So how are the boards now??


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Apr 29, 2001
Looks like they found the problem and we are back up to speed! Welcome back everyone! :) :)
Cool to come home from the pin meet, and not fall asleep while the boards load...

Great work, whoever did this....

And it is nice to be back home....\

I totally agree. I was just getting back up to speed posting and the boards slowed down.

Now if I could get rid of the little red X's at the top it would be perfect.

It's not just you. The webmasters are working on upgrades to the main site and it's affecting the images that are usualy where the red x's are.
YEHAAAAAAAA! I can get in with no problems! And fast too. Thank you webmasters!
Not good at all for me. I had a devil of a time trying to log on. Can any moderator explain why some of us have to log on every time we come to the boards & then get the message that our password is invalid? It took me several days to get a new password & get on. Then earlier this evening I changed my password back to my original one. Needless to say, when I went to log on earlier I got the same invalid password message. What gives?

I saw similar complaints on the Community Board, Sgtslovak. I'm sure one of the webmasters has seen the same thing, but I'll give them a heads up anyway. :)
Thanks, Matthew.
After I posted the above message, I visited another web site. When I came back to the DIS,I couldn't log in again! But I may have found a back way in. I click "forgot password", imput my e-mail address & when I get the e-mail with the links I choose the edit profile option. I get a message not logged in, but it does accept my password from that page. I hope this helps anybody else who is having the same problem
Last night was still a little choppy. But seems GREAT today!
I'm still having trouble, can anyone help. I can't get through by my bookmarked page. I have to come through the main disney board, find one of the discussion boards and come through the back way. This is the first day I've been able to type anything at all or even be able to read the posts. I would click on and wait, finally it would read information unavailable.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Would deleting my bookmark and starting again help at all?
it is still painfully slow for me upon replying to a thread. I had done my trace routes and it is not my network we are getting out of our network with 22ms
I'm not having trouble getting in any more, and it's moving pretty fast, but I can't see graphics in the posts or anyone's signature graphic. It's driving me crazy because I still haven't been able to see whatever it is that Brer Rabbit created for Nat. I know others can see it, because everyone said how cool it was! Is anyone else having this problem?
I'm having problems again... I keep getting the "Server is too busy right now. Try again later..." message. This occurrs when using my new bookmarks...


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