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    Jan 10, 2010
    Something just came up, friends of ours are also going to Disney. They are doing a split stay and so now we are considering it. It would be first 5 days at FQ, then 2 days at Contemporary. We stayed at Contemporary many years ago prior to renovations in the rooms. I honestly don't remember to much from that trip other than the view of the room looking at Magic Kingdom. DH got food poisoning and it was not fun, poor guy! And my son at the time didnt use the pool so I have no memory of the pool area.

    So tell me is it in your opinion to switch with the hassle of it and is it worth it? We usually stay POLY and have past 2 years in a row, and to be honest I am doubting my choice of going somewhere different this time. I do like FQ, but I will miss the monorail, oh well now Poly is booked. Change will be good I keep saying cuz next year when we go back all the rooms at POLY will be done and I think GF construction will as well so the area should be serene again.

    So back to point would you do a split stay? Oh and I do think grounds of FQ are prettier than CT, and DH says it reminds him of the work hotels he travels to. So if we do this switch it will be just to be with freinds we adore and because out son really wants to try. And in the end it doesn't really matter to DH and I...

    I know it sounds like we are wishy washy , well to be honest yes we are:confused3

    If you ever split stayed tell me pros, cons and thoughts on resorts...


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