Scrapbooking: Scrap Sites/Tips/Techniques/Instructions/FAQS


Scrapbook Mom
Dec 28, 2005
I know many of us have been learning new tips (tricks), techniques, and utilizing instructions to make various projects on the board.

I thought it might help to have a central post where the links could be posted..

Blended pages: Lindababe showed us these... scrapping within photo sleeves..

How to kit pages tutorial:

List of Disney page titles can be found HERE

Another list of Disney page title lists: Alphabetical Listing of Disney Titles

Scrap Sites

Alright scrappers, thought it would be nice for us to share our favorite scrap sites... Please remember when posting you can NOT post to a store/site where you gain personal profit.

Sketch Ideas: The Splitcoast gallery is chock full of ideas for cards, scrap pages, altered items, etc.,

How to articles:

Layouts to inspire you:

Disney Supplies:

Scrapping Supplies: Paper, Embellishements, Brads, Eyelets, Stickers, etc. (good selection) (has great skin tone paper from WorldWin)

ATG Tape:

SVG Files (cricut related for SCAL), great svgs for SCAL (and freebies!)


Fonts - free and $1 fonts + great specials and package deals

Clip Art

Looking for PL style cards for your Disney albums?
Look no further.. one of our DISmembers has created and is sharing her beautiful cards for PERSONAL use only!!! She is no longer DISigning but here are her cards. There is an index for ease in finding a card you may need.

Pixiesprite's cards


I like this site for when we travel, you can pick any state and put your own saying on the plate then copy and paste it into a program to print out:

List of carts by Nutz4Disney


The ABC's of Disney: For those interested in doing an ABC scrapbook or anything else..

Kitting pages together:
Handmade paper Piecings via computer:

**Make your OWN glue dots:
Die Cut Layering:
Shaker Boxes:
Slide Mounts:
Paper Piecings:
Freezer Paper Shirt Instructions:

PROJECTS (instructions included):
Altered ClipBoards:
Paper Bag Album:
Exploding Box:
Star Mini-Book:
Gallon Sized Altered Paint Cans:
Quart Size Paint Can: Measurements: I was doing some quart cans for another swap and decided to actually write down the measurements for the paper for a quart-sized can in case it would help anybody: I used two sheets of cardstock 6 3/4" wide by 4 5/8" high. The seams overlap a little. I used ModgePodge/double side tape to adhere the paper. If you use modge podge you need another layer of the modge podge to seal it.
For the lid, I used my Cricut to cut a perfect 3" circle. If I had the option (but I don't), 3 1/4" might be a little better but the perfect circle is wonderful!
It looks like you can make 3 cans with two sheets of paper if you have an allover pattern.


Rum makes math fun!
Feb 18, 2005
Dyan can we get this as a sticky please?

I'm going to try to do some classes for the slide mounts when I start putting mine together for the swaps.


Scrapbook Mom
Dec 28, 2005
NO problem.. There are a few more on here I need to hunt down.. I just didn't have time this morning.. had to fix a tire on my van and than we went to the zoo for the afternoon...just got home!!!
I plan on working on some slide mounts tonight!!! :) I had PM'd Dyan so I knew she'd sticky us as soon as she read her mail!!! :)

:thanks: DYAN


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Jun 15, 2006
I am so grateful for this thread! I just did BAMB's tutorial on chipboard- it was so easy and it's pretty darn cute! Thanks!


<font color=green>I am shy, but once you get know
Jun 15, 2006
Pretty well. I didn't trim the paper close enough in some places and so the filing didn't work as well in some spots. But honestly, I didn't want perfect edges, I wanted it too look distressed, so I am really pleased with it. I inked the edges and they are cute. I made parenthesis {} with a monogram in between.


I have but one life, one voice and one sacrifice
Feb 2, 2008
Thanks for all the great tips. I am new to scrapbooking and am having trouble feeling confident enough to make final decisions. I have spent hundreds of dollars and only just started really doing the work.

Thanks for your help. I'm ready!


DIS Veteran
Nov 23, 2006
I'm wondering if maybe there could be a link of techniques to use w/ the cricut?...
Maybe pages that have cricut cutouts on them? ... just a thought what do you think?


Scrapbook Mom
Dec 28, 2005
Make your own glue dots has been added to the OP.

If you have an idea, technique, how to that will help us with our scrapbooking please share it with us.

If you start your own thread please pop over on this thread (since it's a sticky) and plug in the link to your thread and I can get it added for easy reference!!!

Thanks to all that have submitted great stuff so far!!!!


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