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Earning My Ears
Jul 13, 2006
Here is the first installment of answers to questions that you posted. I know you are all excited (like me!) about the announcements that were made in the newsletter today.


Will VMK come out with new pins and furniture for us to buy for Halloween and Christmas? Or will the same items from last year be released?
- Sorry we can not give details on this yet…

What are the thoughts of creating a pin book in which we can store our pins for others to see? This would make pin trading more enjoyable like at the parks.
- We have looked at other ways to display pins and have some ideas we would like to do in the future

will rocket set come back ever?
- Yes, but I can tell when

Will we ever get to buy magic? (Bat, Snowman, Flying Carpet, Treasure Detecter, etc)
- Perhaps, with our new pins coming out soon (see Yavn Speaks) you should pins offered in many different ways

Will there be more VMK products featuring a wider variety of Disney characters? For example, Tinkerbell wings, Donald Duck shoes, Winnie the Pooh shirts, Pinoccio dolls
- We are looking into this, it depends on what our players say.

Probably a silly question...but have you ever thought of allowing our characters to have pets?
- That would be cool, and we have discussed quite a bit

can you tell us what we can expect in the way of future guest rooms? Thanks testers!
-The next room will be released around November time and is “Classic” Disneyland.

Will there ever be anything Pooh in vmk? You know, Winnie the Pooh is just about as popular as Mickey! A Hundred Acre Wood guest room would be way cool...with striped chairs and a whole junk load of things...there could be a million possibilities!
- Like the question above it depends on what our players say. We have very cool sketches of Pooh themed areas that we would love to build.

I only have a few item requests: 1. Some sort of Princess Room design for all the little princesses (love all the rooms but it would be fun to have something a bit more feminine). 2. Some sort of stairs instead of having to use crates with rugs on them. If we could have blocks on which we could walk, that would save a lot of room for stair building. 3. A bit more variety in the trees such as autumn leaves on something, flowers in pots or on a "rug" that we could use to make gardens.
- Some of the above are on the way…


Will Staff be changing into a different, newly created "Staff Only" costume so the rest of us can buy/wear green flips, green baggy pants and the green crop shirt? (I ask this since green is my second favorite color)
- Yes, what do you think of the new staff look?

Will the other pirate costume (with the red bandana and vest) be released soon, as in, within the next month or so?
- Sorry I can’t give any details on this yet…

Are green flips coming back out (as you said in the newsletter)
-We have no plans to do so.

Will you ever come you ever come out with costumes that make you look A LOT like Disney Characters? For example, a beak for a donald costume?
- You will have to wait and see!

Will you be selling Costumes throughout the entirety of October, or just the final week?
- See the schedule on this week’s Yavn Speaks or the Calendar.

Do you think we'll see a pirate costume, to complete the outfit with the quest pirate hat, during Halloween? Pretty please? If not, then sometime soon?
- Sorry, not for Halloween…

Love the hats. some of them really NEED those "hair extensions"? Could we have hats without the hair? Please?
- Some of the new hats do not have hair.

Will there ever be a way to prevent, or at least discourage, people from exiting the Haunted Mansion game? And if so, what do you plan to do?
- We are looking into charging to play as we do in the Pirates game, that should help.

what is the thought behind the firework scoring?
- Yes it’s confusing….

when will you start accepting CL applications again?
-Very soon, watch the newsletter for more info.

Will we ever be able to rotate things 1/8 turn? (For all the builders out there)
- Currently the game engine does not support this…

Will you ever have Eastern Time Events?
- Yes we are working on this now but remember that events are planned for the highest peak times so both coasts can participate.

If there is a special Holiday Quest at WDW/DLR like last year, how long does it run?
- Yes that’s the plan…I can’t give any details on this yet by stay tuned…

That's it for now. Keep checking the newsletter for the latest information. We will begin working on Questions Round 2!!


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Aug 17, 1999
This will be an Answer Only thread. Please use this thread for DISCUSSIONS :

To ask additional questions please use the QUESTIONS thread.

Thank You!!


Earning My Ears
Jul 13, 2006
Okay, gang, here are the answers to the latest set of questions.

Q - Is there a reason why you have to pay so many credits to get costumes,credits,furniture,ect ect ect?
A- We have many different prices for items. We try to price rare items higher.

Q- When are series three cards going to be out? And for that matter, when is series 2, card 30 going to be released?
A - If you look at you will see card 30 will be out this week! More are on the way…

Q - Will we ever be able to trade rooms/credits?
A - We have no plans to allow either.

Q - Is there going to be a way to see which teleporters match?
A - Yes, we just added that functionality last week.

Q - If there could be a pin album to display pins, how about a closet/wardrobe to display our clothes?
A - We have discussed but have no timeline for either.

Q - Will there be any Peter Pan features in vmk? I know, you're probably thinking I'm just pulling at straws now, but I think a Neverland guest room would be neat with some tink items and maybe have Nana's doghouse...
A - - Perhaps, wait and see…

Q - Any thoughts on Villians costumes in the future?
A - Yes, wait and see!

Q - In order to get certain items of clothing, you must create a character. (Example: Girls lanyard/camera/VMK logo/babydoll shirts). Since the only way to get all the colors of these shirts would be to create mules,could these shirts be sold on the SHOP button? It would definitely cut backon one source of mules.
A - Some items are available, other will stay exclusive to registration.

Q - Yes! There should not be anything available to new characters that is not available in the game for people to acquire. not only resulting in a lot of unnecessary mules, but a lot of scamming as well. There have been many times I've seen girls giving up very rare items for one of these shirts.
A - One solution is to make the items non tradable, but we will have to wait and see if that’s necessary.

Q - Please please include the cowboy hat and pants in next month's costume sales.
A - It is!

Q - A long time rumor has been that community leaders are going to get some type of clothing that they must wear. I have myself to believe that rumor is very false. My question I right?
A - It’s false, there are no plans for a CL uniform.

Q - Will you ever come out with more flip flop colors or mickey ear colors ( that players can have)?
A - Sure, perhaps when the weather gets warmer!

Q - You have stated green flip flops will not be sold. Could the girls have another type of green shoe to wear with the green tops? I think most girls would appreciate a few more color choices to coordinate our outfits. Girls and shoes you know!
A - Keep you eyes open soon!

Q - At least once a day (if not more), when playing Mansion, my friends and I suffer from a browser crash. It could be in FireFox or Internet Explorer. Sometimes it happens to all of us or just one of us. Will this problem be fixed?
A - Please send in as much information on the crash as possible so we can look into the issue.

Q - Will the credit reward system in the jungle cruise ever change?
A - Yes, we have some adjustments on the way.

Q - In addition to rewarding the 1st place finisher in Fireworks. Any thoughts about replacing the current prize for coming in first the first time. The VMK bracelet is redundant since you get it in the park for doing the in-park quests. How about something like Invisibility magic since you can't win that anymore from playing Pirates, or maybe one of the new Magics when they are released.
A - This is a great place for a Single Use Pin!

Q - Do you think there will be a new game of some sort that would be sooo cool.
A - Yes we are working on some new stuff but you will have to wait a bit longer.

Q - Is there a reason why vmk crashes nearly every time I'm in the Music Room? Really about 85% of the time I go in there, especially when in line or while playing my music. I get the white box saying it's crashed, not just dc. It's very frustrating because it's an easy way to get credits more than once per day, but not worth the time if I have to go through signing in again.?
A - As with the above question Please send in as much information on the crash as possible so we can look into the issue.

Q - Since a trade icon has been created, will a afk one be created?
A - Not at this time.

Q - Will the friends list be expanded anytime soon?A - We have discussed but have no plans to do so yet.

Q - In reference to the friends lists, is it possible that they can increase the size of lists for hosts and CL? I see a lot of people on Dis with friend list full don't ask in their tags--which is a function of not being able to add more, I know--- but to newer players it looks...unwelcoming. Then to come into host rooms and see the same on CL and Hosts (of whom you'd want to ask questions or for help), it feels even worse. It seems like those people would be the ones to be ambassadors and make every one feel welcome and like they have at least one experienced friend.
A - Sorry we have no plans to do so.

Q - Have they thought of giving people (maybe through your newsletter even Yavn) a better idea of what kind of qualifications there are for being a CL when you open it up? Knowing what's required MIGHT reduce the number of not possible apps you guys have to go through AND encourage people to behave in ways that are directly in line with VMK values if that is their goal. (it's sure better than everyone spouting rumors all the time
A - Great idea, I will get to work on this right away!

Q - Will there be a monorail revamp in the future? They are getting a little old and creaky.
A - Yes we have some ideas…

Q - This is for you ever play, just to play? Or is it always work for you on vmk?
A - Yes I do but it’s difficult when I’m playing Yavn…I do have another secret character that is not a host or CL or QA...

Q - Is it too difficult to put in a feature of picking your own music to play in a guest room? Like say vmk provided a list of some disney songs and when we go to customize our rooms, we are given the option to chose the music. Is that so totally out there?
A - It’s something we would like to do but has both technical and licensing issues. We will continue to look into ways to do so.

WHEW! that was a lot. But keep the questions coming!!

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