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    Oct 26, 2000
    Bummer Last day.

    We sleep in, then head to MGM there is a sort of sadness in the air because we know it's the last full day of vacation. It is the hottest day since we have been here. Probally close to 90.

    We head to MGM and get a FP for RNR and then we ride TOT 2x. One of the times we are in the pre show room and there is this little girl and it looks like her mom is holding her and she looks a little scared and asks "r dere any udder 4 1/2 yr olds in here?" to which her mom says yes and she seems to happily accept this and continue on her adventure. I look around and there aren't any other kids in the room. Hmm. I ask Nick later are there any other 33 1/2 year olds on this ride.
    One the other TOT we are the only one's around and then here comes this noisy group of Brazilian teens who blast past us. That's fine we let them pass. After the pre show they head straight so we turn right. It looks like is is going to be just us on the ride and then a cast member brings a group of the kids over. Gosh are they having fun and they are so loud. In our TOT car it's just Nick and I and all the rest Brazilian teens. We are sort of laughing the whole time that we got stuck with them. We should have bought the picture it was pretty funny just us and those kids.

    We head to Stars tours and the great movie ride and the backlot tour and just walk aroung the park. We stop for lunch Nick had a hotdog I have a turkery leg.
    I see some different mouse ears that I don't have , they are like alien ears with the mickey balls bouncing on wires. We are in line to pay and this Brazilian woman cuts us right in front of us. We are just looking at her and so is the cast member who really doesn't know what to say to her, it didn't matter she didn't speak english we discovered as she went to pay for her item. She had a really hard time figuring out what the cast member was saying about how much to pay. We get to the register and the cast member asks if she cut us off, we say yes and her says sorry and I say that's ok I guess they don't have any manners in Brazil. The lady is on the other side of the counter still confused about the purchase of her item and she must hear me say Brazil because she looks at us and smiles a really big smile at us like nothing ever happened. She must have thought I said we love people from Brazil or something because she didn't seem to understand I was making a remark about her cutting us off. Too funny!!!!!!

    We go to RnR to use out Fp and there is NO LINE, it is a walk on. We are having so much fun we go 5 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We decide to head to EPCOT and we take the friendship. We get to Epcot walk around and we are so tired we decide we need some sugar and caffine so we head to Canada and get Bever tails and Coke's. We wait for the sugar/caffine rush and it never comes. Nick & I just look at each other and we both know what's comming. Poke a fork in us we are DONE!!!!!!!!! Burned out. We monorail back to the hotel and fall into bed at 5:30pm. 5:30 pm on our last full day and we are sleeping. PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The theme park commandos are wiped out. We sleep till 9pm get up order a pizza from room service and decide we are going to go down to the lake to see the water parade. They cancel it because of the wind. We got back to the room and pack suitcases and box up the last of our purchases to send home in the Peapod box.

    Miles today 6.8, not a typo just the burnout we knew had been comming.

    All-Star Movies 1/99
    Dixie Landings 2/00
    DVC Members BW 12/00
    Contemporary 01/01
    DL/DCA 6/01
    BWV,Wonder,AKL 2/02
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Aww how awful to sleep away the afternoon of your last day. Oh you will just have to go again! ;)

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  3. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    I know what you mean about trip burnout. The last day we were there I was just putting one foot in front of the other - but I knew that I would sleep on the plane. Thanks for posting!
  4. WDWGoofy

    WDWGoofy Earning My Ears

    Nov 3, 2000
    I understand how you feel about the last day at WDW. I always get kind of sad because I know I'm going back to the real world. On our last day, each person in our family chooses their favorite ride (or two rides) and we go to the different parks and ride them.

    I really enjoyed reading your trip reports. Your personality comes through in your writing.
  5. Cousin Orville

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    Aug 27, 2000
    Fell asleep at 5:30?! For shame. LOL

    Sounds like you guys had a terrific trip! Thanks for the posts.

    Cousin Orville
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