Sept 2020-First Disney experience for my 7 year old!


Earning My Ears
Sep 23, 2019
A little bit of backstory. I have been to DL 2 times in my life. Once when I was about 5...and the last time was for my honeymoon in 2017. It was a disaster...he ended up throwing a fit and DITCHING me at DL at 9pm by myself...wearing my "Im on my disneymoon" cell phone battery and $5 in my pocket. I said "screw him" and got a fastpass and rode rides myself until the park closed. Made it back to the hotel on a bus and he had changed the locks.

Needless to say...I divorced him.

So here I am 2 years later and have decided to take my 7 year old. Just him and I (there will be considerably less tantrums i'm sure). I need to make NEW memories. It's going to take me a year to save up. I work full time and still live paycheck to paycheck, so I started a side biz making keychains and badge's not much but it's something.

Our trip will be happening Sept 2020!

Im going to try to do something fun every month until then. This month we ordered pins and lanyards.

Next month Im thinking ears? Then of course I have to make shirts...not sure what else.

I am DEFINITELY more excited then he is...poor kid isn't gonna know what hit him


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