rv help

Dec 25, 1999
Looking for a RV repo Company. Was wondering if anyone had one of these in their state. Been looking on the internet for a long time. I Know of 3. But need more of a selection. Don't want to pay retail. Can't wait to take it to WDW!! Thank you


Earning My Ears
Dec 9, 2001
Not sure what you consider retail but I know I didn't pay MSRP.

My MSRP was just shy of 28k. I paid just over 20k on an ordered unit at an RV show. I took delivery on a built to order unit 2 1/2 months later. Lovin it and just got back from WDW at FW.

The best leverage I could find was in the middle of winter at an RV show. Desperate times called for desperate deals. They needed to keep volume up regardless of the margin or lack there of.

Let me know if you need more details.