daughter Katie 8.

I have tent camped most of my life but the other two have only been a few times.

First trip for FW this Nov.11th.;) Their first time to the world but I have been there a few times before but long ago.
Hi everyone!
My name is Kathy and I'm 37, DH is Ed and he is 37 also. We have 3 children, Brian 9, Logan 6, & Megan 4. Our first trip to FW was in Nov 2000, we stayed in a cabin. DH fell in love with Disney on our trip so it looks like we will get to go back sometime soon! We are just starting to shop around for a camper, so hopefully our next trip to FW will be in a camper.
I am a stay-at-home Mom and DH works for a large Printing Co and operates a small business on the side. We live in South Central PA, way too far from Disney.
I love the DIS Boards--our Disney trip couldn't have been better thanks to the help of all you wonderful friends on the Boards!
I'm Karen. My dh,ds(27),dd(25),dd(18), and ds(12) and I have been to WDW four times. We have always stayed in the homes. We love it.
Our first trip was in '94. Our youngest turned 3 while we were there. My dh was very reluctant, but on our way home he said he would bring us back to WDW gladly before he would choose to go to Branson or Dallas again. There was something there for all our children and us. No fussing while there. With four kids as spread out as ours this was real Disney magic.
We were there again in '96 ,'97, and 2000. I'm considereing another trip in this next year. I keep thinking about the great rates available at the Swan/Dolphin for teachers, but I can't imagine not having the campgrounds and their serene surroundings to return to in the afternoons and evenings.
With this in mind, I keep dropping subtle hints to my dh that we need a popup.
Your posts make my virtual reality trips so enjoyable.
Thanks, Karen
Hi, My name is Val. My DH (Ken) and I have a yours mine and ours family ranging from 37 for the oldest to 9 yo twins (ours). I have been camping since my 29 yo was 18 months. We have tent camped, then to a popup, then a TT. We returned to tent camping and have now downsized to a small pop-up again. It's much better on gas. We have been to WDW 12 times, 10 time at FW. I don't think we will ever stay anywhere else. I can't imagine a beter place on earth than WDW, and I am frequently caough on the DIS by the adult kids still at home. They are trying to find a 12 step program to treat my addiction LOL. Our favorite loop is 1400, like many others. Scott , we saw that Prevost there when we were there this year too, hope it's gone for your next trip. NIce to meet you all. KQ
I'm Amy. DH and I have been married almost 2 years and are in our mid-20's with no kids yet (hope to take care of that real soon ;) ). So far, we haven't been to FW together.

I went to FW on my first trip to WDW. I was in high school, and my best friend's family went to WDW every 2 years. I went with them on one of their trips, and we all stayed in a pop-up together. My friend was one of 4 girls, and the 7 of us had a great time staying in that tiny pop-up for 2 weeks, so I fell in love with the place!

DH and I just bought a pop-up of our own that we've only taken out for one night so far. Our next planned trip is in November, but we may manage one this summer. We're taking DH's 2 brothers and sister, who will be 8, 6, and 4, and his mom. We enjoy traveling by ourselves, but I'm really looking forward to taking the kids to WDW. I know they'll have a blast.
Hi Everyone, Tuffcookie here. I am a 47 divorced mom with 2 sons. Oldest DS is 27 and just got married. The day after his wedding youngest DS, age 9, and I headed to FL for our first trip to FW. Hope all of you have read our trip reports. We learned so much from this board! We stayed in a dome tent. Nice to meet all of you! TC
I'm so happy to see everyone here!

I was afraid you wouldn't find us! LOL! :p
I'm Jennifer(29 and holding!) and my DH (37 - he keeps getting further away from me!) and I are taking the kids (DD8 and DDalmost 5) to WDW for the first time June 3-10. I used to go every couple of years as a kid but this will be my first time back in 10 years and I can't wait! I've never stayed on-site before. Originally we were going to camp and bring our pop-up (Coleman Santa Fe that we love!) but then my parents wanted to join us and rather than pull 2 trailers and get 2 sites we opted to splurge and get a cabin (we don't have a/c for the pop-up so that was a problem too). Maybe next trip we'll camp. ;)
Hi, I'm Betty Jo Tyler. My husband Steve, 8-year old son Kelsea and I have camped at Fort Wilderness for the last 2 years. We are planning a trip back in August and again in December. We have a Greatland tent, but want to upgrade to a Eureka Condo Tent for the December trip. We had never camped until 2 years ago -- Fort Wilderness was our first camping trip! We were not "outdoor" type people, but our son convinced us to buy a tent and even convinced us to take him fishing (have went several times now - we SEE fish, we just haven't been able to catch any). I'm happy to say that because of Kelsea's influence we now truely love being the outdoor type -- so glad we were able to have this experience. The DIS boards have helped us with all our trips - they are wonderful!


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