Step 1: Admit you have a problem


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Aug 30, 2011
I don't have a problem. I eat, sleep, work, and repeat all so that I can have enough $$ for trips to WDW. If you see a problem with that, then your right. You have a problem.:rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2:

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May 23, 2012
mm1971 said:
I don't have a problem. I eat, sleep, work, and repeat all so that I can have enough $$ for trips to WDW. If you see a problem with that, then your right. You have a problem.:rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2:
This guy gets it


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Dec 23, 2013
My problem started in Feb 2002 when I was in college. A relative sold his business got quite a bit of money and celebrated by bringing the extended family to Disney. The limo picked us up at the airport. We stayed at the Polynesian. Everything was his treat. I went again with him the next year. This was quite the experience for my first times ever to Disney.

It was 2009 before I went back with my 2 year old and 1 year old (at the time). We have added one more kid since and are going on our 4th Disney trip this summer in 6 years. We just closed on a resale DVC and plan to go 2 out of every 3 years. This summer will be our first stay on property. We will be in a savannah view 2 bedroom at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The kids love everything Disney...maybe my wife and I shave it down their throats too much. Seems like I enjoy planning the trips just as much as the trips but I'm really excited for this summers trip. I hope DS6, DD5, and DD2 enjoy it.


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Oct 8, 2008
My name is Bill and I have a problem.
I am a Disney World addict.
I first went to Disney World in 2003 with DW and DS (then 9 yr old). I had no idea about WDW and only went because my wife threatened to leave me if I didn't take the family there (she may have been bluffing, but I love her cooking so I couldn't risk it). DW booked the trip and I started researching using the Unofficial Guide. I believe that I was officially addicted when I first looked up Main St. and saw the castle. An amazing 8 days and life has never been the same. We went back in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, and are planning a trip for this May, (twice in one year, clearly a symptom of my problem!) . Due to some sad family troubles, my wife and I had our 2 day old grandson (my stepson's child, not DS) placed with us in 2010 and we've since legally adopted. Long story short, our WDW trio has grown to a perfect 4 some for the past 3 trips and in May our granddaughter DGD5 and my mother will join us, so I guess it's now a tasty six pack for this trip. Its the first trip for both of them, so I'm excited to see a first timers reaction, especially my granddaughter!
My name is Bill and I am an addict!


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Mar 18, 2014
Started late in life with my first trip during my late 20's but have been hooked since... It was that moment that I understood why it was and still is the happiest place on earth. The trip was magical. Below are all my trip thus far and now we own DVC at Animal Kingdom and the just bought into the Grand Floridian last week.

  1. April 2005 - WDW
  2. June 2007- WDW
  3. January 2008 - Cruise (Magic)
  4. December 2009 - WDW
  5. March 2010 - WDW
  6. August 2010 - WDW
  7. February 2011 - WDW & Cruise (Dream)
  8. April 2011 - WDW
  9. August 2011 - WDW
  10. February 2012 - WDW & Cruise (Dream)
  11. August 2012 - WDW
  12. December 2012 - WDW & Cruise (Dream)
  13. July 2013 - WDW
  14. January 2014 - WDW & Cruise (Dream)
  15. March 2014 - WDW & Cruise (Magic)

Upcoming Trips

August 2014- WDW
March 2015 - WDW & Cruise (Dream)

In summary 14 trips to WDW and 6 Disney Cruises and another 48 years of DVC left to go...

So I think I have a problem....
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    Sep 7, 2006
    my addiction started during my first trip which was back in 1972. My parents could not afford to go back very often, but that changed when I became an adult and made it back with my first true professional job, back in 1995, and I have been back just about every year since then, except the years my two kids were born.

    Me and my family are hooked. Unfortunately, my Disney fix may only be a trip to Downtown Disney this summer as we are going to legoland, and for the annual Disney on Ice show. rip next year.

    WE have stayed at CSR, AKL, ASSports, Dolphin. Not sure where we will stay next year, any DisDads suggestions?


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    Aug 12, 2014
    Grew up in southern California going to DL at least once a year in the 70's and early 80's. Was hooked from childhood: no chance for recovery. I remember vividly going on POTC and vowing someday I would eat in that restaurant you could see from the line and at the beginning / end of the ride.

    First trip to WDW in 2001 with DW, DDs 1 and 7, and DSs 4 and 6. Got annual passes and went 3x that year. Did APs again 3 years later (3 trips again) and then again 4 years later (4 trips). That was the last time we went but I am planning on a senior trip over spring break with just me and my son (who was 4 the first time we went). Can't wait!


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    Jan 26, 2010
    Looks like I'm the newbie around here.

    I never got a chance to visit a Disney theme park as a kid. So my first visit to Walt Disney World was in October of 2010. We took a family vacation and stayed at the Polynesian (and one night at the Swan). My addiction was pretty much instantaneous. It took my wife a little longer to come around, but she's totally hooked now too - and are both of our kids.

    Since then, there's been:
    Family WDW trip in September 2011 (All-Star Music)
    Solo WDW trip in December 2011 (Pop Century)
    Family Disney Fantasy Cruise in March 2012 (Coronado Springs before the cruise)
    Family WDW trip in January 2013 (DISDads Convention) (Port Orleans-Riverside)
    Family WDW Trip in September 2013 (Port Orleans-Riverside & Animal Kingdom Lodge)

    Up next: DISDads Convention 2 in January 2014 (solo this time)
    Looks like my post here needs an update.

    DISDads Convention 2 in January 2014 (BoardWalk Inn & Wilderness Lodge)
    Solo/Working Trip in April 2014 (Bay Lake Tower)

    Up next: Family Disneyland Trip in October 2014 (Grand Californian Hotel, Disneyland Hotel, Candy Cane Inn)
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    May 23, 2012
    AJRitz said:
    Looks like my post here needs an update.

    DISDads Convention 2 in January 2014 (BoardWalk Inn & Wilderness Lodge)
    Solo/Working Trip in April 2014 (Bay Lake Tower)

    Up next: Family Disneyland Trip in October 2014 (Grand Californian Hotel, Disneyland Hotel, Candy Cane Inn)
    Let me know how the hotels are. We'll be heading to Disneyland next December.


    Mar 26, 2014
    I'm a Disney-holic and proud.

    My addiction started just last year in planning a trip with my wife, infant daughter, and in-laws. My in-laws paid for the trip so I wanted to ensure that it went smoothly. Did all the big stuff, ate at all the best places, and stayed at the Poly pre-construction. Weather was beautiful and the parks weren't that crowded. Given that, I stood no chance of not becoming a Disney-holic. It was one of the best trips I had ever taken and seeing how pumped my daughter was to meet the characters just melted my heart. After that I was determined to go back. Did Disney Hilton Head to quench some of the thirst and now have a 9 day trip planned over the Holidays.

    My first trip was late eighties and stayed off-site. My Dad never wanted to pay more to stay on-site. Sleeping in and staying up late was the priority. I remember being obsessed with figment and journey into imagination. We went only once more a few years later. After that we did a few Disney cruises and that was it until 2005 when I stayed off site and went to MK for a day.

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    Aug 7, 2012
    Hey guys. Yes, I feel I qualify for this thread, although it did take 4 trips before I was officially addicted. How, you may ask? Here’s a little history…

    Trips #1 and #2 – I was 9 when I first visited. We went to Cocoa Beach with extended family (think 9 people ages 5-52 in a station wagon from KY to FL) in 1972 and again in 1975. Both times we took a one day trip over to the Magic Kingdom. Of course, that’s all there was then. I remember the ticket books, 20,000 Leagues and thinking how cool the Contemporary looked, but never got to go inside. Looking back at dad’s slides from those trips I can only say “Nice shorts!”

    Fast forward to trip #3. In 1994 my wife and then 3 year old son accompanied me on a convention held at the Swan. One of my colleagues and his wife and 2 sons went as well. Three rambunctious boys took their toll on two young mothers, so we didn’t get a lot done in the evenings after the convention days. Didn’t get to spend a lot of time in the parks that trip. We did hit EPCOT as a last minute decision before heading back for a couple hours and I remember thinking “this place is interesting”.

    Ahhhhh, trip #4. Our first real family trip a year later in 1995. We stayed at All Star Sports and immersed ourselves in all things Disney. Hit all the parks and rode all the attractions a 4 year old could ride. Watched the shows, met the characters (they would just show up out of the blue!), watched the parades. Favorite pic is standing in back of a crowd with my son on my shoulders with Goofy ears ball cap and oversized sunglasses (him , not me) watching the afternoon parade at MK. Spending downtime at the pool (and the pool bar:thumbsup2). Great memories and thinking back now, I was hooked then.

    Trip #5 – 1999. Why 4 years later? Son # 2 was then 2½ yrs. old. We stayed at All Star Music that year with the same itinerary and the same results. Having pictures of him awestruck at every turn…priceless. I think it was then, we determined, “We should do this every year”.

    Trip #6 – 2000 Sealed the deal. Our first deluxe resort stay at AKL. I think I was the one awestruck as we pulled up, and then once we entered, I was amazed at the detail. Having coffee on the balcony the next morning with the animals roaming around, ‘nuff said. The food, the sights, the smells…it’s still my most favorite trip.

    Since then, we had annual passes a few years and probably visited 7 times in a three year period. The following years another 4 visits. Have stayed in many different resorts. Lucky for me, my oldest became quite the golfer so we would always hit two of the courses during a trip.

    But kids get older and travel sports teams take up vacation time so trips to the World became fewer and farther between. My youngest is now a senior in high school so I promised for his last fall break we would go down. We did the same when my oldest was a senior and have only been there for a quick 3 day trip since. So, I get to feed my addiction once again next month!

    That's my story, thanks for reading my confession.


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    Aug 24, 2009
    My first trip was in June 1988

    My addiction began the first time I saw my daughters eyes light up seeing Mickey.

    When my kids say they want to stop going, I am going to force them to go. :lmao:


    Jul 29, 2007
    First trip was at 6 months in '75 to the MK.

    My first real memory, and probably because it's all on VHS home video, is November of '82 when my parents hauled us out of school to see EPCOT. They told the school it was "an educational park." Hmmm, wonder where I got my Disney fuel from???

    We basically went every year from '75 to '89. I went in '90 for marching band, but we skipped it through high school until my senior year, in which my parents decided we needed one last go round as a family before college. That was '93.

    Then there was a Thanksgiving trip in '97.

    After that I skipped about six years, until I met my wife. We went in '03.

    I refound my love for theme parks and roller coasters, and started posting and being active at another Theme Park site, and went on trips, and meets. So I hit up Disney pretty much every year from the mid 2000s on. '07 I went three times (too much even for this fanboy).

    Now I have twin boys (2 1/2), and we've taken them the last two years. They are big fans of Tigger, Nemo, and Ariel (I'm guessing for obvious reasons).


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    Aug 14, 2014
    First trip was the summer of 1975. My mother was 8 months pregnant. It was late August, it was hot and we didn't have money for a stroller. I'm sure I gave it my all but my 3 year old legs couldn't keep up. My pregnant mother ended up carrying me for much of our park time. I have never lived that down!
    We went several times growing up but my addiction didn't really kick in until March of 2008 when DS12 was DS5. Seeing how much fun he had reminded me of how much I had missed out on thinking I was too "cool" for Disney. I know much better now.
    Now my addiction is in full swing and I try to invent new reasons to go to Disney now. I'm even strongly considering taking up running so I can go run in the 10k next January. I may need help.


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    Aug 26, 2014
    First trip was 87. I was three and we've gone about every other year since.

    We went big last year with a villa and 7 days got annual passes

    My wife has to go to Orlando for work every couple weeks. So free ride and hotel. School and work are for losers I'm going to disney


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    Jun 16, 2009
    I had always wanted to go to Walt Disney World since I was a wee lad. Unfortunately, my parents could not afford to take us.

    While in high school, my junior year was the big band trip and we went to California (1988). I experienced Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and one day at Disneyland. I was partially hooked then.

    After graduating high school and after a few years of college, I joined the US Air Force. About a year later, my parents took my younger sister and brother to Walt Disney World. :( I still give my mother grief about that.

    After getting married and having our first child, we finally visited Walt Disney World in December of 2004. That really got my hooked. We stayed offsite, but vowed to stay onsite the next time. Since then, we have stayed at CBR, POR (x2), POFQ, Poly, and BC. We also tried a 3-bedroom condo offsite in 2011, but that cemented the idea even more that we will always stay onsite in the future. (See my trip report in my sig for details.)

    Beach Club is by far our favorite resort. Being a 4 minute walk from Epcot's International Gateway entrance has a little something to do with that. :)

    I am so addicted, I ended up becoming an independent travel agent specializing in destinations of the magical variety (and brought along several other DisDads with me.)


    Apr 2, 2012
    Thank the maker, I thought I was the only one in the Verse.
    My addiction started in the late 70's when our parents took my sister and myself to WDW.
    Fortunately I'm married to a wonderful woman who has the same addiction. What happens when two addicts walk into a kiosk? DVC baby, living at the Boardwalk!

    DVC, Annual Passes, 6 trips in two years... Oh I got a problem and I'm loving it.!