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    Well, now that my trip is getting closer and closer (March 14-24), I'm beginning to think about some of the little details.

    We will be staying at the Candy Cane Inn and I understand that it is within walking distance of Disneyland. My understanding is that DCA is directly across from DL with the new Downtown Disney in between. So, I'm assuming that ALL three of these are within easy walking distance.

    How about the Disneyland Hotel where the Goofy's
    Kitchen restaurant is located. How would we get to and from the Disneyland Hotel from the Candy Cane?

    Also, what other restaurants (besides those at Downtown Disney) will be within walking distance from the Candy Cane? I'm debating on even renting a car at all. I would like to be able to know what restaurants to expect nearby. If any of them are well-know national chains, I would like to be able to take some gift certificates with me.

    And finally (for now), how far is Knott's Berry Farm from DL? Anyone have any comments on this park? I've heard that it is very family-oriented and especially suited to younger kids.

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    Disneyland Hotel is easily within walking distance as well, especially if they've opened up a walkway between the Esplende (right word?? area between DL and WDW) to Downtown Disney and the Disneyland Hotel. If not, if you're going over to the Disneyland Hotel during park operating hours, you can always walk to the park then catch the tram to the hotel and walk from there.

    Your walk from Candy Cane to the walk-in entrance to both Disneyland and DCA will be a little over a block and about 5 minutes, based on my walking time from the Castle Inn and Suites which is right across the street from the Candy Cane. I'm not sure how much farther DTD will be, though I'd assume no more than another 5 minutes based on my memory of the distances.

    I'd say it would be a 15 minute walk to get to the Disneyland Hotel if they've opened up the walkway to go through Downtown Disney. Someone local will have to answer that for certain.

    As for other restaurants -- I know as of last May there were a Denny's, IHop, and Tony Rama's between the Castle Inn and the walk-in entrance, as well as a couple of other Denny's-like restaurants. They'll be on the opposite side of the street from the Candy Cane. Further down (about again as far as the walk-in entrance) is a McDonald's by the Fairfield Inn. Those are the only ones I can name off the top of my head, though :D

    Can't help you on Knott's other than to say it's definitely not within walking distance. It's been a good 12-15 years since I've been to that park :D All I can say is I did really enjoy it when I was a kid. Don't know how it's changed, though.

    Have fun :D



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    Knotts is about 20 minutes from DL (outside of rush hour). It has some great attractions for little kids. There is a section called camp snoopy that is geared towards them. It gets pretty packed with rowdy teens on Friday and Saturday night, however, so that might be a time to avoid. Not sure how little the kids are, or the rest of the family, but there are also some thrill rides that are a lot of fun. Knotts also has the best wooden roller coaster I've ever been on. Here's their site:
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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I'd say it would be a 15 minute walk to get to the Disneyland Hotel if they've opened up the walkway to go through Downtown Disney. Someone local will have to answer that for certain.[/quote]I am guessing that 15 minutes sounds about right, although I have not been to Downtown Disney myself just yet. It will probably take a little bit longer if you stop inside one of the stores, which would be pretty hard to resist, I imagine. The World of Disney store is located in Downtown Disney on the first floor of the Grand Californian -- I hear it is very large and you'll be able to find all sorts of nice gifts/souvenirs inside.

    Unless you plan on going to places pretty far from the Anaheim area, I don't think renting a car is needed. The Candy Cane Inn has a shuttle that will take you to and from Knott's Berry Farm, I believe.

    I definitely think Knott's Berry Farm is worth a day. There are a lot of fun rides and attractions that are great for any family. As Amusment Park Junkie mentioned, they have absolutely the best wooden roller coaster in the world if you are a fan of big thrills. :)

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