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Jan 7, 2002
Hi all, I have been following this forum for a few days now... we just visited WDW (CBR) for the first time ever and loved it, and attended a DVC presentation. Long story short, I don't care for their 'new' properties so much right now so am looking at resale, specifically with Jaki at As the search engine is down, I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with buying from Jaki (or anyone else).
Also, it seems resales are going for between $58 (a few) to about $68 pp right now, depending on current year points I guess. I have done a little analysis and figure the price should probably drop as the years go by (because of fewer years left), but of course I am looking at this theory in case I want to sell in a few years. Can anybody comment on what direction the resale prices have taken in, say, the last five or six years?
Mostly I am interested in knowing how thorough and reliable Jaki and her company are.
Thanks to all.

1. Jaki is great. We interviewed several agents (my best friend is a broker and made us do this); and she was the best by far. She kept us informed every step of the way. I pruchased an OKW resale with her in May 2001. Tell her I said "hi". I can save you some time from searching--you won't find one complaint about her on these boards. Only glowing reviews!

2. Prices have only been going up since the start. I have been watching resales for about 2 years now, and now seems to be a good time to buy. THey prices are slightly lower now than they were Spring, Summer and early Fall of 2001 (by a couple of $ per point).

Feel free to email me at if you would like more details or specifics.

Ok, a few comments;
One, congrats on looking at dvc.
I'm not sure its a great idea if you want to sell soon, but others will comment one that.
Jaki has a VERY REPUTABLE reputation as being a friendly and fair person. You also might want to try the timeshare store, they have an ad atop the dvcboards page.
In past years, resales have gone WAY UP.
Since 9-11 they've dipped a little, but thats temporary.
Just to give you an idea, 1 1/2 years ago, resales could be found for 50 per point. Earier this year, they were pushing 70.
Good Luck with your decision.
Another great resale brokerage is <a href=""> The Timeshare Store</a>, who sponsors this website.

We have purchased three resales thru them and can recommend their services.

The floor for resale purchase is governed by DVC itself, since Disney has first right-of-refusal on all contracts. 18 months ago, $50 per point was the lowest acceptable price. That limit has risen with the rise in direct purchases thru DVC.

The high end of DVC resale cost is based on the market itself. Last winter, when BWV and OKW were only available thru resale, there were few available and those went quickly. At this point in time, the economic situation has brought a greater number of choices and the prices have reflected that fact.

Good luck with your decision. If you know what you are looking for, it can't hurt to have both brokers assisting you with the search. Enjoy the process!

We have purchased two BWV resales via Jaki, and I too can attest to her integrity and experience. The market has continued to go UP over the last few years primarily because of the gradual rise in Disney prices. I would agree that at "some point" we'll see an inflection after which prices will go DOWN because of the fixed time expiration in 2042. However, it's still a long way off:) :) :) ......
We are currently working with Jaki and will be closing soon on an OKW resale. She's EXCELLENT! You won't go wrong working with her!
I am now in the closing of a purchase thru the timeshare store w/ Jerry for BWV. It is going well. It certainly wasn't a "deal." We paid $64.50 per point (that is adding in the closing cost which I insist on doing) for the BWV. From what I understand you don't get a deal on BWV....we felt the same as we went to the DVC presentation for VWL in 12/01 and we really wanted BWV b/c we love that area so we decided to go w/ a resale. So far it has been uneventful, Jerry was helpful but I can't say we had a lot of interaction. He answered my questions and they were the one store that was quick to get back to me, I am somewhat inpatient so that was a big motivator for myself. I certainly can not say the same of Lee Reid and DVC resales, he took a long time to get back to me and only contacted me by email so I got very little guidance which was disappointing. The only draw back I can see from a re-sale is the time it takes. I am anxious to make my arrangements for next year! But as far as I can say it was easy and a good experience so go for it!!

We did one of our resales through Jaki and it was fine, painless, and quick.

Resale prices have risen over the last 4 years from close to $50 a point to now in the 60's. What has happened, other than just demand for DVC, is that Disney has raised its new sale price: it was about $50 at the beginning in the early 1990's, $62.50 in the mid-1990's to Feb 1999, and since Feb 1999, it has gone up three or four times to $75. The resale market price has increased by following that increase. Also, the development of a resale market on the internet has helped to keep resale market prices up -- before the internet and internet brokers, it was very difficult to find resale buyers.

I would not expect resale prices to continue high indefinitely. Once Disney stops selling DVC resorts with a 2042 end date (possibly with the BCV resort) resale prices will likely flatten out and start to decrease and then likely begin to decrease more as you move closer to 2042. I would not base a buying decision on the concept of how much I might be able to resell it for in 5 to 10 years.
Jaki was great for us- We paid $64.25/point (inc closing costs) for BW resale a year ago and considered it a great deal as it had all 2000 and 2001 points. Mep 319, I'm not sure why you don't think you got a good price- BW is sold out and in high demand- You saved $10/point over Disney's price. Before Sep 11 they were selling $68- 72/point.
Jaki has sold a lot of resale to many DIS members and DVC members. I have yet to hear any complaints about her service. She is very low key and professional. She can be very informative and stays in touch throughout the transactions. Her reputation as being a excellent broker is true. You can not go wrong working with her on any resale.

Good luck

DVC 1994
In response to kem330, the reason why I don't feel I got a "great deal" is b/c disney was selling for $65.00 when we visited for VWL, apparently a "magical beginnings" program to jump start sales post 9/11. We saved exactly $82.50. (and I didn't not subtract for over-nite fees etc, so it is probably closer to $60). I'm just trying to point out that you don't get a "deal" seeking a resale, especially at the boardwalk. We were told the only real deals were w/ keywest. But we got what we wanted, we didn't pay more than disney was asking for the wilderness lodge, so everyone is happy!
Mep, just worth noting for KCK, magical beginnings takes 1/2 of your first years points.
In response to kem330, the reason why I don't feel I got a "great deal" is b/c disney was selling for $65.00 when we visited for VWL

Disney was NOT selling for $65 per point.

The magical beginings program is actually a pretty poor deal, you give back your first year's allotment of points for $10 per point off the sale price of $75 per still have to pay dues on those points also. A resale with no banked or borrowed points, with current points intact, for $65 per point is a far better deal than from Disney, even when you add the closing costs, you are far better off with the resale.


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