Order for Coronado Springs bus stops?


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Aug 23, 2000
I've read elsewhere that at Coronado Springs, sometimes El Centro is the first stop for a bus going through the resort, and sometimes it's the last. Is this just a random thing? I'm just asking to figure out what building location we might request. Thanx, all.
We stayed at CSR the first week of December. We didn't ride the buses a lot but here is what I remember:

MK, Epcot, Studios, and AK buses began at bus stop #2, then #3, #4, and #1 last

Downtown Disney bus went #1, #2, #3, and then #4

I can't recall the route for the Boardwalk bus.

Of course, these may vary according to the time of day. Maybe someone else knows for certain. But I do have to say the buses were timely and never crowded during our visit.
yes this was confusing to us as well, and we just got back from a stay there this past weekend.

i was under the impression that the bus to/from the Boardwalk is the same as the Downtown Disney bus.

unfortunately, since we had a car, the only time we used the bus was for MK... so we're still not quite that familiar with the CSR bus stop order.

whenever we go to MK, the last stop is #4. whenever we come back from MK, the first stop is #1.

i read a sign at stop #4 which says, "To get to El Centro from here, board any park bus."
and there was another confusing part to the sign which said something along the lines of between 10pm and 2am, the Downtown Disney bus stops in a different order around CSR.

sorry... hope this doesn't confuse you. i know we were extremely confused by this sign.
Sounds like the answer is - - - - - - ask when we check in . . . . . . . . . and hope the CM has a clue!!

The Boardwalk bus has been Cut from Coronado Springs. This was done a few weeks ago
and is part of the Cut-Backs in Disney Transportion. During the Day However the Downtown Disney bus stpps at the Coronado Springs first then goes to the Boardwalk then on to Downtown Disney. So if you want to go to Coronado from the Broadwalk you have to get on the Downtown Disney bus ride it there and to typhoon lagoon and then it heads back to the Coronado it can be a long ride (30+ mins). After 6pm you have to change Buses as the Coronado/Downtown bus will not stop at the Boardwalk at all. Boardwalk gets its own bus after 6 pm to Downtown Disney.
I'm sorry to hear about the cutback...one of my favorite things about Coronado was the Boardwalk bus. Oh well, it doesn't surprise we with all of te cutbacks.
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