Rosiejo's FTW trip report (November 2005) Completed 03.04.06


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Jan 31, 2005
The violinist starts playing as Victoria walks up the path… and then I put my arm through dad’s and mum takes the other, and we start to walk up the path behind her…

I can see DH ahead, twitching his shoulders like a boxer about to hit the ring and it makes me giggle… and then he turns around to look at me and I try not to cry… this is it… the most beautiful location… on a beautiful day… the sky is blue with white fluffy clouds, not a rain cloud in sight… and I am about to marry my best friend…

We arrive at the Pointe and Jimmy starts the ceremony, he has me hand my flowers to Victoria and then I hug my parents, and they hug DH and then they go and take their seats.

The ceremony was beautiful, I am so glad that we wrote it ourselves as it made it much more personal. Everyone laughed during the hand blessing when we reached the line about me giving DH a back rub… in fact we laughed through a lot of the ceremony, Jimmy just had that slightly zany character about him, which is a good thing!

There was a bit of a hiccup with the rings, we ended up holding our own rings so had to do a quick swap when it came to putting them on fingers… and then when we went to kiss at the end Jimmy said something funny and I threw my head back with laughter and my tiara nearly flew off my head!

But other than that it was perfect.

After the ceremony we moved over to the grass where a table had been set up with the cake {which was beautiful} and the champagne.

Ian made a beautiful speech {we hadn’t been told he would need to so the poor thing was told when they arrived at 2 o’clock! But you couldn’t tell} and then we cut the cake.

Karen told us that it’s an American tradition for the bride and groom to feed each other a slice of cake and that we looked well behaved and not the type to cake fight… hmm red rag to a bull… I gave DH a piece that missed his mouth oops! And then had to clean up the mess :)

We then did the whole cake feeding and cake kissing thing properly – which was fun :cake:
We spent the next quarter of an hour eating cake and chatting while the violinist played a Disney medley.

Then we got together to sign the marriage certificate. We’d agreed that David and Ian should sign it, but Jimmy didn’t know that and had asked Ian and Victoria as they had stood up for us… so in the end all three of them signed which was a nice touch.

After this Karen presented us with our wedding certificate signed by Mickey and Minnie and a present from Disney Fairytale Weddings – which I probably shouldn’t reveal as it might spoil it for future brides. It is a gorgeous keepsake though.

And then we had our first dance, to music from a violinist, on a hill overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon, with the Castle in the distance, and people waving from passing boats… can’t beat it really :)

Karen and Jimmy then said their goodbyes and wished us luck, before taking the others into the hotel. DH and I stayed outside with Ryan to have our photos taken.

We had great fun doing this, and had photos taken in many spots, including back under the trees at the Pointe {it had been quite windy during the ceremony so Ryan re-enacted a few shots to ensure they all came out well}, we then moved onto the side of the hill for some Castle shots, then down onto the beach in front of the Grand Floridian.

We must have spent over an hour and although both of us hate being in front of a camera usually Ryan really made us feel at ease – and the photographs turned out beautifully.

When we were done Ryan collected the others up for some group shots in front of the hotel.

On our way back from the beach we passed some people by the pool a little girl told her mommy that I looked like a princess :love: and lots of people wished us congratulations. This is what a Disney wedding is all about, complete strangers sprinkling you with pixie dust and sharing the magic :wizard:

After the group shots were done we pulled out our confetti sticks {recommended by a DISer) and had everyone form an arch that we could walk through – the confetti was amazing and we got some great photos! It was however extremely messy, the confetti is quite big and goes everywhere… so at this point we decided to make a run for it back to the lobby :rolleyes1:

Ryan finished up with a couple of limo pictures and then he was on his way.

David took us all back out to the beach then so that he could take some fun photos with us on the hammock.


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Jan 31, 2005
By now the sun was starting to set and it was almost 6 o’clock so we had to move onto the Wilderness Lodge. DH and I went in the limo and the rest followed in the A Team truck which DC had kindly driven over from the parking lot for us.

At the WL we headed to the bar for a much needed drink.

Now was time to set my plan in action…


Flashback: When we agreed to get married at WDW I asked DH if we could have an Illuminations cruise to finish off the day. He liked the idea so 90 days out from the wedding I took the day off work and phoned WDW-Play to try and reserve a boat… by the time I got through they’d all gone… I even asked the CM about Wishes cruises but nothing was available. I hung up and rang DH to tell him. I was quite upset but we decided we’d try for a cancellation nearer the time.

At this point I posted a message on the DIS sharing my disappointment, and within a few hours had a PM from Sandy (InstImpress) telling me that she’s managed to secure a Wishes cruise for me! :love:

I couldn’t believe it :faint: I picked up the phone to call DH and tell him the news… and then a plan formed in my mind… I hung up the phone and decided to keep it a secret.

That night when DH got home I told him that I’d posted on the DIS and some people had told me that you could watch Wishes from the beach at the WL and that it was a perfect view and very romantic. So that was the new plan.


Forward to present day:

We had to meet the boat at the dock at 7.15 – so I told everyone we needed to head to the beach at 7pm to get a good spot.

At quarter to 7 DH and Ian went off to phone their mum… first bit of panic sets in… what if they’re gone too long?

At 7 I round everyone else up and go off on a search for DH. They couldn’t ring their mum as they didn’t have enough money on their phone card…

So we head outside and follow the signs for the dock… as we get there a boat is pulling away…

I have a slight panic until I realise I’m in the wrong place… so we retrace our steps and head out past the pool in the other direction.

Now I had a fatal flaw in my plan… Wishes wasn’t on until 8 and everyone knew that, so they were in no hurry to get to the beach… I was the only one who knew we had to be there by 7.15 and couldn’t say why!

At ten past seven we find the jetty, and there are 8 sun loungers lined up along the shore! Fantastic – so I tell everyone to take a seat.

I see someone go into a building nearby and decide that must be the boat house – so I follow them in and ask when the boat will arrive. After a couple of seconds of confusion {and blind panic} I am assured it’s on its way.

Back outside it appears that everyone wants to take a bathroom break :eek: I’m not sure where the nearest bathrooms are and time is ticking on. There is nothing for it but to pull David aside and tell him about the boat. I tell him to keep an eye out and head off to the bathroom with the others.

As I’m coming back with Emma I tell her too, can’t keep the secret in much longer and I feel like I’m gonna need some help! She squeals with excitement and I tell her the whole story. When we get back to the beach DH and Ian step out form behind us… OMG I hope they didn’t hear me talking… :eek:

Still no sign of a boat…

I get everyone to sit down and make themselves comfortable… and then the boat pulls up… Hallelujah!

I go and speak to the driver to check he’s here for us and then calmly turn and tell everyone that there has been a change of plan and that we will be watching the fireworks from the comfort of our private boat!

The looks on people’s faces was a picture!

DH looked stunned, but not very excited and I began to worry – I think he was just in shock though :)

The cruise was AMAZING – we piled on the boat and got comfy, then we cracked open the free soda and chips. The driver took us around Bay Lake and then over to the Magic Kingdom. It was a nice drive – we went around the old Discovery Island and the driver told us about the wildlife. The only bad bit was when another boat went by and as we went through the wake a wave came in the end of the boat and soaked my feet!

The clouds had all blown over by now and it was a lovely clear sky – perfect for fireworks.

We pulled up in front of the Magic Kingdom – a few hundred feet from another boat, and at 8pm the fireworks started…

We didn’t have the music piped into our boat – but you could hear it across the water anyway… watching Wishes from this viewpoint – with the castle dead centre – is how they were created, and the whole experience was just breath taking…

All too soon it was over and we were headed back to the WL and dry land.

We all piled into the A Team van {that’s an experience in a wedding dress!} and drove over to the Buena Vista Palace where we had reservations at the Outback restaurant.

Dinner here was lovely – we all got a kick out of the butter shaped like kangaroos! It was steak all round and then some desert. I struggled to eat – which isn’t usually unusual but I think it had more to do with my bodice than lack of appetite… now I know why all those women from the bodice era were so slim!

The restaurant is lovely with a waterfall right in the middle of it.

Ian did his Best Man bit and read out the wedding cards from our friends and family back home – and then we had some wedding presents to open. Ian and Victoria bought us a great print of all the characters that had been signed, and a nodding Mickey and Minnie that have magnetic noses so they kiss :love2:

David had wanted us all to go clubbing to end the evening but by the time we’d finished dinner we were all too tired so Dad drove DH and I back to the AKL – and then took everyone back to the villa.

And we were alone at last – Mr & Mrs :love:

As we hadn’t really been able to talk all day DH and I shared our thoughts on the day and the ceremony, and DH gave me a present {you remember that secret trip to the World of Disney yesterday?} a beautiful Mickey Mouse watch, the strap is made up of sparkly MM heads… it’s just gorgeous :lovestruc And then I did something I had managed not to do all day… I cried… with happiness…

A perfect end to a perfect day…
  • fizz13

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    May 6, 2004
    That was wonderful :cloud9: I only wish I :cloud9: ould of got my DH to agree to something like that. the cruise at the end was a wonderful suprise to pull off.

    BTW, thanks for your comment about my website. I'll be adding i :cloud9: the next couple of days as I have come up with a great itinerary I just have to share. Yes, I read TGM too ;)

    Keep those reports coming,
    Claire xx


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    Mar 3, 2004
    Oh Clare, That was so beautiful :love: Thanks so much for sharing it. :goodvibes I must admit, I did get a little choked up reading. :blush: Sounds like a beautiful day. :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9:


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    Jun 11, 2005
    Clare! The day we were all waiting for.... how beautiful! You did such a great job with the details. I was fighting back tears! :goodvibes Can't wait to hear the rest!


    Wedding Pavilion Bride 2007
    Jun 14, 2005
    I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to cry,..............................................

    Oh lord! I'm gonna cry!
  • susieh

    Aug 3, 2005
    Claire - congratulations to you both, thanks for writing such a lovely trip report , it made me cry (happy tears) and it reminded me of my brother's Disney Wedding (Sept 2004) which was also very romantic and beautifully done.


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    Mar 23, 2004
    I'm finally caught up. What a great report. I am so impressed by your commitment to finishing your report and all the details that you still remember. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

  • wils

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    Apr 18, 2004
    What a wonderful day - thank you for sharing and congratulations. :goodvibes


    Feb 5, 2005
    What a fabulous report - I loved reading all the details of your wedding preparations and the big day. You told it beautifully. :goodvibes We did the Wishes cruise from Wilderness Lodge last summer too - it was so lovely. :)


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    Apr 12, 2004
    Claire, that was such a beautiful report, and yes, I was teary too. I always get teary when I read about other people's wedding days because it reminds me of my own (and I only just made it up the aisle before I started crying!!)

    Congratulations :love:

    ArielJasmine princess:


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    Oct 17, 2005
    Brilliant Trippie- I am about to read November the 11th- It is great so far!!!!



    May 11, 2004
    What a fantastic trip report, congratulations and thank you for sharing your special memories.


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    Jan 31, 2005
    The plan for this morning was to head out to Boggy Creek to see the alligators. DH hadn’t wanted to go so Dad was meant to be picking me up at 10 to take me to breakfast with the others.

    At 8am I wake up aching all over and groggy with tiredness… it’s hard to believe that a dress and a bouquet can weigh so much but I feel like I’ve run a marathon {not that I ever have but I imaging I’d feel like this :rotfl: }

    I decide to text my brother to tell them we’ll meet up with them later, as I send the message I hear a sound, like Tinkerbell laughing… very odd I think and fall back to sleep.

    Half an hour later I hear the noise again, this time it gets louder and louder, I climb out of bed and follow the sound, to the TV cabinet… and David’s mobile phone!

    I pull my phone out again and text Emma this time – to make sure no one comes to pick me up!

    A few hours later DH and I wake up more refreshed, but starving - we get dressed and head over to IHOP for pancakes.

    Nicely stuffed we then drive over to the villas to meet the others. Dad had his camera yesterday so we download the photos to the laptop, they’ve turned out great, can’t wait to see the official ones! David is keeping his under wraps until he’s had a chance to play with them :sad:

    After a slice of wedding cake {that cake was huge and we will be eating it for a week!} we head over to Old Town to the photo studio.

    For those of you who’ve not done this before, go do it, it’s a scream! We chose to be cowboys and saloon girls. We got separated, boys and girls, and then sent into a changing room with a pair of boxer shorts, some knee high stockings, and a **** tube… that’s the girls by the way – I have no idea what the boys were wearing!!

    Then this girl picks up a dress that’s cut in half down the back, you put your arms in and she does you up with a bulldog clip… so from the back you can still see the boxers and the **** tube…

    Then you go through to the set… an old saloon bar.. and we have to put on some heels, and take a bottle of whisky and sit up on the stools, then in walk the boys in their cowboy outfits… :lmao:

    The whole thing was hysterical – we loved every minute of it and the photos turned out great, they were a pretty good deal too. They’re printed on old looking paper in sepia so you really feel like you were back in the Old West!

    Once we’d had our photos developed we drove up to Belz… again… not sure why, think someone needed to buy something last minute. DH and I went to phone his mum and dad to tell them how the wedding went, DH’s mum was really upset and said she’d been depressed all week… I felt really bad and decided that I would definitely organise some kind of ceremony for them when we got home.

    When everyone was done shopping we piled back in the truck and drove over to the Mall @ Millenia.

    We were all starving so we headed straight for the Cheesecake Factory – we ate cheesecake at the one in Vegas a few years ago but never had a meal there. It was delicious! There was a lot to choose from and the portions were pretty generous, hang on of course they were we are in America after all!

    Then it was onto desert, everyone tucked into cheesecake obviously, except me… LI and cheesecake really don’t mix!

    After we’d stuffed ourselves silly we split up and went for a wander round the shops. I’m not sure about this mall; one end is proper designer shops, not my taste and certainly not my budget! The other side was quite reasonable though, I found a gorgeous dress that I wanted for my Christmas party but the only one in my size had a hole in :sad: Before we knew it it was time to head back to the villa.

    Tomorrow is the last day of our family holiday, and the first day of our honeymoon! So early nights for all of us as the others have to get up early to go and check in at Downtown Disney.


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    Aug 25, 2000
    Great WDW Wedding report!!! I'm enjoying each new installement so much!!

    It makes me miss the Magic sooooo much!! I can't wait for May when Dh and I get to return to where it all started Disneyland pixiedust: pixiedust: pixiedust: !! [Hopefully Dh's car wreck of last week, won't eat up too much of his vacation time off, he is still having back pain, so we can still go?? please send any spare pixie dust our way, thank-you!!]


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