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    We ate at Cap'n Jacks on 9/3. Our ADR was for 4:30 pm. We arrived at 4:15 and were seated promptly. This was our first time and we were impressed. The service was very, very good.
    I had the Blue Glowtini and it was good. R had the Fuzzy Captain and it was sooooooo delicious. It had a very buttery taste and was so cold and tropical!
    I then ordered the shrimp cocktail, J had the crab cakes, and R had the (yawn) green salad with Ranch. Shrimp was big and meaty, very clean and fresh tasting and the cocktail sauce had a bite but was not too hot. The crab cakes were out-of-this-world good! Flat out the best I have ever tasted. Crispy and crunchy on the outside and so light and cheesy on the inside. The salad was (yawn) a salad. J and I then had the twin Lobster tails. They were on the small side but very tender and good. We both substituted mashed potatoes for the rice and they were very good as well. Forget what the veggie was. R had the chicken pasta and it was okay. I then had the White Choc Raspberry cheesecake and it was very dense and creamy. The other two had the double chocolate cake and ice cream and it was delicious. The cake was very rich and moist and the ice cream was high quality. Overall this meal was a 9/10. Very, very good. Exceeded our expectations.
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    Sounds like a great meal:thumbsup2
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    Wow - good to hear this about Capt Jacks.

    I'd love to eat here for dinner but I'm the only one in my group who eats lobster and I haven't heard great things about the other dishes.

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