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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by skiwee1, Sep 8, 2004.

  1. skiwee1

    skiwee1 DIS Veteran

    Sep 1, 2000
    We are going to the Poly next month and this will be the first time that my mom will be using an ECV. I want to put in my building request but wonder if it is suitable. Are all the rooms at the Poly large enough to park an ECV in? Can you take them on the elevators at the Poly or do I have to stay on the first floor. We do not want a handicap room though as my mom will only need to use the ECV in the parks and not in the rooms. Is using an ECV putting an end to my dream of Samoa third floor like we had on our last trip? :confused:
  2. jel0511

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    Jan 30, 2001
    IMO, yes. I don't remember the elevators in Samoa being very large. I remember being sort of squished in there with just DH, myself, DD and DS's stroller. I can't see how an ECV could fit, but hey, I could be wrong. Personally, I'd call the Poly Front Desk and ask them for their opinion. But if you're truly worried, I'd get a first floor room, so you won't have to worry about elevators at all, with the exception of the GCH and those elevators are tight, but you should be o.k.

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