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Sep 9, 2005
Spring Challenge Merged Thread through 5/8/12

3/23/12 - Introduce yourselves.

3/24/12 - What does your schedule look like for the rest of the week? What pre-planning do you need to do to stay on plan?

3/25/12 - What does your schedule look like for the rest of the week? What pre-planning do you need to do to stay on plan?

3/26/12 - I am up for a challenge. What recipe would you like to see made into a healthier version? My goal is to PM you a recipe by Thursday.

3/27/12 - Pretend that today is your birthday. What is one gift you would like to receive? I cannot be health related or something like worldwide genuine respect.

3/28/12 - Stitch is at your doorstep with a note from his doctor. Dear Unsuspecting Neighbor, Stitch came in for his physical a few days ago and he is overweight. Lilo has been feeding him too many snacks and big dinners. I convinced her to feed him a practical breakfast, but I need your help with lunch and dinner. Please hang out with him long enough to feed him lunch and dinner and have them total approximately 1000 calories. A mid-day snack is encouraged as well. Breakfast is oatmeal made with 1/2 cup of milk and topped with a serving of berries plus a serving of vegetables. Stitch's favorite vegetable is is the onion. Thank you for your help. Dr. Trainer What will you feed him?

3/29/12 - Now that spring has started, we can think about summer. What is it about summer that you love the most? You are welcome to have more than one thing.

3/30/12 - Select one statement that is you. Now, decide how you could change this statement for at least one week. I am a junk-food junkie.
I eat under stress. I eat for other reasons besides being hungry.
I skip meals.

3/31/12 - What stands in the way of my workouts? Do I have a legitimate reason for skipping a workout?How could I reward myself for working out?

4/1/12 - What food has FOOLED you when you looked up the calories or points AFTER you ate it.

4/2/12 - Think about your weight loss since January (or whenever you joined) and write how an objective person would view your journey?

4/3/12 - Christopher's post about clicking the airplane belt got me thinking about other signs that let you know you have lost weight BESIDES the number on the scale. List one (or more) things/events that have changed since you lost weight

4/4/12 - How much water do you drink during the day? If you drink the 64ozs, what do you do to ensure you drink the whole amount by the end of the day?

4/5/12 - Eating vegetables are so important for good health. What is your favorite way to eat your veggies? Do you have a recipe you would like to share

4/6/12 - Which of these healthy habits can you fit into your life this week-end? Or do you have another tip to fit healthy habits into your life?

4/7/12 - Which reason to workout do you like best? Or do you have a reason of your own that didn't make the list that you would like to share?

4/8/12 - Which of these ideas do you think might help you be happier? Or is there something else that didn't make the list?

4/9/12 - What is your favorite motivational quote? It can be by YOU or someone famous.

4/10/12 - Which of these tips do you use to get yourself back on track when needed? Or do you have another tried and true method you want to share?

4/11/12: That means you all are going to make the list today by sharing a woo hoo moment from this week -- it can be anything that you want, a scale victory, a NSV, a change in your work-out. The only criteria is that it had to make you go "woo hoo."

4/12/12: Share ONE thing that you are doing today to help move you toward your goals?

4/13/12: What was your food or dessert of choice before starting your weight loss journey and what is it now?

4/14/12: Which Disney character reminds you the most of yourself and why.

4/16/12 : We've come a long way in three months. If you could go back in time to the first day you started the Biggest Loser challenge, what's the biggest piece of advice you'd give yourself?

4/17/12 : What inspires/motivates you in your weight loss journey to reach your goals, be it to make better food choices, to go exercise more, to run that race, etc?

4/18/12: If you had one day at Disney World and money wasn't an issue, what would you decide to do? Go to all the parks in one day? Ride your favorite ride over and over? Eat at any restaurant you wanted?

4/19/12 : Tell us a healthy choice you made for yourself this week. Something like turning down a favorite food to keep from eating unnecessary calories? Or maybe taking the stairs instead of the elevator?

4/20/12 - Do you look at menus before you go out to eat? What is your favorite restaurant to eat at that has the best healthy choices?

4/21/12 - What is your favorite form of exercise? I know, crazy question, but there must be something we have all come to like to do! It can be as simple as walking

4/22/12 - What do you give yourself as a treat for a "good week?" Is it a special food, a beauty treatment, a new pair of jeans?

4/23/12 - What is your plan of attack for the upcoming week?

4/24/12 - What book are you reading, just read or want to read?

4/25/12 - What do you do when you are exercising? Do you read, listen to music, watch tv or just chill?

4/26/12 - What are your plans for the weekend and what do you plan on doing to help you stay on plan?

4/27/12 - What motivates you more to stay OP and work harder: seeing pictures of yourself when you were heavier, or seeing a picture of someone closer to your goal weight?


4/29/12 - Exercise Emergency Kit. We all have times come up when we cannot get in our planned workout. What can we have at the ready to squeeze in a workout when our plans might not work out or our time is cut short?

4/30/12 - QOTDPlease share your favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Snacks, too, if you like. What do you eat that leaves you satisfied and you still feel OP for the day?

5/1/12 -PLATEAUS - we all have had them. What can you do before the next weigh in to really kick your weight loss into high gear to either get over a plateau or to help ensure that you will not have one?

5/3/12 12LAST CHANCE WORKOUT, PEOPLE! Pretend your favorite trainer from The Biggest Loser is watching and motivating you today. We are quickly approaching our Friday weigh in. What can you do to up the ante for the weigh in? Can you get in a little bit more workout time? Can you up the intensity if you are low on time? Can you make better food choices? Try it until the weigh in and see if it makes a difference for you. Remember... the only difference between TRY and TRIUMPH is just a little UMPH!!

5/4/12 We are now 2 weeks away from the end of this challenge. What are you going to do to finish strong?

5/7/12 – We have many people who seem to be running around like a chicken without a head on.How is your week shaping up?

5/8/12 - Name on thing that you feel you should have done better during this challenge


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♥ her Disney office
Sep 9, 2005
I've removed all the 'bump' posts and made this a sticky

Coaches for the monthly weight-loss thread, please post any original questions posted, if you recycle ones from the list no need to re-post.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Molli, our wonderful moderator for putting up the stickie and helping us to maintain this great resource for our challenges! :flower3: :flower3: :flower3: