T-Rex Reservations??

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by klwdisney, Jan 24, 2013.

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    We are arriving on Sunday 5/19/13... landing at MCO around 11:30 am and hopefully getting to POR and being all checked in and all by 1:00 pm at the latest. I plan on a quick lunch for us at the food court, checking out the resort and our rooms. Then heading to Downtown Disney for the afternoon/evening. I was hoping for dinner at T-Rex (we have a 7 year old boy - first timer - in our travelling party). I was trying to make a reservations from my app and no matter what time I choose it tells me there's no tables available. Is this possible?? Is it THAT good of a restaurant?!
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    T-rex is a non-Disney owned restaurant and does not book fully through Disney. I have seen people on the Dis make a reservation directly thru the restaurant when WDW shows no availability.

    T-rex is a must for us, DD and I love it. It is very fun, but also loud and crowded.
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    Call them directly - 1-407-828-8739. They do not release all of their tables through the WDW reservation system. When I called for mine, they had reservations available same day, so you shouldn't have a problem this far out.

    HTH :goodvibes

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