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Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by rzcamper, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. rzcamper

    rzcamper Earning My Ears

    Sep 13, 2006
    OK, I will be in Mouse land next week and I may need to buy propane during my stay. Of course this will depend on the weather, and if I will need to run the heater during the stay. Were is the best place to pick up propane near the fort?
  2. tim5055

    tim5055 DIS Veteran

    Sep 9, 2001
    While FW does not offer a "while you wait" service, LP Gas is available at FW. Just take the tank to one of the trading posts in the morning (leave it on the porch, don't take it inside). They will get the tank filled and return it to your site by the end of the day. While I have never used this service, folks report that the price is not out of line. If the cost is within a buck or two of the outside, why waste the time...
  3. njcamper95

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    Apr 19, 2008
    If you don't mind taken the ride to camping world there is or was a person who filled tanks located in there lot to the left of the store i have used them in the past they will fill while you wait
    disney is a drop off and pickup at certian times if you run out over night you will have to wait to morning trust me have done this once in jan with freeze warning me,wife and 2 dogs had to sleep in running truck in front parking lot to stay warm not fun i thought one tank was low and other full boy was i wrong one low one empty was more like it and that camper was running heat ,stove,and hot water off gas (no electric water heater)luckily no pipes broke and we got propane the next day and enjoyed the rest of trip now my wife checks propane and won't let me forget it
  4. John VN

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    Aug 2, 2003
    To save on propane regarding heating, we use a couple of ceramic heaters when things get cold. Since we are already paying for the power, I use it.
  5. LarryJ

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    Jul 7, 2007
    Ditto and along with using one of these small toaster/convection ovens instead of the LP oven and leaving the WH on electric we used less than a 30lb LP tank for each of our last 2 trips to FW in Dec/Jan 2007/08 (45days on the road) and Oct/Nov 2008 (54 days on the road).

    Please note I reported back in early 2008 on my experience of having a 30lb cylinder filled at FW. The issue was while they listed the LP by the gal what they basically did was charge you for a full 7.5gal (30lb cylinder) regardless of what residual LP might have been in it or account for the OPD not allowing a cylinder to be filled to it's capacity. This is fine as long as the cylinder is empty, but if you have a MH or just want to top things off you're best bet is to hit the Flying J on I-95 in Fl. since they meter it by the gal. and only charge you by the gal. Just before we left earlier this mo. it was 2.99/gal at the FJ and I just waited till the KOA in Kingsland and it was like 3.23/gal ($20 for a basically empty 30lb tank --- the auto regulator has switched tanks and it took just a hair over 6 gal to fill the tank)

    AFAIK you have to get a slip at the Meadows, fill it out and drop the tank off in the fenced area on the side of the Meadows before like 9AM and can pick it back up after like 2PM the same day. I don't think the Settlement takes tanks to refill, but I could be wrong on that.

    For on board non removable tanks like on MHs you might check at the front desk to see if there are any mobile LP services that will fill you at your site.


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