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Dan Murphy

We are family.
Apr 20, 2000
Great pictures. And that muffuletta looks so yummy!! Those beers look pretty good also. Pigtails. :thumbsup2 Sneezy and Doc, almost goofy.
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Me trying to take a selfie with Grumpy.
He wasn’t having it.
Sneezy and Doc with the photobomb.
Me on the right!
Me, then:

Me, now with my wittle bundle of joy AKA DGD AKA The Princess who despisessss having her picture taken:
This is me. Eating a muffuletta and enjoying an Abita beer on a New Orleans step

And for fun, me getting twirled by Flik
  • arlinar

    Dec 29, 2010
    @phinz Yes that's what I meant to post lol. I saw the block of text and was like "let me get another picture of me then" Thank you!


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