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I'm jealous!! We were the first guests to stay in our renovated room back in Dec 2022 and it was beautiful!
I can't wait to see the renovated rooms. I'm glad you were lucky to stay in one in December. We were at CCV in January and we could see the workers while we were in the pool. We didn't think we'd be going back so soon but are very excited to be able to stay in the renovated rooms.

If you list a broker and it is filtered, please do not include any other information regarding the site which would include the name of the broker or agents. Thank you.

I see a couple of people that are "waiting" that submitted in MARCH. Is that normal when most are taking at most 3 weeks to hear back?
Truly!! All these great deals for CCV had me spending an hour yesterday looking at the current contracts for sale. :ssst:
I am envious of the great prices! We want to stick with a Dec UY and I had no luck with very low offers on the contracts. Ended up spending more for a contract with enough points on it to feel ok about paying $160. Will be happy to have the extra points for our unexpected holiday season trip this year!

Very happy for those who found contracts at awesome prices.
MommaBerd---$110-$32,884-270-AKV-DEC-270/22, 540/23, 270/24 - sent 5/3 passed 6/1

Finally got word we passed!!! I really was hoping to be among those who passed within 2-3 weeks, but the important thing is we passed.

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Yep, could I ask you to please use the tool on the first page? I'd absolutely love to add you!!!
Anybody else see great deals and have momentary FOMO until you see those deals are not your UY? Yeah, me neither lol! Closing is done, just waiting on points to hit my account, and already considering more. Timing and pricing is right.. and my bonus comes in just 4 short months. I may or may not have submitted an offer day of closing my current contract lol
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