Shark Steam Mop?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by SaveTheSeaTurtles, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Jan 17, 2004
    Does the Shark Steam Mop work? Has anyone tried it on tile floors w/grout issues? :)
  2. virginiamama

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    Sep 8, 2004
    I got one a couple of weeks ago. Have I ever got grout issues... Back before we had any sense about what is easy to keep clean and what isn't... we laid a tile floor in our kitchen and dining area and used bone colored grout. It NEVER looks clean unless I spray OXY Scrub Free shower cleaner on it and then scrub it and wipe it off. Bleach does not work, 409 does not work, vinegar does not work, peroxide does not work... So I go get this steam cleaner. It works okay I guess. It is very easy to use, and is actually almost fun. It is great for keeping clean floors clean, or keeping floors clean that really don't show dirt that much in the first place, and I love the idea that it sanitizes. It's getting the light grout clean that I'm having trouble with. I think one of the problems is that the pad is not especially thick, so it doesn't have as much contact with the grout as I'd like. What I have been doing is I have been concentrating on the 1/2 of the tiled area. I just keep going over it again and again and each time I get a pretty dirty pad. That's cool, apparently it's still getting some grime up and it must be from the grout because the tile is pretty clean before I even start. I kindof wish I'd have gotten the shark unit that is more like a canister vacuum, so I'd have a handheld concentrated steam option as well as a floor option. I have a feeling I'm going to have to break down and actually scrub the grout one more time and then hopefully I can maintain it easily with the steamer. I've been wondering if there was something I could put on the grout, or add to the water in the unit before I get started with the steamer that might loosen up the grime first. Also - I'm using distilled water like the instructions say so that hopefully it will prolong it's life. I got it at Linens N Things and I think it was $67 after a 20% off coupon. Sorry for the book - hope this helps.

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