Starting to get excited now!!


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Aug 7, 2001
Going on Sunday and trying to figure out the practicalities of taking luggage, 8 yr old and 2½yr old + buggy onto train up to my mums(changing at birmingham). My Dad's taking us to the airport on Sunday morning so that bit's easy. At least Zach can carry his own bag now. I may just book first class to Birmingham as theres always someone to help you onto the train then.
At least I have the tickets now even if Zach's is in the wrong name( new ticket to be re-issued at the airport).
Does anyone know if you have to ask for the Destination Magique pack at check in as I just got the tickets sent to me and no mention of it. I checked the times and it is the right flight for it, otherwise we're going to have to pay for the bus to DLP.

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Aug 21, 1999
........ sorry you didn't get a reply to your question Elise, but I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip on your return :) ! ( I hope you've had better weather than we've had!)


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