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Discussion in 'Universal Studios Trip Reports' started by Iceman10, Nov 13, 2012.

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    Apr 3, 2008
    Just got back from the WDW Wine & Dine Marathon. Seperate story but a most excellet event!

    Anyway, decided this may be an off time (At Universal anyway) and a perfect time to take my kids to finally see the new Harry Potter area. My kids have never been to Universal and DW & I have only been there for HHN so I was very curious to see how it would be.

    We had fun but is it me or is that park really small? All the lands seem tight and while Harry Potter was amazing it was really small! The stores were super cramped. It stunk too because it was so cool and even though it wasn't that crowded, it seemed to be teeming.

    Another lovely item happened to my son when someone stepped on his foot (Which was in a walking cast) He said "Excuse me you stepped on my broken foot" to which he got the answer "So". He is only 13 and this was an adult so he did nothing. Unfortunatle DW & I were not arround and he didn't tell us til much later which was proabbaly good as whoever it was would look like my avatar. I also had some pretty crappy cast member encounters too but I wasn't all that surprised. Plus I worked for Disney so I tend to expect good customer service.

    So I don't know, we had fun I guess, but for $80 a person it sure wasn't worth it and I'm glad I didn't spend more for more days as I doubt I'll return.

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