Official 2016 MNSSHP Guest List Thread


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Mar 18, 2011
Hello, everyone! Welcome to the 2016 guest list thread! For those who are unfamiliar with past threads, they can be found here...


Dates were officially released on the Disney Parks Blog on 3/23/16. Here is the announcement...

Dates from the article...

September: 2, 8, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 23, 25, 29, 30

October: 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, 30, 31

** There are no November dates for this year**

Costume Guidelines
Before you brew up ideas for your next disguise—review our latest list of tips.

While we encourage creativity, we also value safety and good judgement. Please take a moment to read over our latest rules and regulations:


  • Disney reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.

  • All Guests may dress as their favorite character, but may not pose for pictures or sign autographs for other Guests.

  • Costumes must be family-friendly and may not be obstructive, offensive, objectionable or violent.

  • Costumes may not contain any weapons that resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon.

  • Costumes may not contain sharp objects, pointed objects or materials that may accidentally strike another Guest.

  • Guests who do not adhere to these guidelines may be refused entry into, and/or removed from, unless his or her costume can be modified to meet the above standards.
For Guests ages 13 and under:

  • Costumes and some masks may be worn, as long as the mask does not cover the entire face and eyes are visible.
For Guests ages 14 and older:

  • Layered costumes or costume props that surround the entire body are strongly discouraged and may be subject to additional security screening.

  • Costumes may not reach or drag on the ground. (e.g. full-length Princess dresses)

  • Capes may be worn if the length does not go below the waist.

  • Themed T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, and hats are acceptable.

  • Acceptable accessories include: transparent wings, plastic light sabers, toy swords, and tutus. Headwear may be worn as long as it does not cover the face.

  • May not wear masks of any kind.

Now, let's cover the basics...

I will be listing all dates for MNSSHP along with all Disers who will be there and what their costumes will be. If you would like to be on the list, just post your info including the following:

date(s) attending
total number of people in your party
# of Adults and # of children
costumes for each party member
ADR place and time (this will be listed in red)

Here is my line from 2014 for an example: smitch425-4(2A/2C)- self-Black Widow page 45 post# 667, DH-Thor, DS-Iron Man page 16 post#236, DD-Captain America page 16 post#236


Disneylover99-4(2A/2C)-self-witch, DH-caveman, DS-ornithologist, DD-Cheshire Cat
BattyKoda-3(?A/?C)-Thing 1,2 and 3
suswa-3(2A/1C)-Maleficent (Hot Topic dress), Sleeping Beauty, HMesque ghost
lostmypooh-1(1A)-?? BOG 5:30pm
angelabrezovsky-4(1A/3C)-self-Snow White, 3 DDs- Sneezy, Happy and Bashful
sunshinemelody-2(2A)-self and DB-Disneybounding as Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
GillianP1301-2(1A/1C)-self-flapper, DS-$100 bill LTT 5:30pm
zokaluse-4(2A/2C)-self, DH, DS and DD-undecided
famy27-4(2A/2C)-self, RobbW and DD-undecided, DD-Evie
Marblies-4(4A)-self, DD, DD and friend-undecided
frannn-3(2A/1C)-self-Minnie, DD-Robin, DH-Batman LTT 5:20pm
disney world dreamer-2(2A)-self-Snow White, sister-provincial Belle
cab5525-3(1A/2C)-undecided CRT ?:??
jenkel-5(4A/1C)-adults-Disney Bounding, DGS-Mike W.
KornBred-3(3A)-self-Disneybounding as Grumpy, DW-Disneybounding as Maleficent, mother-undecided
Yassdvclb-1(1A)-candy corn shirt and ears (tentative)
Majordis-4(2A/2C)-matching shirts BOG 6:00pm
Laneybelle-3(3A)-self and DH-Disneybounding as Minnie and Mickey page 15 post# 281 friend-Disneybounding as Mary Poppins
graychef-2(2A)-no costumes Narcoossee's 5:30pm
tnd-5(2A/3C)-self-Disneybounding as Ursula, DH-no costume DD-Ariel, DS-no costume, DD-possibly Disneybounding as Flounder PF 5:50pm
DG-12-2(1A/1C)-self-Episode VII Leia, DD-young Leia
shoppie-2(1A/1C)-self-Ursula, DD-Ariel
hmdavid-5(2A/3C)-Mouseketeers (tentative)
Zippa D Doodah-4(3A/1C)-undecided
poohntigger-4(2A/2C)-ninja turtles

kcpinwdw-4(2A/2C)-Jolly Holiday family-Mary, Bert, Jane and Michael HDP
Jadyreen1282-2(2A)-self and DW-??
skippyman111-2(2A)-self and DW-bacon and eggs CP 7:35pm
Mom2Stitch-2(2A)-self-Halloween Mickey and Minnie tee with Minnie ears, DH-no costume Ohana 4:00pm
Melissakay1q-1(1A)-Disneybounding asAlice
tinkerbella16-1(1A)-?? HDDR 4:00pm
ADznyDrmr-4(2A/2C)-self-Halloween tee, DH-no costume, DD-possibly Moana, DD's friend-undecided
jtdl-2(2A)-self and DD-Lilo and Stitch
disneybaby1986-2(2A)-self Ariel, mother-Ursula
scooby9932-2(2A)-self and DH-Halloween colored tie dyed Mickey shirts
marissa1230-8(7A/1C)-Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
nuzmom-4(2A/2C)-Halloween shirts (tentative) LTT 5:00pm
wdw4rfam-????-matching shirts
Disneydreamer74-4 (3A/1C) Self- Minnie Mouse, DH-undecided, DF- Vanellope von Schweetz, DD-Pocahontas BOG 9:15 p.m
MouseNerds3-3(2A/1C)-self-Fix-it Felix, DH-Wreck-it Ralph, child-Vanellope Von Shweetz

KT0191-3(2A/1C)-Peter Pan, Hook and Smee (tentative)
bobbiwoz-3(3A)-MNSSHP tee (tentative) HDP
vbmom40-3(3A)-Sanderson sisters
Amunet-2(2A)-Alice and Mad Hatter Tea Room 3:00pm
anneboleyn-2(1A/1C)-self-Tigger, DD-Mabel
drinkme-5(4A/1C)-adults-Disneybounding as Red Queen, Cheshire Cat and the Tweedles, DGD-Alice
jcemom-2(1A/1C)-self-Disneybounding as Queen of Hearts, DD-Mad Hatter page 20 post#389 CP 6:00pm
goofynut41-2(2A)-Halloween tees
Kitikat-2(2A)-self-Ariel, DD-Rey
Rjw615-3(2A/1C)-self and DW-Halloween tees, DD-Tinker Bell

ebradley23-3(2A/1C)-Mufasa, Sarabi and Simba BOG 5:05pm
DISNEY CHICKIE-3(2A/1C)-undecided
lmk09102016-2(2A)-bride and groom HM themed shirts
DISbot-2(2A)-Disneybounding as Tink and Smee or Ariel and Eric
anneboleyn-2(1A/1C)-self-Tigger, DD-Mabel CP 5:45pm
Tearbear-2(2A)-self and DH-??
SweetSerenity-2(2A)-self-undecided, DH-Boba Fett
sweetyK83-6(2A/4C)-self-Fawn, DH-undecided, DS-undecided, DS-Sith Lord, DS-Jedi, DD-Tink
belleincanada-2(2A)-self-Provencial Belle, DH-Peter Pan BOG 6:45pm
xsarachireex-2(1A/1C)-self-a dwarf, DD-Snow White CP 3:45pm
Jhondy210-3(2A/1C)-adults-Rey and no costume, child-BBB princess of choice
crystalsmom1021-5(3A/2C)-???? BOG 5:30pm
jcemom-2(1A/1C)-self-Grandma, DD-Little Red Riding Hood BOG 9:40pm
Under the Library-6(4A/2C)-self, DH, DS and DS-OUAT's Belle (Storybrooke), Mr.Gold, Peter Pan and Felix, parents-no costumes
Notsofast71-2(1A/1C)-self and nephew-no costumes
Its Paz-2(2A)-self-Danny Phantom, DH-Danny Fenton

PSUTraveler-3(3A)-self-undecided, parents-no costumes
PaintsWindColors-2(2A)-self and DH-Princess Leia and Obi Wan SC 4:40pm
Tommys Mommy-4(2A/2C)-self-Eeyore, DD-Pooh, friend-Tigger, friend's DD-Piglet
bryana-2(2A)-self and mom-undecided
dawn8179-3(2A/1C)-self-Princess Leia (New Hope), DH-Darth Vader tee, DS-Stormtrooper
TheDisneyNurse-2(??)-self-Ariel Tee and bow, brother-Baymax gear
wigitywak-4(2A/2C)-self-Jack Skellington/HM shirt, DW-Sally/HM shirt, DS-Finn, DS-Mr. Incredible

snowybelle-1(1A)-Judy Hopps
kpearl-2(2A)-possibly Lady and Tramp BOG 5:40pm
JustKryssi-2(2A)-self-White Rabbit themed tee and top hat with bunny ears, DH-Mad Hatter hat and themed tee CP 4:00pm
Sinders99-2(2A)-self-sailor Minnie, DH-Navy sailor Plaza 4:20pm
BanditsMommy-2(2A)-no costumes
Shanan-13(12A/1C)-self-Disneybounding as Queen of Hearts, rest Disneybounding BOG 1:05pm
Laura's Dad-3(3A)-undecided
dlgoldman-3(2A/1C)-Momma, Daddo and Henry Hugglemonster
hsmamainva-3(3A)-self and DD-undecided, DD-Athena (Tomorrowland)
RJstanis-6(4A/2C)-self,DW, DS and DS-Fantastic 4 or custom family tees with BIL and SIL
JoeATC-4(4A)-self-Bob Iger, DW-Mouseketeer, DD-Ghost Bride, DD-undecided LTT 12:30pm
old feller-2(2A)-undecided BOG 8:00am and 11:20am

snowybelle-1(1A)-Judy Hopps
yepbob-5(2A/3C)-Zootopia theme
Raeven-2(2A)-no costumes Ohana 4:00pm
DisneyFanJenn-6(5A/1C)-adults-Disneybounding as Inside Out characters, DD-Riley
atir2002-4(4A)-undecided BOG 6:00pm
wiserabbit-2(2A)-self-Mickey Premium Bar, DH-Carl Fredrickson
disneyfam23-4(2A/2C)-undecided BOG 6:30pm
purplegirl1818-2(2A)-self and DH-Princess Anna and Hans
starstruck93-??-none CP 3:55pm BOG 6:15pm
pangyal-2(2A)-undecided BOG 4:30pm
FLkid-2(2A)-Dapper Mickey and Minnie
Anal Annie-2(2A)-Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
JustMinnie-2(2A)-no costumes

Tearbear-2(2A)-self and DH-??
moremouse-2(2A)-purple HM tee (tentative)
rosysubmarine-3(2A/1C)-self-"Missus" Ned Land (20,000 Leagues), cousin and niece-undecided
Disney Dreamer 24-4(2A/2C)-matching Halloween shirts
attain-1(1A)-Cinderella Castle with fireworks

25 ****SOLD OUT ON 9/25/16****
switch15foot-4(4A)-Hook, Smee, Tink and Peter (bags on page 25 post#489)
Tarheel Mom-4(2A/2C)-adults and one child-no costumes, DD-Belle LTT 5:20pm
Nicole N.-2(2A)-self-Provencial Belle DH-Gaston
Amberleefuta-2(2A)-self-mermaid, DH-pirate (PL appt @ 12:30pm) SC 4:15
Fia-4(4A)-self-Disneybounding as Piglet, DH-undecided, DF-Disneybounding as Maleficent, other adult-??
SDSorority-2(2A)-self and DH-Disneybounding as the Swan and Dolphin
Cinderelly911-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-Mouseketeers, DD-Jasmine or Minnie, DS-Peter Pan or Jake Tony's 5:00pm
mort1331-2(1A/1C)-self-undecided, DD-Tinker Bell
ArmyVet80-6(4A/2C)-self-Goofy, DW-Daisy, sister-Minnie, DBIL-Mickey, niece-Pluto, nephew-Donald CRT 4:45pm
tink1957-4(4A)-3-undecided (possibly Halloween tees), @RAPstar-HM butler or NBC tee BOG 5:30pm

SarahSnow-3(3A)-self-Loki tee and ears, twin sister-Ursula tee and ears, friend-undecided
MinnieMSue-2(1A/1C)-self-old MNSSHP tee, child-Disneybounding as the Queen of Hearts
prettypatchesmsu-2(2A)-self-Kevin, DH-Russell


KangaFan-4(4A)-self, DH, aunt and uncle-undecided (possibly Halloween tees)
brnrss34-3(2A/1C)-self-red queen, DB-none, DD-leopard BOG 5:55pm
vrajewski10513-9(8A/1C)-4 ninja turtles, BIL-Eric, SIL-Ariel their son-Flounder
prettypatchesmsu-2(2A)-possibly repeating self-Kevin and DH-Russell
Shroog-7(5A/2C)-self-maid Cinderella, DH-Prince Charming, DD-ball Cinderella, SIL-Black Widow, BIL-Captain America, nephew-Ironman, MIL-Joy
totebagg-5(4A/1C)-self-White Rabbit, DH-Mad Hatter, DD-Cheshire Cat, other adults-Halloween tees


KNovacovschi-2(2A)-self and DH-Rapunzel and Flynn
BrookieM2001-4(2A/2C)-self-poodle skirt, DH-Mickey, DD-Belle, DD-Cinderella CRT 4:00pm
Pawpsicle-2(2A)-self-BB-8, DH-Obi-wan CG 5:45pm
beesly-2(1A/1C)-Mike and Sulley BOG 4:00pm
tlseege-10(7A/3C)-cast from Cinderella
coffeehousemom-4(2A/2C)-Haunted Mansion servants BOG 6:30pm
ksinniger-4(1A/3C)-self-Lady Tremaine, kids-stepsisters and rags Cinderella
ammag-2(2A)-self and DH-undecided
Wood Nymph-2(2A)-undecided
Crystal o_O-9(5A/4C)-??

KristiKat-5(2A/3C)-self-pirate, sister-no costume, DD, niece and nephew-pirates page 19 post#379
dmc6469-2(2A)-no costumes
brownie_17-4(2A/2C)-self-Lady, DH-undecided, DD-Merida, DD-Coronation Anna BOG ?:??
Huff-4(2A/2C)-undecided Tony's 4:45pm
mac3mpc-2(2A)-self-Minnie, DH-Mickey shirt
squirrelsquad-2(2A)-Rapunzel and Flynn (tentative) BOG 6:20pm
harddrive-2(2A)-self-Kristoff, DP-Fear (tentative)
Kristina685-2(2A)-self-Minnie, F-Mouseketeer
ml sumner-3(2A/1C)-self, DH and DS-Disneybounding as Minnie, Goofy and Pluto
iona-2(2A)-Team GB cyclists (possibly with gold medals) SC 2:15pm

6 ****Canceled 10/5/16 for Hurricane Matthew****
skuttle-5(2A/3C)-self, DH and 3 DSs-undecided
Lynne G-1(1A)-undecided, possibly Halloween tee and Maleficent headband
Kellett-5(2A/3C)-The Incredibles
HatboxHaint-(???)-Mal, Evie and CJ (from Descendants), Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Cruella and Maleficent BOG 4:45pm
Dbktmc-3(2A/1C)-adults-no costumes, DS- doctor

7 ****Canceled 10/6/16 for Hurricane Matthew****
nzdisneymom-4(4A)-themed shirts
GoofyGirl1717-3(2A/1T)-themed shirts or Disneybounding as villains
wonderland5-5(2A/3C)-possibly self-Snow White, DH-Mr. Smee, DD-Provencial Belle, DD-Rapunzel,DS-Captain Hook
baloo's girl-4(2A/2C)-Monters University sororities/fraternities (OK, ROR, HSS, PNK)
otten-4(3A/1C)-self-Maleficent, DD-Red Queen, sister-Ursula, friend-Cruella

Tia1977-3(2A/1C)-self-Disneybounding as Maleficent, DH-no costume, DD-Disneybounding as Cruella
Velkoor-5(4A/1C)-self-Prince Charming, DW-Snow White, baby-Story Book (OUAT), other adults-?? BOG 4:20pm

ThisIsJason-2(2A)-no costumes
Mouseketeers4-4(2A/2C)-Totoro characters
tab1006-2(2A)-self-Cinderella, DH-Prince Charming costume tee BOG 6:15pm

ThisIsJason-2(2A)-no costumes
GoofyGirl1717-9(6A/1T/2C)-Prince Eric, Vanessa, Ariel, Flounder, Belle, Gaston, Cogsworth and 2 undecided BOG 5:30pm
Tink584-7(4A/3C)-self, DH, DD, DS and DS-The Incredibles, parents-no costumes BOG 6:20pm
policycobb-6(3A/3C)-self-Lilo tee, DD-Stitch, sister-Halloween tee, niece-Rey, niece-undecided, granddad-tourist

smitch425-4(2A/2C)-self, DH, DD and DS-Disneybounding as Jasmine, Genie, Abu and Aladdin
Cluelyss-4(2A/2C)-HM themed attire page 20 post# 383 SC ??:??
Laura12-6(3A/3C)-superheroes with skirts

Pesky-4(2A/2C)-adults-pirates, DS-Capt Jack Sparrow, DD-pirate
dmetcalfrn-4(2A/2C)-Star Wars theme
Just1Princess-3(2A/1C)-??? Tony's 4:20pm
Lovewinnie-8(4A/4C)-DD-Alice, rest-Alice In Wonderland theme
Cluelyss-4(2A/2C)-self Evil Queen, DH-Grumpy, DD-Snow White DS-Doc page 20 post# 384 HDP
Steffiesunshine-4(2A/2C)-self-Minnie, DD-Anna, niece-Sally, niece-Elsa
Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina-2(2A)-pirates page 10 post# 183 HDP
mdb78-5(2A/3C)-self-possibly Smee, DH-undecided, DD-Harley Quinn, DD-Owlette (PJ Masks), DD-Minnie
CJsMom-2(2A)-self and mom-Disney Halloween tees
DisneyMama21-3(3A)-Mickey Tie Dyed shirts LTT 1:10pm

CARR1E F1SHER-3(2A/1C)-self-a witch, DH-Jedi, DD-Rey
Melanie415-5(3A/2C)-pirates (PL appt. @ 3pm) HDP
BarbieGal457-2(2A)-self-Kelly Kapowski from The Maxx, DBF-undecided
Weasie13-4(2A/2C)-self-Woody, DH-Buzz, DS-Sid, DD-Jessie
MagicBeginsAtHome-2(2A)-self and DH-young Ellie and Carl BOG 5:25pm
dkfajr1-7(2A/5C)-undecided SC 4:10pm

MandyA-2(2A)-self-giraffe, mother-no costume
Melanie415-5(3A/2C)-undecided BOG 4:35pm
may12th-7(4A/3C)-adults-pirates, Nana and possibly Tic Toc Croc, kids-Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinker Bell
PenguinWaiters-2(2A)-self and DH-Jack and Sally (tentative)
squeezle-2(2A)-self and DH-Disneybounding as Mickey and Goofy SC 5:55pm
SheilaHeartsDisney-9(7A/2C)-adults-possibly Halloween tees, kids-Cinderella and Gus Gus

Disneymom1126-2(1A/1C)-self-Ariel page 24 post# 466, DD-Elena
DisneyDiva33415-2(2A)-self-undecided, mother-Mrs. Incredible costume tee
LTT 5:05pm
IamTHERebelSpy86-2(2A)-self-Wreck-It Ralph, DW-Vanellope Von Schweetz BOG 9:05pm

e777-5(3A/2C)-self-Mayor Bellwether, DH-Nick Wilde, DD-Judy Hopps, DS-Offiicer Clawhauser mother-Yax BOG 6:30pm
Elevationist-1(1A)-Halloween themed attire Ohana 4:00pm
Chelle's Belles-4(2A/2C)-???
Gina-Gina-Bo-Bina-2(2A)-pirates page 10 post# 183 CP 4:45pm
mgaspard-4(2A/2T)-no costumes LTT ?:??
Jenny Sanders-3(2A/1C)-??
Goldys4-7(5A/2C)-7 dwarfs (tentative) LTT 5:30pm

IowaTater-2(2A)-self-Lilo, DH-Sheldon Cooper LTT 4:00pm
Pixie Dust-2(2A)-Alice and undecided, possibly Queen of Hearts
mindylee847-2(2A)-Leon and Sunshine
crazy4wdw-1(1A)-glow in the dark HM tee HDP
absolutmey-5(4A/1C)-self-Disgust, DH-undecided procrastinator, DS-stormtrooper, DMIL-black cat, DFIL-Donald J. Trump
GraceMonica-13(13A)-self and DH-Star Wars theme, @craedaisy12 and DH and rest-undecided
craedaisy12-2(2A)-self and DH-Wenda and Waldo

mindylee847-2(2A)-Rapunzel and Eugene (tentative)
DiannaVM-3(3A)-self-Anna, DH-no costume, sister-Provincial Belle
FoxC63-3(2A/1C)-self-Harley Quinn, DH-Two Face, DS-Joker LTT 3:30pm
Caseystigger-3(3A)-pirates or Hook, Smee and Maleficent
aVASTGrl-1(1A)-undecided SC 4:35pm


30 ****SOLD OUT ON 10/20/16****
monique5-3(2A/1C)-self, DH and DD-The Incredibles (DD as Violet) BOG 4:00pm
P&L@WDW-2(2A)-Gaston and Provencial Belle
kelownamom-5(2A/3C)-self-Wendy, DH-Smee, DS-Peter Pan, DS Peter Pan's shadow, DD-Tink
sandy77d-4(2A/2C)-self and DH-undecided, DD-Stitch, DD-Stitch or Lilo
jennimon-2(2A)-self-Kevin, brother-Russell
lntx-4(2A/2C)-self, DH, DD and DD-?? CP 8:20am Tony's 3:30pm
Liz Cobb-5(4A/1C)-undecided
madlove4disney-3(2A/1C)-adults-no costumes, DGS-Luigi Plaza 5:10pm
tizzant-???-bounding as a heartless

****SOLD OUT ON 9/16/16****
monique5-3(2A/1C)-Alice In Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass themes-self-Alice (traditional), DH-Mad Hatter, DD-Red Queen CRT 2:30pm
FeralCatRogue-2(2A)-self-Wicked Witch of the West page 1 post# 17, mother-no costume SC 4:50pm
KelleyMaire-2(2A)-self and DB-undecided
Jaimie-2(2A)-self-Louise father-Bob (both from Bob's Burgers)
HappyGrape-3(2A/1C)-undecided BOG 5:15pm
FoxC63-3(2A/1C)-self-Harley Quinn, DH-Two Face, DS-Joker BOG 4:00pm

KelleyMarie-2(2A)-self and DB-Jack Skellington page 13 post# 246
addiemon-2(2A)-possibly Luke or Leia or Nick and Judy
mymommom-15(9A/6C)-adults-undecided, kids-Snow White and the 7 dwarfs BOG 4:30pm
vcmartin413-7(5A/2C)-self-Pikachu, DH-Jedi, DS-Pokémon Trainer, DS-Kylo Ren, DM-
Green Fairy, DA-Jack Skellington, DA-Jack the Ripper
BOG 7:30pm
lilysgigi-3(1A/2C)-self-Ursula, DD-Ariel, and DS Timmy will be Bounding in his wheelchair as Sebastian
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disney world dreamer

DIS Veteran
Apr 23, 2010
so basically they just don't want to deal with the costumes at security?
is that what i'm getting out of that statement?
if so then i'd either wear the costumer with regular clothing under it so i could take it off during security or i'd wear regular clothing and then put the costume on after security with or without my regular clothing on under it.

nothing official yet but if we do go it would most likely be...
-October 10th or 11th
-3 total
-2 adults, 1 child age 17
-myself snow white, my sister unsure, my niece may not dress up
-none. we like to eat QS during parties.

this would be our first MNSSHP if we go!


DIS Veteran
Jul 17, 2012
September 2nd - first party!!!!! :woohoo:

disneylover99 - 4(2a/2c) self-witch, husband-caveman, son-ornithologist, daughter-the Cheshire Cat

Thanks smitch!


Mar 7, 2014
Yay! This will be our first MNSSHP, also!

Oct 18th, most likely
2 adults (DH & myself), 1 child (DD,5)
No definite costumes, yet. We were waiting for the announcement.
No ADR, just doing a QS

I'll update when we figure out our costumes!
  • snowybelle

    Jan 16, 2016
    Sept 18th & 20th!

    Just me, solo. My first party! Well, parties.

    Costume(s) still undecided.


    DVC - BLT & VGF
    Apr 30, 2012
    October 31st & October 28th or 30th???
    Party of 3 (Me, DH, DD8) - 2 Adults, 1 Child
    ADR place and time --- TBA
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  • SarahSnow

    Jan 4, 2016
    See you September 29th. 4 adults (Me, Twin Sister, Mom, and Little Sister).

    Costumes are TBD.


    Jan 25, 2001
    Sept 2, Party of 3 (me, DW, DD)

    That's if we can get over the nightmare that was the debacle of last year's first party.

    Probably no costumes this year, too hot in early Sept.
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    Earning My Ears
    Mar 27, 2013
    September 8th party of 10 pending prices, costumes tba..... :thanks:.... the wait was killing me.... Now to start the planning all over again. :crutches:


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 16, 2010
    October 11th & 13th
    2 Total
    2 Adults
    Probably no costumes. Maybe a themed shirt.
    Liberty Tree Tavern one night, and Plaza Restaurant or Tony's the other (probably around 5PM for both times).


    DIS Veteran
    May 4, 2014
    October 31st
    2 Adults : Me and Disney Mom.
    Wicked Witch of West for me, My moms not dressing up.
    Winging it for adrs this time around.


    DIS Veteran
    Mar 17, 2014
    Me, DH and DS4 will be there on 9/13. I haven't thought about our costumes, because I was assuming adult costumes wouldn't be allowed. We've attended in 2014 as Pongo, Perdita and Lucky and in 2015 as Marlin, Dory and Nemo.

    I was able to score an ressie at BOG again. It's been our dining location each MNSSHP event we've attended. Glad to keep the tradition going.