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Sep 12, 1999
Has anyone with little ones been to Sessame Place in PA? Rather then take 2 short Disney trips we are thinking of bringing my 3 y/o there this year so our next Disney trip in 2002 can be longer. Anyone have any experience with this park or where to stay etc... We will be driving down from RI. Thanks again.
We went to Sesame Place about 4 years ago and my son had a great time. There is a ton of stuff for the kids to do and there are shows and character greetings. We stayed at hotel close to the park but I can't remember which one it was--I am thinking it was probably a Hampton Inn. You will have fun!
What a fun place! Make sure you have water shoes as there is a lot of walking in and out of the water.
They have a website if you do a search and many area hotels are listed with packages. The Sheraton is right across the street but we did not stay there. We stayed at a Raddison that was ok, nothing special but all we did was sleep there. There are a lot of family restaurants in the area. We ate at a very nice steak and ale. If you have any other questions, please just ask!

Do check the website for hotel ideas. We stayed at one of the Holiday Inns in the area... the drive was less than 10 mins. and they had special packages ( kids eat FREE, discount tix, etc...). From what I remember, the Sheraton is the most expensive (do to location) but, they do have a shuttle from the hotel to the park. This park is a great place for little kids...lots of water to splash in...all their favorite characters...that is except for mickey.

we've been going to sesame place every summer for the past 6 years and my kids love it! Me and DH love it too. 3 years old is a great age to experience Sesame. Great charactors that they see every day on TV. My 8 year old says: "sesame place, thats for babies" but she's right there in line waiting for hugs with big bird! LOL
Food and souveniers are kinda pricey, but there is a Pizzeria Uno right next to the park. Get you hand stamped have lunch and come back. Or pack a cooler - YEP its allowed - plenty of tables to eat at.

oh and say Hi to Big Bird for my dd. ;)

BTY, water shoes are a great idea but they are not very comfy when walking on pavement all day. Bring sneakers for the dry areas.

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Thank you all for the great info. I have checked out the web site for Sessame and it looks like it will be a lot of fun. Is the a one day park? Also, if anyone has been to Hershey we where thinking of doing that on the way home.....I saw thier site as well it looks like fun. Thanks again and any other advice is more then welcomed.

It's right in my neighborhood, actually about a 10 minute drive, and we rarely go! When we have gone in the past we get up early, arrive about 1/2 hour before opening, bring snacks, and head out of there when the busses start pouring in!! It's just a one-day type of park. Hershey is about a 2 and a half to 3 hour drive from here but it seems less crowded to me. And if you really want an old fashioned park experience try Knoebel's Grove knoebel's grove

knoebels is a wonderful charming family amusement park. We found it last summer. Stayed at the Days Inn about 20 min. from there - nice, clean with an indoor pool in a beautiful atrium room (palm trees & tiki bar). Its not an easy park to find......well hidden. But it is great. we live in jersey and its about 4 hours away. The best part: It's cheap! There are 5 of us and we didn't spend more than $60 for the whole day. Food and rides. Can't beat that. Didn't do the water park.
Hopefully we'll get there again this summer. :cool:

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We take our children to Hershey Park, it is only about 20 minutes from us. It is a great place to go, just don't expect the "Disney Magic" or the cleanliness. The employees (a lot of high school kids) are not nearly as friendly as Disney CMs. Overall the park is pretty clean, but by the end of the day the bathrooms can get pretty nasty.
You could easily spend a day and a half or two days at Hershey. There are a lot of rides, there are shows and a few characters. Chocolate World has a free tour on chocolate making and there are shopping outlets just down the road. Hershey does not allow you to take coolers in the park--we try to hide ours in the stroller--water is $2.50 a bottle.
Hershey is a fun place to go and the children love it, it's just not Disney.
We went to Sesame Place last summer with our almost 2 year and 4 year old daughters. We had a great time, though we hit the lovely rainy streak of weather. The rain did hold off the entire day we spent at the park so we really enjoyed it; our oldest daughter loved the water slides. We also had breakfast with Big Bird and other characters. Midweek in July there were no crowds so very enjoyable. It is a small, but well maintained and cute park.

We stayed about 10 minutes away at Hampton Inn and Suites, in Yardley I believe. We chose that so that mom and dad could have a bit of a break as well. The suite allowed us to put the kids to bed while we could enjoy a glass of wine and watch a movie (sad to say that given the hectic pace of our lives I really looked forward to and enjoyed that time!). There was a nice pool, though with rain did not get to enjoy it. Also a lovely lobby, continental breakfast, and a really cool coffee machine that dispensed coffee and hot chocolate 24 hours/day. Even put out fresh baked cookies in the evening. I highly recommend this motel.

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We went last July and had a wonderful time. My boys are 4yrs apart so its hard to find things that we can all do together and all enjoy. My 2yr old loves the characters and thinks the water is ok too. My 6yr old loved the water slides and still thought the characters were ok, he has never liked to get too close to them but Bert did manage to get a hug from him. I felt like a kid again too and my husband enjoyed it as well. Its a nice relaxing day, its mostly a water park so you keep cool if its too hot. Water shoes are a must and you'll live in your bathing suit all day. IT WAS GREAT! Now we are off to the big stuff in WDW yeah, just 14 more days!


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