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Earning My Ears
Apr 30, 2001
Im new here and I have some questions about the Hard Rock Hotel.
I have made reservations for the first week in July,
My children are age 11 and 15.
Other than the Kids Camp they have, is HRH the kind of place kids can really enjoy themselves? Some of the pictures I have seen make me think its not the kind of place you can hang out in shorts and a tee shirt . I picked it for FOTL because I cannot stand long lines in the summer sun. Also we're booked for 7 nights, is there alot to do at the hotel after the parks??
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Molokai Gram

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Oct 12, 1999
Aloha and welcome,
Your kids will love HRH. The pool and slide are terrific. And there are lots of games around the pool for the kids to play. That is if they have the energy after a day in the parks...7 lucky. There is also the free shuttle to Sea World and Wet and Wild for a change in pace. And there are all kind of activities on International Drive - minature golf etc...



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Jan 14, 2000
We felt very comfortable there (kids 3 and 11). We do not dress up at all and really didn't see anyone dressed up except a couple of ladies one morning. My 11 Ds loved the pool slide. Our 3 DD had a great time in the pool(and the sand) also. We even ate at the palm and felt very welcomed in our shorts and sneakers. My 11 ds loved looking at all the items on display. He was actually the one who was really wanting to stay there. Now he wants to stay at the GF when we go back to WDW ( we ate at the villian dinner). I guess he gets his taste after his mom.


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Mar 9, 2000
When we were there in March, everyone was dressed in normal tourist clothing. We wore the usual jeans, t-shirts, shorts and sweatshirts and sneakers. THe atmosphere is really rather casual. Don't worry. Sorry I have no experience with kids activities. We won't find that out till July when we take our son with us.


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Jan 1, 2001
There are lots of activities around the pool such as beach volleyball, shuffleboard, basketball, a life size chess game, and basketball in the pool. It is a very casual hotel and within a five minute walk of all the parks and citywalk :p


Feb 27, 2000
Why don't you ask the purple hair front desk clerk how uptight the place is?

Smooth Silky Goofy

Earning My Ears
Mar 29, 2001
the HRH is relaxed and cool. you can go to the restaurant in shorts and a Tee you can hang out in the lobby listen to the great music and relax and hit the killer pool

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