1. rlduvall

    rlduvall DIS Veteran

    May 7, 2002
    Yes, I know this has been asked before but, please, someone make up my mind for me. I already have RPR booked at 109.00 a nite, waterview, for 7-13 through 7-17. Ent. rate is still available at PB (shocking) for $150.00 a nite. RPR rooms look so itty bitty (335 sq. ft) compared to PB (476 sq. ft) I know you don't spend alot of time in your room, but I do like having a nice room. Husband has left this to my discretion. (oh, great) Okay gurus, would you pay the extra $160.00 for the whole time and stay at PB? Grounds for either resort look great. Thanks for your help. (I guess I'm computer illiterate. I kept trying to put smiley posts everywhere and don't see them.)
  2. manhattan

    manhattan DIS Veteran

    May 19, 2000
    Both hotels are very nice, and although the rooms at RPR are smaller, the hotel is just as beautiful as PBH. I liked being able to walk over Citywalk and not having to wait for the boat to get there. With staying at RPR you actually feel as if you are right in the middle of the parks, when you are at the pool you can hear the people screaming on the Hulk! That was kind of fun becuase it would put you in the mood to run over and do the parks, while at PBH it is so quiet, you really don't feel as if you are near the parks, but in a secluded resort. I think that was the major difference in the two resorts.

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