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Earning My Ears
Feb 4, 2001
There have been some changes at
1. They are now part of the Universal Network of Point Sites.
2. They are actively looking for site to join the Universal Network,

I’ll try to explain. Universal Points will be the Mother of point programs within its network. You will have sites that will say they are powered by “Universal Points. Net” This means that the site can call the points what ever they wish but all the points you earn will be redeemable at any site within the network. If a site has something you like and is a member of the “Network” then you will get to redeem you points!

To become a Network Site all you have to do is make a request. All sites will get a private label point program that is tied to the network. In addition all network sites will earn 40% of the ad revenue that is generated by running a “Super Bonus” page (the old hot clicks page) This will give all of us a more ways to earn “Universal (silverclicks) points. Take a look at this site to see what I am talking about

This is a Partner site that allows you to earn a lot of points quickly! They have some good ‘Disney Stuff”. Click on the redemption center tab and follow this:

(Click Here for the My Hot Clicks Redemption Center)
This is the Universal Points .net Center in the Search Box type in Donations and go to page 3 This is where the Disney Stuff Starts.

On top of all that you can download the surf bar and earn 25 Silverclicks (Universal Points) per hour!

With all the point programs cutting back is nice to see one that gives you allot of ways to earn and a business model that might just work.


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