Question Repeat: What's the youngest infant you've taken to either WDW or the


Aug 16, 2000
Hi fellow DVC'ers,
Because of the outage of the DIS boards, my original posting was lost.
So, please let me ask the question again. We are about to have a baby girl, and I'd like to bring my DW and child either to WDW or on a Disney Cruise in the spring. My wife is concerned about taking a young infant on a trip. Would love to hear from as many as you as possible about your experience with infants at WDW or on a Disney Cruise.
Many thanks!!!:)
My son was 18 months the first time he went to WDW and my daughter was 15 months when she went to DL. I have seen lots that were much younger but thats the youngest mine ever went. One other thing we are taking my neice and her daughter with us in June and the baby is due Feb. 17th.
We took our daughter for the first time when she was 7 months. Of course you are oh their schedule, but she took her naps in her carrige (make sure you bring your own so the baby can sleep).

While we were there, we met a couple with a 6 week old.

We had a great time with her. She's about to take her 3rd trip and she's only 19 months :)
Just an FYI, but DCL does not allow infants under 2 months of age to cruise. I assume your new baby will be at least that old by the time you travel but thought I'd mention it anyway.

Congrats on your upcoming new addition!

My son's first trip to WDW he was just 2 months! It was wonderful! Really I know so many people think it is crazy but babies come when they do! Trip was planned before we knew about the baby!
Kids are so portable at that age. I was nursing so didn't have to worry about bottles or food. He would sleep anywhere so we could stay out as long as we wanted he would either sleep in the sling or in the stroller. Our DD was 3 at the time so she had lots of fun got to go on all the rides see things. One of us would stay with the baby or do the baby swap. They have wonderful baby rooms, quiet places to nurse or feed the baby. I don't know if I would do a cruise with a child that young. Not sure why. I guess I would be afraid if the baby got sick on board how would we or would there be good medical care. Plus room size. We have been on 2 cruises and our rooms were small, cheap! LOL! Plus the motion of the boat. May help a baby sleep or do the opposite I know one time we were eating dinner and hit very rough water the wait staff had a hard time serving food. I would worry the seat would fall over or something. Plus on a crusie ship there is so much to do that you can't baby swap! Snorkling...dancing to wee hours....But WDW is great!
My DD was 4 months old on her first trip, 12 months on her 2nd and 16 months for our next trip in 3 weeks. We had no problems at all, like everyone else said, bring your own stroller. Hopefully you have the kind that the car seat attaches too. This makes it easy to eat in the resturants in the park. The Baby Care Centers in all the parks are wonderful and the staff is great, my favorite is at AK. We also took the front baby carrier, which was a big help.

So I say go to WDW and enjoy!!!
We took my daughter and SIL when daughter was 6 mo pregnant (she had to cancel on the cruise since she was 24 weeks. She cried when we went without her so had to promise to do it again soon), then baby & all to Vero Beach at 3 mo, cruise & parks at 8 mo, parks at 12 mo, and parks & cruise again at 19 mo. It was very easy since Disney is a kids place. She loves all of it, is a BIG Disney fan already. (Good thing since I'm her grandma!)
3months the first time, 14 months the second, 18 months the third, 3 1/2 the fourth, 3 3/4 the fifth and will be 4 3/4 the sixth time.....

We sort of got carried away since buying into DVC. She is the youngest of four kids but her brother and sister didn't start that young.
14 months for us. But we had friends who took their 3 month old this summer. While we were there we saw quite a few very young infants @ 2 months.
We are going in 2 weeks with our 5 sons -- the youngest will be 9 weeks. (others are 5,6,9, and 11).
Our DD was 18 months old when we took her to Disneyland and she had a great time. She doesn't remember much of course, but while we were there she was on top of the world.
Our DD was just about 8 weeks old the first time and we had a GREAT trip. It takes a little more planning, diaper bag, diapers, formula, etc., but it was very nice.
We took our 8 month old daughter from the UK. We had a really bad journey home which meant 24 hours on the plane.

Needed another holiday after that one.
The age cutoff for an infant on a cruise is 10 weeks. We've never been on a cruise, but we took our 9 mo to WDW a few years ago. I couldn't imagine being seperated from my babies sor more than a few hours (if that long). I breastfed all my babies and so they were quite portable. I could take them anywhere without a lot of baggage. I used a sling to carry our baby in all over "the World" and they were always quite content. You can always baby swap at the parks and take turns with the baby while on the ship so that each parent gets some "out time" Small babies mostly sleep, eat, and poop, so I'd take a sling, a sun hat, and lots of diapers and just go for it!

8 days to the magic!
My daughter was 6 WEEKS old on our 2000 trip.

She was easier to handle than my two 4-year-olds. She slept almost the whole time. When awake, I held her in the Baby Bjorn. She was so easy!

Plus, we are from New England and were at WDW in December. Just being able to sit in the sun and look at flowers was so wonderful for me. I'm sure the fresh air was good for the baby as well.

All the charachters were so adoring of her. I have a priceless picture of Chip (or is it Dale) patting her on the head. Minnie also made a big fuss over her.

Go for it!
My youngest was 2 1/2 months old on his first trip to WDW. It was great! Like catwho, I nursed him, so he was so easy to take care of. He rode on the majority of the rides I went on. We used our sling continuously and he took occasional naps in the stroller during meals. Some of the restaurants have those reclining infant seats, so be sure to ask about those, too. Those were handy for times he went to sleep during the meal and we didn't have the stroller with us. As someone else mentioned, characters love the babies! We had a late seating at Chef Mickey's one morning for breakfast and ended up being almost the last family in the restaurant. We have pictures of the characters sitting down in the lobby floor holding him..... they are priceless!

I can't picture doing a cruise with one that young. We are waiting till our kids are a lot older so that they will all be old enough to enjoy themselves and have great memories of the cruise.


:earsgirl: 16 more days till WDW!!!
Guess I have thyungest so far. My DS was 3 or 4 days old when he first went to WDW. I had a surprise delivery while vacationing, so after coming out of the hospital he just joined our vacation.
I actually just posted a thread like this on another board because I wasn't aware of this one. We have a three month old daughter and are looking forward to taking her sometime - probably next spring. I was wondering though, what rides she'd be able to go on in all of the parks? I mean, some things like IASW, I'm assuming we could hold her on?
Looking through my Birnbaum's and here's my list of rides/attractions I have taken infants on:

Magic Kingdom

Jungle Cruise, Enchanted Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean, Country Bear Jamboree, Hall of Presidents, Haunted Mansion, Cinderella's Carousel, Legend of the Lion King, Peter Pan's Flight, IASW, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White's Scary Adventures, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Carousel of Progress


Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land, Food Rocks, Circle of Life, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Cranium Command, American Adventure, El Rio del Tiempo

Disney Studios

Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Bear and the Big Blue House (now Playhouse Disney), Beauty and the Beast stage show, Hunchback stage show, Backlot Tour, Backstage Pass, Great Movie Ride, Indiana Jones, Muppet Vision 3D

Animal Kingdom

We didn't do a lot here on our last trip... Kilimanjaro Safaris was the only thing we did.

The last trip I had a 2 1/2 month old. I have also taken a 13-month old and next week will have my 16 month old with us.

My babies nursed on a lot of the rides and went to sleep. They even slept through the stampede in Legend of the Lion King!

Hope this helps.

First trip - 6 months old and we all had a good time, His 4th trip is in a few days at 30 months.

Each age brings new wonders, thrills and discovery.

No age is to young to start to travel.

Remember, that a child's idea of fun and excitement is different than yours. Be patient and gvive the child a chance to discover the magic of Disney :pinkbounc


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