Pleasure Island question?????


Dec 9, 2001
We heard that the Country Western dance club "Wild Horses" isn't there anymore. We were there last Feb and it was there and crowded. It is at the oppisite end of Peasure Island's Comedy Club. Does anybody know if it is still there? Or what has replaced it?:rolleyes:
It's now a Top 40 club.i don't recall the name,but they didn't do anything special to it at all.Just a big open dance floor and bar.
Club Motions... and While Wildhorse Saloon was quite popular (as was the Neon Armadillo before it), it was part of a chain that was operated by a company that went under. I haven't been to PI in a while, but the last time I was there (right after Motions opened), the only changes to the exterior were the removal of the horses and the Wildhorse signs (the mountain mural and Wildhorse logo on the back of the building remained- at least temporarily)
Safari Steve and RoutemanDan,

Thanks for the update.As long as 8 Trax is still there we will have a good time. We also like going to the Comedy Club. We are leaving friday to go down for 6 days.:D


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