Octavia Spencer was a wonderful choice to play Manticore "Corey"


Crazy For The Mandalorian
Dec 18, 2020
I can't get over how Octavia Spencer was cast as Manticore "Corey" in Onward and next to Ian and Barley she is my third favorite Onward character. Another reason why Manticore is my favorite character from Onward is because she reminds me of my great-aunt who passed away years ago because when she was young my great-aunt had the exact same hairstyle as Corey and the same exact haircolor of hair as Corey's. When my mom and I saw Onward we thought Corey is so funny and my mother jokingly thought that Manticore was a version of my great-aunt and Mom just giggled and when Mom and I look at family photos with my late aunt in them we started nicknaming her Manticore. How was Octavia cast as Corey?