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Mar 22, 2001
When my 4 yr old "has to go" she gets in a panic and has to get there in a hurry (even if she just went 10 minutes ago). We will be there seven days around Easter. Since the parks are busy, I assume the restrooms will be busy too. Anyone been there during that time? I'll probably just have to break down a few times and ask if we can cut in line. It's either that or wet pants. I plan to carry a dry set of panties and pants with a zip lock bag.
As a mom, if I saw a young child who obviously could not wait, I certainly would be more than willing to let them 'cut'. I think you should just ask...I'll bet you'll be surprised that most people will totally understand! And, what is the worst thing that could happen...someone says no? But, if you don't ask, then you could have many accidents to contend with.
Would your daughter be willing to wear Pull ups? I, being a mother, would be more than willing to let you get in front of me but...let's be honest, even in WDW, not all people are understanding!
My son in 3 and VERY smart but, for some reason, he will not use the bathroom. I am postponing pushing the potty thing until we get back cuz we are leaving shortly (4 wks) and he is being VERY stubborn!
Best of luck!
HI! Whenever I am in *The World* I will generally let kids go before me if I am asked or if I see they have to go. I took my sister and brother in 1997 and went through the same thing. When they have to go they have to go.

I would suggest making sure you have maps handy of each park. Eye the bathrooms. This way you can head for them right away.


you can cut in front of me if I can cut
in front of you! :D
They do tend to wait until the last minute
when there is so much to see!
Have fun.
Being a mom of a 9 DD, I certainly would let you in front of me as well. Actually, I always ask expectant moms if they need ahead of me as well. I remember those days ;) Be sure to warn your child about the automatic toilets as well. My DD was scared to death at the age of 5 of the toilets and still insists I go in with her and "cover the eye" so I won't flush on her. It really scares a lot of kids. Just cover the "eye" because the toilets at WDW sound like they are flushing the whole world as well ;)

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I really wouldn't worry about it. I've been there at the busiest times of the year and have never had to wait for a bathroom. (And BTW I am queen of the bathrooms according to my children. Even I will admit I am in there a lot!!LOL!!). Seriously most WDW bathrooms are huge!! Sometimes there looks like there is a line, but in actuality women are just standing around. I always go to the farthest stall, usually very clean and almost always empty. The only one I can think of off the top of my head to avoid is the one in the Land upstairs near Garden Grill, way too small, try downstairs at the food court. Also the ones in Wonders of Life in Epcot are way too small too, if there is a line it will be there. Try goiong before you go into that pavillion. Woman are usually good about letting you cut. I always let pregnant women and small children ahead of me if it looks like they are in a hurry. Oh I just remembered something else, the bathrooms at the Crystal Palace are too small also. If it is crowded, you may have a wait. Also Tony's Town Square, just go across the square, there is a HUGE bathroom there.

Geez!! I better stop!! Maybe I should write a Disney Bathroom book!!! LOL!!!

Have a wonderful vacation!!!

DisneyMim I don't think I have ever talked to anyone with as much knowledge of the Disney bathrooms! ;) I am however going to print your post out and take it with us! Arminda has been potty trained for quite awhile, but she waits until the very last second to go!

I agree with everyone else too, I don't think most people are going to say no to you cutting in line! I would gladly let you go ahead of me, unless of course, Arminda had to go to the bathroom :D

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What we do, is when someone in our group, there are 6 of us, has to use the facilities, we have all the kids try to go, even if they don't "go" at least they try and this saves on stopping every ten minutes for another one to go.

theresajoy I had to laugh when I read your post and I REALLY laughed when I re-read mine!!! I guess I've been to WDW so much that I can actually rattle off bathrooms, stores, and just about anything else somebody needs!! ;) You know it's bad when guests come up to you and ask you for directions. My family gets a kick out of it and keeps telling me to write my own guide (Mim's guide). Maybe I should start working on it!!LOL!!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful, magical vacation!!!
that there are automatic flushers. My daughter is also scared of noisey toilets. She always has to run out by the sinks before I flush it. Gee, has to go all the time; can't wait when she goes; doesn't like the flushing toilets. Maybe dad should be in charge this vacation.
We were at WDW in Feb. and my 6 year old had to go really badly when we got off a ride. Unfortunatley, we were near a small bathroom with a rather long line. As we were standing in line and she practically had her legs crossed. Two women in front of us let us through and to the front of the line. YOu can always do what my friends Mom did when we were little and going in the car (she had 5 kids plus me). She made us all go into the bathroom (even if we claimed we didnt have to go) and tell us "to practice"
I've seen long lines for the women's room at WDW, movie theaters, other theme parks, etc. If the men's room isn't occupied, I've almost been tempted to stand guard while women use the men's room. I don't know how long the wait is for the women's room, but I am sure it's twice as long as it is for the men's room. I have never thought about it until now, so I will try to make an effort, if there is a line, to let dad's with their children go ahead of me. As I would say it, "I can hold it longer than they can!"


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I'm SO glad you asked this question! My 3yo has the same problem of waiting and then the mad-dash to the bathroom, no matter how many times you ask her! Sometimes I just physically put her on the potty! She has big-girl underpants and occasionally has an accident but, when I use Pull-ups on her, at least the accident is contained and she knows not to get "her flowers" wet (then they disappear) so, to her, it's like wetting all her clothes! What's especially nice is that Pull-ups have Disney characters on them!! Physically they know when to go but, lack of maturity tells them otherwise - I'm sure WDW will be a challenge but, with the Pull-ups, we'll get through it!

BTW, thanks to all who responded - I hope my DD & I are in line behind you! You're all very considerate! I never thought to "ask"! :) Will also consider the Preg Moms as well, thanks!
There are some other websites devoted to WDW bathrooms too. I don't know the adresses of any of them though.
Most people will let you go ahead if they can tell you have an emergency. m

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