No kettle? no problem, after 10 years we discover the 'beverage button'!


Aug 29, 2006
I can't believe after all this time dealing with slow travel kettles or boiling water for DW's tea on the stove we discover the beverage button, a mug in the microwave, select the beverage button and in 2 mins we have a tea temp ready mug of water!


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Aug 25, 2001
It was something like 20 years ago when I read the comment in a "Dear Abby" type of column but you need to be careful when "microwaving water."

It is possible for the water to go well above 212 degrees F without boiling. Then when you take the cup out, the water suddenly boils over and splashes all over. MIND BLOWN? Well not exactly but it was mentioned that someone had his eye blown out by the splattering water. To protect yourself, get a barbecue stick or chop stick and, with the microwave door open just a crack, reach in and rapidly skim the surface of the water a few times. Then remove the cup.

If you see the water bubbling and boiling then it has safely reached the boiling point and will not splatter explosively when you pick up the cup.
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  • cheryl.UK

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    Aug 30, 1999 can buy a cheap plastic kettle from Walmart and just take it back and forth. They weigh very little and you can pack teabags inside them


    Jun 29, 2014
    I just called Mousekeeping and asked for a tea kettle - it was brought up to the room within about 10 minutes.

    I should say, don't bother using the "Front Desk" button on your phone as I did initially. Since this actually goes through to a call centre, they had no idea what I was talking about. Firstly they didn't know what a kettle was - I had to actually describe what this mystical device did and then the person on the end said "oooooooh a TEA kettle"(!!), then proceeded to tell me to use the stove, despite the fact I was in a Poly studio, none of which have stoves. Mousekeeping knew straight away and brought one up.


    Aug 15, 2012
    When you ask housekeeping for a tea kettle, is it one like we’d have here, or one to put on a stove?
  • DisneyNurse19

    Aug 24, 2012
    When you ask housekeeping for a tea kettle, is it one like we’d have here, or one to put on a stove?
    We always ask at the front desk for a tea kettle without any problems. It has always been one that you put on a stove.


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