SB: Crop Snacks?

Amy OH

Earning My Ears
Oct 23, 1999
What are good snacks for an all day crop? Any favorites out there? Thanks, Amy
The snacks I usually serve are non-messy ones.....m&ms, starbursts, brownies, pretzels, etc. However, for an all day crop, I usually serve lunch and I try to make that non-messy too. Usually sandwiches and chips, but I do have a stipulation - no food and drink near the crop tables! HTH.
I went to a recent crop where they served yummy chicken salad with croissants for lunch. You could also do a cold cut tray with meat and cheese and let them build their own croissants.

Good snacks include most finger foods:
brownies, cookies, snack mix, candies, bite-sized fruit pieces with toothpicks, relish plate, ritz bits, pretzels, etc. I think potato chips tend to be a little greasy for a crop, but baked tortilla chips are a good choice esp. if there is a taco dip to go with them.

I always love it when drinks are offered. Something cold helps keep me energized! Iced tea or lemonade is a good choice, since they are inexpensive and most people like them. I hate to attend an all day crop and have to go in search of a jumbo drink to stay awake.
I just had my National Scrapbook Day event and this is what I served....

Snacks - m&ms, pretzels, starbursts, and tortilla chips with chili-cheese dip.

Lunch - A pasta con queso dish with salad

Dessert - homemade chocolate eclairs

Notice the Mexican was Cinco De Mayo as well as National Scrapbook Day.

The menu seemed to go over quite well. I served sandwiches and fruit last year and this year they seemed to like the menu better. I'm not sure if it was the hot dish or the theme.


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