Quick Queue/ Signature seating and Electric Ocean Reserved Seating


Apr 6, 2009
We are WDW veterans but have never taken the family to SW. We are spending one day in SW next Friday and are going to try to do as much as we can in one day. We have always been uber planners at WDW but I know SW will be very different. And, to top it all off, it seems like there are so many options that all cost extra. One of our children is not tall enough for the coasters so we need to plan that as well.
Here’s my question? What is worth paying extra for and what isn’t? I think we’re going to do the all day dining and we are leaning toward the Orca tour, but we have also looked at the Quick Queue unlimited/Signature show seating and the Electric Ocean reserved seating. I know that asking what is “worth it” depends on many things, but I’m wondering how much time these would save us.
If we’re getting to the park early and trying to ride as many rides as possible early, will we need the Quick Queue? Or would we be better off trying to spend the morning seeing everything the park has to offer and then ride the rides using the Quick Queue later?
Will the signature show seating save us time by letting us get to shows later instead of waiting in line? Same with the night shows, if we try to see them all, will the reserved seating help a lot?

Thank you!


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