Rosiejo's FTW trip report (November 2005) Completed 03.04.06


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Jan 31, 2005
As we flew from the UK with Virgin Atlantic we all received free vouchers allowing us to check in for our flight at Downtown Disney. Following DIS advice to get in line early I had advised the others to arrive there just after 8, and that DH and I would meet them in the parking lot at DTD at about 9am.

Of course we were running late, and didn’t get there until almost half past nine… to our amazement the line was stretching way back past Cirque, and more worrying was that there were 6 disgruntled and cold looking family members sitting on the pavement about 10 people away from the front…

Turns out the desks don’t open until 9am and they only have half as many people on duty as usual… we were in for a long wait :bored: and for the first time all holiday it had turned decidedly chilly :cold:

Finally after a lot of complaining and shuffling we managed to get everyone’s bags checked and seats assigned and by about 10.30 we were headed off to MGM.


Emma used to work for an animation company back home so she was keen to do the animation tour, and we all wanted another go on WWTBM… first stop though was the tables outside Brown Derby for some coffee… and yup more wedding cake! :cake:

The animation walk through was interesting – it wasn’t open last trip so DH hadn’t seen it – we got to see some drawings/models from Chicken Little too – Chicken Little made an appearance for autographs and pictures but the lines were quite long – lots of kids around today – so we gave it a miss. David and Emma went into the animation class to learn how to draw Mickey, but us dawdlers got there once the doors had shut so played on the computers outside instead, answering questions to find out what Disney Character we were!

Then it was onto Millionaire. As today was our first official honeymoon day DH and I were wearing our wedding hats, and the camera man put us on screen and the audience wished us all congratulations :blush:

Lunch was had at the Studio Catering Company and then some people went into the sound effects show while the rest of us hung around taking funny photographs by the bronze busts :)

Before long it was gone 2pm and time for the others to get on the road to the airport. We all headed out to the parking lot and said our goodbyes by the truck :grouphug: :love2: It was actually quite sad to say goodbye :sad: Ian and Victoria gave us a lovely card thanking us for showing them everything and saying they had a great trip :thanks: it was so nice to know they felt that way as we were worried we’d run everyone into the ground trying to show them all too much :hug:.

As DH and I waved goodbye :wave2: the sun broke through the clouds, we both grinned and headed back into the park to find a spot for the Christmas parade :car:

As it was nearly time for the parade to start we found a spot on the pavement next to the postbox – it was much busier here than opposite Indy (where we sat last time) but we would never have made it round there in time.

The Christmas version of the parade was cute and definitely worth seeing.

Once it was finished we headed back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for a much needed rest.


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Jan 31, 2005
After a lie in this morning {:eek: :faint: I know but we are on holiday} we headed back out to the Mall @Millenia. I’d seen a dress in a store there that I wanted to buy for my Christmas party back home. We had a leisurely wander around the shops and a pizza slice for lunch and then headed back to MGM.

So far this trip we hadn’t managed to see the Beauty and the Beast show – which is my absolute favourite – so we made sure we got there in time for the show, and got some really good seats thanks to TGM :thanks:

I got a bit dewy eyed when they played the Beauty and the Beast song… I did walk up the aisle to it on our wedding day after all :blush:

We went to see Fantasmic again today – I love this show, the soundtrack is just great and it’s so cleverly done. It was packed in the stadium again and there was a big group of kids singing and dancing, we thought they must be a band and wondered if we’d see them at MK tomorrow.

After Fantasmic we walked through to Hollywood Boulevard to see the Osborne Family Lights… this was our first time… and WOW! Those lights are AMAZING! I can’t believe there are so many of them… and the snow! I was feeling very Christmassy but DH disapproved of my dancing :rotfl: We wandered up and down for ages, and had our photos taken with Goofy, there was hardly anyone around when we left the park, felt like we had the whole place to ourselves :)
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    Jan 31, 2005
    This morning we went to play crazy golf over at Fantasia Gardens, DH and I have an ongoing challenge for crazy golf but I am yet to beat him!

    The sun had decided to show its face again today and it was quite warm while we were playing. This course is really well thought out, with some tricky holes and a few surprises along the way! And no, I didn’t manage to beat DH this time either :sad:

    Then it was off to the Magic Kingdom, which was such a bad idea! By the time we got to the TTC there were huge queues for the ferry and the monorail… we decided to cheat and jumped on the resort monorail, thinking if anyone asked us we’d just say we were going to look around the shops, but no one did and it saved us a whole heap of time!

    I can’t actually remember what we planned to do at the park this afternoon but we didn’t do what ever it was! I wasn’t feeling very well, and it was so busy I wasn’t feeling any magic today! We couldn’t believe the sudden increase in crowd levels over the previous week. We picked up the VMK treasure hunt cards from the photo place and wandered round answering the questions, and of course hit the BTMR a couple of times. We decided to call it a day before the parade and headed back to the AKL for a sleep.

    I was cheered up back at the room to find that mousekeeping had made a huge Mickey ears out of some towels on our bed, and had positioned my Teddy Bear in the toilet, with toilet paper in hand reading my magazine :rotfl: :rotfl:

    In the evening we went over to Ruby Tuesdays for some dinner and then over to Downtown Disney for a wander around the shops.


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    Jan 31, 2005
    Today we were up early and off to the Animal Kingdom. We rode Dinosaur and the safari and had a went to take a sneaky peek at Expedition Everest, looks like it’s gonna be a BIG rollercoaster… not sure I’ll be brave enough for that :rolleyes:

    We watched the bird show which I really like - same old jokes as last time but still makes me laugh – those birds are amazing. I think this show is really under-rated and should definitely be on your to do list.

    We wanted to see the Christmas version of the parade so headed over to the safari to stake a spot outside, it started pouring with rain about 20 minutes before (good job we bought those ponchos today!) and we were worried it might be cancelled. Luckily the rain stopped with about 5 minutes to go and the parade went ahead – once again the Christmas twist on the normal parade was really cute.

    After the parade we went around the nature trail, we stopped for a while at the viewing area with the tomis in as there was one that was standing on its hind legs to eat leaves off the trees! Quite an impressive site :)

    Dh wanted to see the tigers but by the time we walked over to the other side of the park the other trail had closed :sad:

    So it was time to call it a day and head back to the hotel.


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    Jan 31, 2005
    The weather forecast for today was wet and cold and gloomy, so the plan was to sleep late, pack and then go and see the new Harry Potter movie.

    So we slept late, and then I opened the curtains to see the sun was shining! So we grabbed our swimming costumes and ran outside to the pool. Ok so it looked warm but it was quite chilly :cold: but once we were in the water it was actually quite nice!

    We swam for a bit, and even spotted another Fairy Tale Wedding party, well the groomsmen anyway in their kilts having pre wedding drinks at the pool bar.

    Back in the room we did the packing… don’t you just hate that part of the holiday, means that you’re gonna be going home soon :sad:

    And at this point, my mind goes blank… I know we didn’t go and see Harry because I decided I rather watch it back home than miss out on an afternoon in the sun, but what we did instead is anyone’s guess :rotfl:

    Early night tonight as we have to be up very early tomorrow…


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    Jan 31, 2005
    Today is the day of our early morning trip to the Magic Kingdom, in our wedding outfits for our photo shoot :hyper:

    We had been told to meet our photographer outside the hotel at 5.30, so I set my alarm for just before 4… to make sure I had enough time for breakfast, hair and make-up and of course getting into my dress again!

    An alarm call at 4am on any day let alone a holiday is a shock to the system… but excitement is a powerful drug, strong enough to get you out of bed! Everything was going to plan, I managed to do my own hair and make up and on schedule at 5am DH was just about to begin lacing me into my bodice {remember this took 3 people nearly 20 minutes to accomplish on my wedding day} and the phone rings… :eek: it’s the photographer… and he’s in the lobby! Appears our pick up is at 5am not 5.30am… oops!

    He hears the panic in my voice and says he’ll wait in the lobby until we’re ready but we need to be as quick as possible…

    Luckily DH managed to lace up my dress in 10 minutes flat, and after throwing on shoes and jewellery (me not him!) we legged it out of the room and down to the lobby.

    There were people everywhere, and in the middle of the lobby was a massive Christmas tree! Seems like the elves were out for some Christmas decorating while we were sleeping :santa:

    We found our photographer and headed outside to his suv… I know it’s 5.15 but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so cold, I only have flip flops on my feet and a satin wrap round my shoulders, if I’m not careful I’ll catch pneumonia! :cold:

    DH tries to catch a sneaky nap as we are driven to the Magic Kingdom, it’s so weird to drive in via the service road instead of going by boat or monorail!

    Inside the park it’s a hive of activity with CMs stocking the stores and cleaning the pavements.

    We park up in front of the castle and our photographer leaves the heater running inside so we can keep warm while he sets up for the pictures.

    It’s still pitch dark and the castle looks beautiful with the lights making it change colour every few minutes. We pose in front for some pictures together and on our own. It’s quite windy so my veil is flying around in the pictures again! Just as I think I might go numb from the cold we pile back into the truck and head round the back of the castle.

    The next shots are done inside the castle {where its much warmer} – we have some formal shots next to one of the pillars and then in front of the Christmas tree, then I have some fun shots holding hands with a suit of armour… my knight in shining armour… get it?? :)

    Before too long we’re back outside and going up the steps on the side of the castle for our balcony shots. It’s cold up here so we have to snuggle up to stop the shivering :cold:

    Then we head out to the carousel, we have some photos taken leaning against the horses, and then we’re asked if there are any other poses we’d like… er yeah… riding the horses obviously! Don’t ask how I managed it in that puff ball dress but we managed to get some really cool shots :)

    By now it was nearly time for the shoot to end, so we went round the side of the castle for a few more “together” shots, then it was time to bundle back in the warm car and go back to the hotel :sad:

    We got a sneaky peek around the back of the castle on the way out, to see the “wig room” and where all the supplies are stored under the castle, we were also shown where the fireworks are fired from for Wishes, way over on the right of the MK towards the contemporary.

    We were back at the AKL by 7am and more than ready to get back into a nice warm bed!
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    Jan 31, 2005
    After a few hours sleep we were revived enough to head back out to the Magic Kingdom. It was busy again today but we were expecting it so it didn’t bother us so much. We had breakfast on Main Street, tasty muffins and fresh croissants, yum!

    As we walked up Main Street in the light with all the people it felt like a dream that we’d been here in the dark with not a guest in sight! I made sure I rode on the Carousel just to see what it was like in the daylight!

    We caught the Share a Dream Come True parade in the afternoon, we hadn’t seen this one yet this trip as the others hadn’t been too keen on the parades {:eek: I know, I know}

    After the parade we headed back to the hotel before dinner. While we were out our Disney photographs had been delivered! The ceremony arrival shots were beautiful and the MK ones were amazing! We had 12 in an album and then a cd containing another 90 shots! It might be a costly addition to your FTW but it is completely worth the money for the experience alone, the beautiful photographs are like an added bonus!

    After some dinner at IHOP we headed back to the MK to see Wishes.

    We arrived with time to ride BTMR in the dark before Spectromagic. Only when we got there it was broken, so we picked up FPs and planned to stop by again later.

    We watched Spectro from Frontierland and then headed through Fantasyland towards Tommorowland to see Wishes… well that was the plan, for some reason new stopped by Dumbo… I vaguely remembered reading somewhere that this was a good spot to watch Wishes from, and there were a lot of other people lingering so we thought we’d give it a try. We stopped right by Dumbo so we could see the side of the castle and waited…

    As soon as the show started I realised we’d made a BIG mistake… half of the fireworks were in front of us and half were behind… yes you could see them if you turned your head but the whole point of the show is you need to see all the fireworks together and over the castle! And to make matters worse the safety instructions for Dumbo continued to play over and over even though they switched the music off…

    We tried to walk as quickly as we could around to Tomorrowland but it was no use, we pretty much gave up trying and a just cried :Sad:

    DH tried to cheer me up saying we’d seen Wishes from the best spot on our wedding day, but this was our one week anniversary and the last time we’d see Wishes for a long time… and I just wanted them to be perfect tonight too :sad:

    With the magic gone I decided I didn’t want to ride BTMR either and it was time to head home…
    Well it would be… if we could find the car! For the first time in the whole holiday we had parked the car and not taken any notice of the lane number! And to make matters worse we’d walked diagonally away from the car to catch the tram…

    It must have taken a good 15 minutes of walking aimlessly up and down before we finally found it… perfect end to a perfect evening hey? :rotfl:


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    Jan 31, 2005
    Early start today as we’re off to EPCOT to ride Soarin’. Crowds are back again today and by the time we get to the Land they’re lining up out of the door and the CMs are forcing us all to go the same way around the landing, there’s already a stand by line so we grab FPs and then queue to get back out of the building!

    We hightail it over to Test Track… to find it’s broken! The standby line stretches all the way back to the bathroom block… we decide to try the single riders line instead. We still have quite a wait but it’s up and running and we’re inside the building ready to ride before we know it. We are split up but we’re ok with that. I get in a car with a family with a small child (about 2/3?) who is pleading with his mum that he doesn’t want to ride and becoming hysterical. The mum looks embarrassed and tells me that he was like this on the monorail and loved it once it got going. The CM starting the cars even asked if he was ok.

    As we went up the hill where the seat belts are checked he started screaming :eek:

    As we went down the other side he cheered up and even had his arms in the air at one point, by the time the ride was over he was laughing and asking to ride again!

    I found DH by the photo wall and we headed over to the Living Seas.

    It reopened today after a long refurb closure and I had high hopes… inside I was confused, where have the hydro what d’ya ma call its gone? We saw the giant fish tank, and watched some guys diving in the tank, and then went to see the manatees, but it all seemed very old and dated… not a patch on Sea World, and a lot worse than I remembered… We wanted to see the Crush show but there was such a big line we decided not to bother. Does anyone know if the refurb is continuing?

    By now it was time to use our FPs at Soarin… outside I spotted a family in matching DDA-esque sweatshirts, I remembered someone saying they were making them but couldn’t remember who… not brave enough to approach the woman I just smiled at her and she kind of waved back… turns out it was a fellow DDAer after all :)

    We had to wait a while to ride Soarin as it decided to break too (what’s with us and rides today??) although the standby line was running at nearly 2 hours :Eek: so I shouldn’t really complain!

    After a bit of lunch and a play in Innoventions, and some character signatures we headed back to the hotel to finish packing :sad:

    Seems Ted had got a bit bored in our absence as we found him on the bed; telephone in one hand and TV remote in the other watching Donald Duck cartoons on TV :rotfl:

    So the original plan for today had been to go and see Illuminations as we’ve only seen it once so far this trip, but after last nights Wishes disaster I decided I wanted to go back to the MK, as I couldn’t bear to go home with such a bad memory.

    We went for an early tea at a pizza place nearby that I had seen highly recommended on the DIS – I can’t remember what it was called, but to be honest we won’t be going back anyway… the restaurant was really nice – and very busy – but the pizza was a big let down, just not our taste really.

    So then we went back to the Magic Kingdom, where we made a proper note of our lane number (!) and headed straight to BTMR – if you like this ride in the daytime you will LOVE it in the dark, it just feels so much faster! We rode it twice and then grabbed fast passes for later. Then we went over to Fantasyland to ride It’s a Small World and Snow White. The best time for rides in Fantasyland is definitely during Spectro.

    In plenty of time for Wishes we went and stood on the path just off the Tomorrowland bridge, from this viewpoint the show is perfect… I’m so glad we came back tonight even if it does mean missing Illuminations, at least we saw it once :)

    After the fireworks we made our way back to Frontierland for one last ride on BTMR… well make it two, there is no queue at this time of night!

    And then it was time to say goodbye to the Castle for this trip…


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    Jan 31, 2005
    Up early again this morning. Following the disastrous DTD check in for everyone else last week we had considered just storing our luggage in the hotel and checking in at the airport later… however we’d done this on a previous trip and had queued for 2 hours at the airport, and today is thanksgiving so we weren’t sure how busy the airport would be… so we decided to plump for the DTD check in.

    We left the hotel at about 7.30 – checking with reception to see if our official wedding photos had been delivered. There was no sign of them, and we were sad but slightly relieved as we had no idea how we’d transport them home… the Disney ones were in my trolley dolly case with my wedding dress, but it was full to bursting as it was… and there was no way we’d be putting wedding photos in the hold to get thrown around. The photographer had our home address so we figured he could just post them to us.

    Checking in at DTD was a dream, we were third in the queue and the desks opened early, so by 9.15 we were ready to head to MGM… until my mobile rang and I found a message from the photographer! He’d got to the hotel about 20 minutes after we’d left and was trying to track us down :eek:

    We went over to the Marketplace to find a phone and managed to get hold of him. We agreed to meet him in the parking lot at 10am, and went over to McDonalds for breakfast while we were waiting.

    We always avoid McDonalds on holiday as we can get them back home, and I’m not a big fan, but their breakfasts are to die for! Bacon and cheese biscuits… I’m going to dream about these until our next trip!

    We tracked Ryan down in the parking lot and he gave us a massive pile of boxes :eek: Did we really order this many albums and DVDs?? We must have looked quite funny doing that exchange out the back of the Marketplace!

    We went and sat on a bench and looked through our photos, which were amazing and then packed them all back up and drove to MGM.

    We went back to play Millionaire, and got put on the TV again, even though DH was refusing to wear his hat by this point! We didn’t make the hot seat though although we did get on the leader board.

    Then we went over to see Lights Motors Action, we were in the stand by line and had to wait for about 20 minutes in a holding pen in the midday sun, it was very uncomfortable and I could feel my skin burning, Disney should really invest in some shade for those who choose not to fast pass! It’s been quite cool the last few days and we thought we were being acclimatised to go back home, then today it shoots back up to 28 degrees! Just typical :Rolleyes1:

    The show was just as good on the second viewing, and this time all of the stunts were working including the jet skis.

    Before too long it was time for some last minute shopping (we had to buy a large souvenir bag so we could carry out photo albums onto the plane!) and then it was back to the car and off to Ruby Tuesdays for our final dinner…

    Now I know it’s 3pm on Thanksgiving but the service in Ruby’s today was a joke! We placed our order (a burger and a cheesy bacon fries) and had to wait nearly 40 minutes for our food, and then when we finished we had to wait another 20 for the check! So much for a quick meal on the way to the airport, it’s a good job we’d left plenty of time.

    Our flight wasn’t until 9pm but we were at the airport by 6pm, we smiled at the people waiting in the check in queue for our flight :laughing: and headed through to departures. We could have just checked in here and saved ourselves a couple of hours this morning but at 6pm the line was around the check in area so we’d have had to arrive here even earlier.

    Besides we had our wedding dvd to watch to kill some time :teeth:

    By the time we’d watched the video and then changed into our warm travelling clothes it was time to board. I was a bit nervous about our hand luggage at this point, a rucksack, a camera, my trolley dolly case, and then the huge souvenir bag with the photos in… but there were people around with even more bags than us, including carrier bags bursting with cuddly toys, and there was a pile of duty free waiting to be collected on the ramp.

    As we got to the plane door I noticed a man pulling trolley dolly cases off passengers, uh oh, I tried to sidle past him and stepped on the plane, at which point a hostess stopped me and said I wasn’t allowed my case as the plane was full and there wasn’t enough space :eek:

    I told her very calmly that my wedding dress was in the case and I wasn’t letting it out of my sight, and that I was allowed one piece of hand luggage so why should I be penalised just because you couldn’t put carrier bags in the hold??

    She wasn’t very nice and said I could keep it until everyone had boarded but then if there was no room she was taking it!

    So we walk to the back of the plane to find our seats, and open our overhead bin, and it’s empty! The case goes in neatly with our other bags, and those of the couple behind us… and after all the fuss the bin opposite us actually remained empty for the entire flight!

    The flight was pretty eventful… well there was some turbulence that turned DH a funny shade of green, but I asked the steward for some travel sickness tablets and he was fine after a little while. We both managed to get quite a lot of sleep which was a surprise and before we knew it we were landing in sunny Gatwick, at 7am, and the pilot was telling us it was a toasty 0 degrees :eek: :cold:

    We hold our breaths as we move through customs, but it’s all uneventful and soon we’re at the train station, an hour earlier than our train! We buy a paper (George Best is on his death bed) and some Upper Crust sandwiches (yum) and I ask the rail attendant if there’s a sooner train to Reading.

    He tells me we can catch a train to somewhere obscure and head off the earlier Reading train, so we run as fast as we can with our assortment of bags and four cases (yeah we didn’t consider the logistics of this very well!) and catch the train by the skin of our teeth… of course when we get to the obscure station we find there is no earlier train to Reading and we might have well have waited in the warm station at Gatwick, instead we shiver on the platform for half an hour until our booked train arrives :rolleyes:

    From here on in it’s just the long journey home, changing at Reading and then standing in the buffet car all the way to Bristol as the train is packed, positive is we can’t fall asleep! Sometime after 1pm we flag down a taxi and arrive home sweet home, which DMIL has kindly decorated with balloons and streamers!

    To avoid falling asleep we shower and change and drive over to DMIL’s house, to tell her all about the trip and the wedding and see our beautiful cats!

    And that’s it, the end of our wedding trip, three weeks of fun, sun and Disney magic, a camera full of photos and a head full of memories…

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    Dec 26, 2005
    Awesome trip report Clare. I loved reading every day! What an awesome wedding trip!!!!!
  • my3princes

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    Mar 23, 2004
    It sounds like you had an amazing trip with so many beautiful memories. I'm so glad you took the time to share them with us.

    Thank you


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    Jun 11, 2005
    Yay! It was great to read the rest of the days. What a neat experience being in the MK before everyone else... even if it was dark and freezing!

    Thanks again for sharing. It sounds like it was a beautiful trip, and I loved reading every bit of it! :goodvibes


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    Aug 2, 2005
    This has been a fantastic trip report, and is making me think that I do actually want to get married there myself!! Just need to convince my DF!!


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    Mar 1, 2005
    Finally finished the whole thing Rosie what a lovely report, thanks so much for sharing with us :love:


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    Jul 21, 2003
    :goodvibes Wow sounds like an amazing holiday and wedding! Congratulations and thank you for sharing :cloud9:


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    Apr 12, 2004
    Just finished your trip reports, Clare, thanks so much for sharing. Really enjoyed reading about your magical trip.

    ArielJasmine princess:


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    Dec 17, 2004
    rosiejo said:
    We swam for a bit, and even spotted another Fairy Tale Wedding party, well the groomsmen anyway in their kilts having pre wedding drinks at the pool bar
    thats my husband!!!!


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    May 24, 2004
    Dear Clare and Lee,
    When I noticed the enormous number of Views of your Trip Report I thought, that can't be right! But having now read Clare's charming account of your wedding trip, I'm sure that number reflects the readers who came back time and again to read new installments as you posted them. Fortunately for me, I didn't start reading them until they were all there, so I got to breeze right through them--although it did take a few sittings. You are both a talented and prolific writer, Clare. Thank you for sharing your wedding adventure. Wishing you many happy years together and many happy trips. Susan


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