It should be based on size...not age. As long as a child fits into the stroller, what's the difference how old they are? I know even my 11 y/o would have liked to stroll for a while... 3-1/2 year old would have ended up wanting to be carried on daddy's shoulders if we hadn't of had the stroller for him.

Disney is alot of walking and I think it should be made as easy as possible for the kids. After all, you want everyone to have as much fun as possible...if the kids are crabby and tired because they're legs hurt, that isn't much fun for them
Thanks for your input. This is actually our 5th year and my daughter is turning 8 on our trip and I know if I don't have a stroller it would make our trip miserable. I just wanted to get some input to see if people thought 8 was too old.
During our last trip my oldest two boys were 4 and 7. We rented a double stroller and they both were very pleased to be "sitting" while we did the walking. I think it also made everything a little easier as they weren't trying to keep up all the time and it gave us a place to store things also.

I just think you should do whatever makes your trip the easiest and most enjoyable. :)


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