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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by funnybunny921, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. funnybunny921

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    Feb 22, 2005
    DH when down on 2/6 for a quick trip (through 2/9) had an extra day due to flight cancellations.

    Here's the rundown of our meals:

    2/6 - Late lunch (3pm) at coral reef posted 2/17
    For dinner we just munched around the world showcase.
    2/7 - Early lunch abt 10:30am Pecos Bills
    Late lunch abt 4:00pm Pinocchio's
    Dinner (9:05, but checked in at 7 and seated by 7:30) California Grill
    2/8 - Breakfast danishes and fruit in Harambe Village
    Lunch abt 11:30 Flame Tree BBQ
    Dinner (8:30pm) Jiko
    2/9 - Breakfast (9am) Boma
    Lunch abt 12:30pm Earl of Sandwich
    Dinner (7:30pm checked in at 7pm and sat around 7:15) Kona Cafe

    Anyway I hope I can post the reviews later today, but if you have any questions just let me know.
  2. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    we are anxious for our trip too ...love to read the reviews and know where everyone has eaten. WE love Earl too.....
  3. funnybunny921

    funnybunny921 Mouseketeer

    Feb 22, 2005
    Coral Reef:
    We had reservations for 3pm. This is the end of lunch, but the timing worked out and with such a last minute trip we had a hard time getting anything in Epcot.

    We had a seat right next to the tank on the floor. I must say a benefit of eating at an odd time, they had no problem giving us a prime seat.

    The food was good. not phenomenal (my highest rating) but good and the view of the take made this a wonderful experience.

    We started off with the shared appetizer for two. I felt like it was a little skimpy, but at the same time really didn't NEED more food. I got the short rib and my husband had the mahi mahi. No desert (we knew we would be visiting the world showcase) but we each got one of the flavored mojitos and we both liked them.

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