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Feb 17, 2001
I'm sorry if this has been asked before! If I am staying at the HRH for the night after I go to IOA/US, can I check in that morning and get room cards for the whole party (4) so we can do the express line that day?
:D You bet! :D

If your room isn't ready, they will give you temporary cards.

You will be able to use Universal Express from the moment you check in until park closing on the day you check out.
thanks for the quick reply, I'm going to bite the bullet and pay the $$$$ for one night there as we will check out of our DVC on Friday morning and head to US/IOA , and I worry it will be busy on a friday in mid March!
I hope it's worth it:)
I used to try to recruit "DieHard" Disneyers to come with me to enjoy day visits at Universal and always met the standard "It's not Disney" attitude. I love Disney too and this is not a knock against WDW or their Fan(atics), but as a Central Florida resident I don't have to be loyal to any one theme park, a luxury that I fully enjoy as a Passholder to every theme park.
Since the onsite resorts opened and they(our guests) were able to experience FOTL and began to drop their "Disney Blinders" to begin to realize the Universal experience. Some had even walked away claiming that they had their best ever theme park experience(including all Orlando Theme Parks) at Universal/IOA because of the resort perks.
Despite your additional $$$ for your HRH night during your DVC stay, it WILL be worth it.


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