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    My family is going to Disney in May staying the first 2 nights at POR and with that is our 8 day magic your way tickets. :cool1: On day 3 we are moving over to BC for 5 nights for the rest of our trip.

    For the deposit I found it odd we had to put $200 down for the package plus the first nights stay at BC. As we have been contemplating trip insurance I'm trying to remember what she told me about the cancellation policy. I know the balance of the package is due 45 days prior, but I thought she told me the room only at BC is due upon arrival. Is that right? So if we had to cancel for some unforeseen reason under 45 days out would I lose both the 200 and the first night at BC? Seems strange to me they wouldn't lump it all together.

    Of course if we had to cancel it would only be to reschedule and I'm not sure if that matters or not.

    Does anyone have a link to or more information about their cancellation policies?

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    Yes - That is correct.

    In Disney's eyes a split stay is in fact 2 seperate reservations.
    You will be there for one stay - but as far as booking/cancellations are making 2 seperate reservations.

    Your first reservation is a *package* - so $200 deposit - balance for that part due 45 days before you arrive.

    Your second reservation is a room only - so the deposit is the cost of 1 night and the balance is due when you check in.

    Not sure about their policies regarding canceling/re-scheduling.
    I think 7 days for a room only and 45 days for a package without penalty.
    But like the booking policies - each reservation has a different requirement in terms of cancellation.

    I am sure someone will be along shortly with better info on that.

    HTH. :)
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    Disney doesn't lump two resort stays together. Even tho they are consecutive, they are considered separate reservations. If you bought trip insurance thru Disney you would have a policy for each reservation. If I were you, I would explore outside trip insurance as it is not as expensive. I have read many postings here of people with extenuating circumstances who had to move their trip and did not lose their deposit. It's considered case by case.

    I've listed below the Disney reservation rules published in Hope this helps.

    Rules for Disney World Room Only Reservations

    “Room only” reservations offer better terms for cancellation and payment dates than vacation packages booked through the Walt Disney Travel Company (WDTC). When booking a “room only” reservation, you are subject to very few restrictions:

    You must pay one night’s room rate as a deposit within 7 days of reserving your room. (Except when booking online at, in which case the deposit is required at time of booking.)

    Final payment of the remainder is due at check-in. (Except when booking online at, in which case full payment is required if reserving within 45 days of arrival.)

    You can change or cancel your reservation without penalty up until 5 days prior to check-in. (6 days for online bookings.)

    Beware – Disney’s phone agents may try to sell you a “basic package” when you want to book a “room only” reservation. A “basic package” is just a room and some trinkets (a few coupons and a luggage tag per person). It is subject to the more stringent vacation package rules (see below).

    Rules for Disney World Vacation Packages

    When booking a vacation package through WDTC, you will be subject to the following rules:

    You must pay a $200 deposit within 7 days of reserving your package. (Except when booking online at, in which case the deposit is required at time of booking.)

    Final payment of the entire remainder is due 45 days prior to check-in. You have to pay in full right away if you are booking less than 45 days in advance.

    You can change or cancel your reservation without penalty up until 45 days in advance. If you cancel 44 days or less in advance, there is a cancellation fee of $200. You’ll also lose any nonrefundable elements, such as travel insurance and airfare — see below. No refunds will be given to no-shows.

    Any changes that result in a lower rate, such as applying a discount code, reducing number of days and/or changing to a lower-priced resort, made 45 days or less prior to arrival, are subject to a $50 fee.

    Beware – WDTC usually adds nonrefundable travel insurance to your package by default. If you don’t want it, tell them while you are making the reservation. Once you hang up, it’s too late. You can add the insurance later if you wish, up until your final payment is due. You can also buy travel insurance directly and usually save some money that way.

    Airfare added to your reservation is also nonrefundable. It’s hardly ever a good deal, either. I strongly advise booking airfare separately. Visit the Airfares page for hints on how to save on airfare!


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