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  1. Mandy0923

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    Apr 4, 2013
    I need a little clarification....

    we are going to disney for a week, but only have 3 day park passes (1 day for epcot, 2 days for magic kingdom). we are planning on going to universal and lego land the other days. However, we are planning on spending one day at one of the water parks (blizzard or typhoon). Do I need to add an extra day park pass to our package or just the waterpark option? Or would it be better to just buy tickets at the window that morning? I dont wanna visit the water park the same day as the other idk if i needed another park day pass or just waterpark option?

    Thanks for the help!! :) We leave in 11 days and are trying to get it all finalized.
  2. Sandi

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    Aug 17, 1999
    To add the waterpark option to your ticket, it would be $57 + tax. That would give you three waterpark entries on your 3 day base ticket. However, if you only plan to go to the waterpark one day, then you might as well wait and just buy an entry to the waterpark on that day. The cost is $53 + tax. You sometimes have to play the weather with the waterparks -- so watch the weather forecasts and work it into a day where all day thunderstorms isn't predicted.

    For summer visits, I will typically add the waterpark option to our park hoppers because we'll go to a water park for just a couple hours on some days. Other times of the year, I don't add the option because the weather can be too cold, etc.

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