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    Jul 30, 2000
    I know I have asked this before. Just in case someone else knows now, has anyone stayed at the Shelbourn Murray Hill location in NYC? We are going at Christmas to NYC and can stay at either the Plaza or the Shelbourn. I know the Plaza is great but it is just a hotel room. The Shelbourn is a suite with a kitchen. I have 5 going and I know both have roll-a-ways. What is the plus of either? Where do I buy groceries if I have the kitchen? It would be nice to have that option if only for snacks, breakfast, etc. I am taking someone who will need at wheelchair on the long walks around NYC. It that going to be a problem? He can walk, just not long distances. My son thinks that may be a bad thing. I know NYC is busy but surely we can use a wheelchair at every place we go. Any info is greatly appreciated. I have been to NYC but most of my group has never been. I was there 25 years ago so I know things have changed. Thanks again.
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    People with wheelchairs do see things in NY but getting around will be more challenging. Subways are out and for that matter there are few wheelchair busses so you are left with cabs or walking. All the Musuems are wheelchair accessible and restuarants and theatres either have first floor access or elevators. There are tremendous crowds at Christmas time but if you head out early you will be able to see lots of stuff. The Plaza is more centrally located being on 5th Avenue so you will be able to get to places more easily. Grammercy Park where the Shelburne is located is a lovely old area with trees. I think this area, although charming, is a little removed. Normally anywhere in the city is ok for getting around because of the subways, but you will have to know that it will be a very, very long walk to anyplace from the Shelburne.
    I have stayed at the Plaza and loved it, especially at Christmas. I know where the Shelburne is located and personally I would choose the Plaza in your situation.
    There are small grocery stores on the side streets in both locations but very expensive.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Staying at The Plaza is an experience in itself. It is a world-famous hotel. It will also put you in the center of everything. The Shelburne is fine for those looking for a place to stay while exploring NYC. I'm fuzzy on details of the area around the Shelburne but it is more residential than the area of The Plaza. Grocery stores are generally located over in the 2nd and 3rd Avenue area....a few blocks east of where you are staying. You can also often pick up items in Duane Reed drugstores that are on almost every block and in the many corner delis.

    If you are going to need a wheelchair, you will have to either bring it with you or make your arrangements. They are not provided like they are at Disney. Of course, the hotels may be able to offer suggestions as to where you can order one.

    Remember Christmastime in New York can be very cold and very windy. Not to mention the possibility of snow. Pushing a wheelchair at this time of year may not be fun for you or the occupant. I don't think I'd plan on a lot of long walks.
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    If you are going to have a mobility impaired person with you and are going to NYC to see the Christmas goings on, then the Plaza is the only logical choice. The Shelburne is nice, buts Murray Hill is so far removed from the action. It's not a "tourist" area. It's actually very residential, plus a lot of doctors offices because there are a couple hospitals in the area. There are some great restaurants over there, but that wouldn't make me stay there if I were coming to town to see the average tourist sites.

    NYC is a wheelchair users nightmare. Very few of the subway stations are wheelchair accessible, and those that "are" often really aren't.

    Cabbies aren't going to help with the chair. If you can't fold it and put it in the trunk on your own, don't bother to take a cab.

    The stores that time of year are PACKED and most would fail all ADA aisle width inspections because they are bulging at the seams with merchandise. So shopping will likely be difficult at best.

    Galleries and museums will be easy, almost all are wheelchair accessible. Most Broadway theatres are accessible, some more than others. I would advise calling the theatre in advance.

    I don't mean to be a downer, but I used to commute to NYC every day, and one year a couple weeks before Christmas I hurt my ankle and was on crutches. That was next to impossible, I can't imagine being in a wheelchair, especially a that time of the year.

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    May 28, 2002
    I can't speak for the Plaza, but we have stayed at the Shelburne and will again in August. It is in a very laid back area of the city. There are deli's within a block, so you can get food (that's never a problem in Manhattan). There are elevators in the hotel, so a wheel chair is not a problem. The rooms were large and having a kitchen was great.

    From the Shelburne, you can walk to both Pennsylvania Station and Grand Central Station, although previous posts explained the difficulty of a wheelchair on the subway. In all honesty, although expensive, it would be much easier to cab it around the city than to use a wheelchair. The doormen at the hotel will hail a cab for you and cabs are all over and easy to find in the city. You can then put the wheelchair in the trunk of the cab. It will be chily, so I wouldn't plan on walking outside long distances.

    Either choice you make, you will have a wonderful time. Manhatan is much cleaner and safer than it was 20 yrs. ago.
  7. Cora

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    Aug 18, 1999
    We just stayed at the Plaza this past Christmas and I would not stay there during the holidays particullarly if you have mobility issues. Granted it is centrally located and beautifully decorated but unfortunately it is also it's own tourist attraction. In the afternoons there would be lines to get into the hotel. We had to show our room key just to get up the front steps. The lobby was EXTREMELY difficult to maneuver because of the line for afternoon tea. And the elevators took forever during the afternoon.

    Also you cannot get a cup of coffee in the hotel (this was personal issue for me :-) For coffee it's either room service or the Palm Court BUT no take out!

    It was a beautiful hotel and wonderful to have stayed there once, but I would not do it again.

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    Aug 18, 1999
    But there's a Starbucks or a deli every 36 inches where you can get a cup of Joe. ;) ;)

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