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    Oct 15, 2000
    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has ordered stuff from the website, and what the shipping charges were like. I started to place an order (it said free shipping, but didn't know if that applied to Canada as well). On the order total, it said $0.00 under shipping, but when you had to click on how you wanted it shipped, the only drop-down choice referenced USPS (I am assuming U.S. Postal Service), but also referenced some other Worldwide delivery company, and it brackets, it gave a price of around $35 and in another bracket over $80 ! This was all listed on the same line, so it wasn't like you were choosing only one of them. So I was a bit concerned that my $35 worth of items would cost me just as much or more to ship them here!

    Any experiences and approximate associated costs would be greatly appreciated.


    Mary Liz

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