Pop-up towing ?

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Feb 29, 2000
I am really pushing DH to buy a pop-up, but he doesn't think our vehicle will be able to tow it. We have a Windstar mini-van. Do any of you tow with a mini-van?
Yes you can tow with the wind star. If you have a towing pkg then you can tow up too 3000lbs,if not
you can only tow 2000lbs.Soo if just you and DH get a small pop-up. We had a wind star and towed a Colmen Cheyenne that was a little to big for it but towed fine, now we have a full size van.Any other ? just e-mail me will be glad to answer them.PS you may want tocheck out this board www.popuptimes.com It's for those who own pop-ups. you can find me there as we4camp


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Thanks! We did check out the van manual and thought we could only tow about 2000 lbs. We have 3 children and would probably be looking at a larger pop-up. I think it is time for a vehicle trade-in! You did notice our van is a Ford, Fix Or Repair Daily, and beleive me it has had it's problems. DH does have a pick-up truck, but all 5 of us cannot go together (perfect planning on his part!!). I wouldn't mind taking 2 vehicles on close to home trips, but with a FW trip in mind I would only want to take 1 vehicle. I have checked out the pop-up times site and have gotten some great info. Thanks for your help.
We tow our pop-up using a plymouth voyager.Never had any problems.


We towed our pop-up from MA to FW with our Windstar and had no problems with the car. The pop-up had three blow-outs,however, because the road surfaces down south get pretty hot in July! Oh, and ours is a bigger pop-up because we're a family of six.

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Thank you to everyone for responding! Can you beleive our van just went to the garage again :(
The temperature gauge doesn't work at all. Maybe I should still work on DH for a trade in.
DFIL is going to rent a pop-up for us from the Army base so we can try it out to make sure the kids like it before we invest in our own. Hopefully next year we will be on a camping trip at FW! :D
The weight is usually not when vehicale is "loaded". I would talk to who you are buying the camper from about what can tow it. I think the car dealers have less knowledge of towing capacity. Also, get a transmission cooling system put on your vehicle will increase your towing capacity.


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